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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Distinguished visitor brings new hope to Spurs.

Spotted on the High Rd.. around teatime on Sunday
The JimmyG2 Column
Father Xmas is alive and well and was last seen kicking a ball about on White Hart Lane: reindeer, sleigh; big sacks and everything. Xmas has come early. Enjoy it while you can.

 Just when you thought you were too old for the man with whiskers who is normally dressed in red. Not this year though. Presents gift wrapped for everyone at no extra charge.

First unwrapped was a midfield of our very own Academicians  Mason and Bentaleb playing ahead of a whole host of expensive imports. The latter our personal gift from Timothy for which much thanks. Actually a leftover present from last Xmas.

Pochettino enhanced his reputation for encouraging new talent against the opinion many others both inside and outside White Hart Lane. Not only did the team selection  prove to be right but crucially the motivation and the game plan was too.

Second out of the sack was another of our very own, Harry Kane, by popular acclaim the MOM for his endeavor and inspiration. He was instrumental in both goals and ran himself into the ground pressing from the front in a manner to gladden Mauricio's heart.

He ran further than anybody else on the pitch. I love that boy and we have championed his cause for the last couple of years. This bandwagon is getting seriously overloaded now though. Lineker is yet another Johnny- Come- Lately.

Third was a winning goal set up by by a newly inspired Lennon for Senor Roberto Soldado. The relief all round the ground and on the pitch was wondrous to behold. I nearly cried. He's on top of my Xmas tree after scoring a cracker.

Soldado, Kane and Lennon in one flowing move. That's three sets of knocker,s if you'll pardon the expression, silenced at one go.Well quietened anyway for the time being.

The extended love for Soldado in the face of so much scoring failure  is a rare and beautiful thing at Tottenham. He's clearly a gifted footballer and his record at Valencia speaks for itself.

 But it has been his attitude, his dignity under trying circumstances and professionalism that has won everybody over. It is a latitude not extended to everyone at Spurs. We want goals from our strikers no matter how much link play they perform.

The fans responded to the increased pace and positivity of the team in style and can take some of the credit for yet another comeback. The levels of both play and noise were significantly raised.

I don't know what Pochettino threatened the players with, extra training on Xmas day perhaps, but even Eriksen did his defensive share, protecting Davies from the threat of Coleman. As well as orchestrating the attack and scoring the equaliser following a fine run and shot by Boy Wonder Kane.

 If Christian had been an Academy boy I might have voted him MOM but charity begins at home. Even Vertonghen seemed to be enjoying himself which is like having a gold, frankincense and myrrh stuffing for the turkey

Lennon put in his usual defensive stint and little was seen of the attacking threat of Baines. Mauricio had got all the angles covered.

The final parcel to unwrap was the football.  The best performance by Spurs home or away since the days of Harry. The fans of possession football may marvel at our success with so little of the ball (39%)

Possession for a purpose is the new catchphrase. Having the ball in the right places and doing something with it. Everton played most of their football in front of our defensive shield and Lloris was well protected.

Chiriches has at least one Walkeresque moment per game but you just hope it won't be fatal. Hugo bailed him out after an under-hit back pass. Otherwise his cavalier spirit is effective. He's a better right back than Dier.

So that's three of the last four games won from a goal down. Our sixth concession of a goal in the first 15 minutes. Can we try scoring first preferably in the first five. It must be easier lads surely.

Figgy pudding all round and don't spare the brandy butter.

Question: Your thoughts welcomed:

Fined £20,000 for failing to control our players: 3 red cards with only a third of the season gone: 5 Yellows against Everton. Is this a welcome show of spirit and aggression or an outbreak of indiscipline?

Chelsea tomorrow.
It's a pity we don't have a whole week to savour this performance but we will take on Chelsea in midweek with renewed spirit. Expectations are not high against the champions elect but I'm going for a dogged draw. Hugo MOM.

Pitch invasions:
I quote from a Mr.O.Wilde. spokesman for the UEFA Disciplinary Committee.
To allow one pitch invasion may be regarded as unfortunate;
to allow two looks like carelessness;
to allow three is rank incompetence and heads will roll.

Roberto Martinez.
An uncharacteristically churlish response from the Everton manager. He's usually quite generous. Before the game he was talking us up for Champions' League so he obviously fancied their chances.

After the game the disappointment of going a goal up early and then losing to the better team clearly threw him off balance. He had the look of a man fearing it was all slipping away from him.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Best highlights and goals I could find. No soundtrack so you can't hear the chants of 'yiddo' when Soldado scores. Kane pounces; Lennon leads the charge, and Roberto slots it home as if  he does it every week.

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