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Monday, 8 December 2014

Spurs launch exciting new initiative.

 Plenty to clutch at.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Clinging to the top half by our fingernails while W.Ham go third and Newcastle beat Chelsea. I mention these two teams because a few weeks ago both Pardew and Sam were tipped for the chop. Now both teams are in the top seven.

Where will it all end? Spurs go from bad to even more worser. A week that started encouragingly with a comeback win against  Everton and included a fine performance by Harry Kane and a winning goal from Soldado fizzled out with a whimper.

Midweek we managed to not be absolutely thrashed by Chelsea and we almost drew first blood with a Harry Kane header which struck the crossbar in the opening minutes. But after the first quarter of an hour we hardly troubled them.

Apparently we had 70% possession in the second half but that's the Mourinho way. 2-0 up they were never going to expose themselves and contained us and scored another when Remy put Vertonghen on his backside to score.

Against Crystal Palace at home we  looked a spent force especially the Academy three. Football these days is more a squad than a team game and Mauricio should have used his players more sparingly.

In the end we were fortunate to hold onto a point. We started so slowly that latecomers might have thought that the kick off had been delayed. At home to Palace  Hugo was MOM which tells its own story.

The first 20 minutes were straight out of the AVB's autobiography' Possession: my way'. It wasn't until the final 15 minutes that we played with any pace or energy which seems the wrong way round to me.

 Lennon should have started or been on much earlier to give us width. After all it worked against Everton.

 Let's clutch at a few straws: Take the positives as they say. Fazio and Vertonghen look like an effective pairing in the making. Davies had a decent game again but every little breeze seemed to whisper ' Lloris'.

Now most of us suspected that this season of 'Transition 5' was not going to be good. Little did we think that it might be actually bad. But unless we get some gel and pretty soon we might slip even lower. We have the worst goal difference in the top half.

6th was acceptable as Pochettino and the dozen or so previous signings adapted to the new systems. I don't know what Daniel's cut off point is but bottom half at the start of 2015 might be pushing his limits. He wouldn't would he?

There are some straws to clutch at and the Everton game gave us hope. Eriksen, Davies and Soldado are threatening to come good; Lamela still flatters to deceive but at least makes an effort and young hopeful Yedlin is due at Xmas from America.

Kyle Walker is due to return soon but there is no respite in the fixture list with Europa and Cup games offering Mauricio little space for single, let alone double, training sessions.

The Palace game leaves us feeling a little flat although they are not a poor side. In Bolasie they had as good a player as any on the pitch  and they recently beat Liverpool in style.

We were resigned to two steps forward, one step back this season but progress has been much more faltering. One step forward three steps back especially at home.

15 games in is too soon to be getting in wrist slitting or manager sacking mode but we need more consistent evidence that the team is absorbing and buying into the Head Coach's methods and approach.

I'm booking myself in on the Santa Claus Stadium tour so as to catch the ear of the venerable gentleman. There's only one thing on my list: A Soldado hat trick by Boxing Day. He might have had one against Palace.

 At least he was getting into the right places. That's it Jimmy: clutch them straws: seize them positives. Build that boat.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Atlantic, all 5000 miles of it, in a balsa wood boat. So the straws might come in handy. Though maybe not this season.


Anonymous said...

'Lamela at least makes an effort'. Poor boy is simply awful. There is no point thinking otherwise. it is simply not fair to him, the team or the fans to play him. We have paid very little for him as the deal was based on loads of add ons so we need to send him back to Italy now.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

It's going to be a long job on and off the pitch isn't it?

The Newcastle league cup game is the biggest one of the season so far. We should go all out to win this one this close to Wembley.

It's like no-one reads the words on the boards plastered over the Lane.

I made a lot of excuses for AVB, but the stuff was as turgid as can be and Poch is going the same way. Spurs are dull boys these days.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks both. Erik is one answer to IKnowAlanGilzean 's
point about 'dull boys'. At least he might do something interesting. Eriksen is the other one.

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