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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Can Spurs fans tell what it is yet?

 Can you tell what it is yet?
The JimmyG2 Column.
'Can you tell what it is yet?' As Rolf Harris used to say as he busied himself in front of a half drawn cartoon. That was before they locked him up for sexual offenses rather than for producing awful records
(Two little Boys: Tie me kangaroo down sport. ( I rest my case)

It's something like that with the slowly emerging butterfly of Mauricio's Spurs. It's a transitional slow burn that he has undertaken. Always a risk with a trigger happy boss but with Lady Luck riding shotgun he might just get away with it.

The pressing has been a little intermittent and the final formation like Rolf's cartoons more than a little indistinct.  Another week began with yet another 2-1 win, not that the score  matters; a win is a win.

Though Musings has always maintained that playing well over an extended period will net you more goals and more points than playing poorly.

You remember 'playing well' I assume. Passing to someone in the same colour shirt, moving in anticipation of a return pass, shooting below a height of eight feet, and generally nurturing the basics.

The win against bottom of the league Leicester and they are bottom of the league for a variety of reasons can be filed under many headings. 'Thank God for Hugo' is one; 'Harry Kane early goal' and 'Eriksen pops up with another late winner' is another.

The gap between those two events is less than memorable. It was hard to find anything positive on which to build any optimism for the New Year. But we were level with Arsenal in 7th and still fighting on all fronts. 

Now I love winning and challenging for honours as much as the next man but at Spurs we have always expected a degree of quality and entertainment along the way. We were making the weaker teams look better than they deserve.

Against both Leicester and Burnley, two teams vying for relegation and therefor showing some spirit and fight and making the most of their limited talents, we finally prevailed.

 Mauricio would have us believe due to our superior levels of fitness. Late goals which used to be our Achilles heel are now our best friend so he might have a point or three.

Initially against Man.Utd we gave them too much room and respect. This was not the 'Yanited' of old and when we finally woke up to this fact we gave them a game. By then but for Hugo they could have been out of sight.

In the end we might just have nicked it. Kane's run and Mason's overlap for the reverse pass which Ryan should have have buried was a thing of beauty and a joy forever which deserved to win any game.

A half each and keepers to the fore it was a fair result. Positives? Andros mostly played well and got two decent shots on target. Chiriches wasn't a disaster and cleared bravely off the line.

 Fazio and Verts dealt with almost everything but were susceptible to the simple ball over the top. But for Hugo the boy Kane would have been man of the match.

As for the rest including playmaker Eriksen it was hit and miss and for some like Stambouli and Chadli it was mainly miss. Dembele and Lamela could have been on earlier as we pressed for the win.

But that was all BC (Before Chelsea)' What a difference a day makes, just twenty four little hours' as the old song has it. At the moment it looks more like an Emperor than a Cabbage White emerging in the post match euphoria of a wonderful win against the top of the league.

An unexpectedly welcome win and another step on Harry Kane's march into the England squad. Five goals against one of the best teams and allegedly one of the best keepers in the league.

Kane and Chadli were outstanding and Terry's and Jose's faces were worth the entrance money. Terry didn't even smile when he scored. (see video)

Pochettino was strong and dignified and Mourinho was blathering on about penalties not given which would have changed the game.

Cahill could have had two separate reds for his tackles on Rose and Kane and had already picked up a yellow. We were as lax in defence for their goals as we were brilliant on the attack for ours.

A season changing performance a 'yes we can' moment to take into 2015. And it's no good telling JimmyG2 not to get carried away. Loving it and savoring it all.

Not because it was a great one off performance but because it might just be the start of something good. A song for every occasion at the Musings.

A victory made all the sweeter because we were one down and of the all the Premiership teams this is the one I want to beat: racist fans and billionaire owner included.

Danny's brave crucial goal; Andros confident penalty; Chadli emerging from his own shadow; Verts almost smiling and bonding with Fazio like twins reunited after separation at birth.

Lets hear it for the Academy Boys. Five started and three of them were on the score sheet.

Go on admit it, you were still worried on 86 minutes when Terry made it 5-3 and your heart sank when you saw who was standing over the ball for the penalty.

A positive goal difference at last; just two wins from relegation safety; above Arsenal and W.Ham; two points from the Champions' League places. 

A real team effort despite individual errors.  Can't wait for the DVD. Champions' League beckons. Do we dare to do? After this all things are possible. I think Mauricio might have earned himself a little more time.

Chelsea first goal:
Costa clearly offside in the first phase but doesn't touch the ball even though he tries and is in Hugo's line of vision. Onside for the second phase. Oscar does well to sort his feet out.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 Nearly ten minutes of Tottenham beating Chelsea. Defence coaches look away now. Hazard was a pest for them all match but not quite as much as Harry Kane was for us. Strong for the first, skilful for his second. No apologies for the commentary, better than the English one whatever language he was speaking.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Happy New Year Jimmy. 7 out of 9 points over yuletide is a fine haul given the fixtures. So Spurs to get outplayed for long periods by the bottom club and tear into the league leaders with a curate's egg of a performance in-between. We will now be without our first choice and increasingly impressive midfield pairing of Mason and Bentaleb (who'd a thought that at the season's start) for a bit.

Chelsea are a nasty club and team and it's always good to hear the Portuguese Man O'Waaaaargh give it his most deluded and hypocritical MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO of the season so far.

Cheshuntboy said...

Being the miserable git that I am, I can't forget our last five-goal blitz of Chelsea, in the 2002 League Cup semi, when most of us (even me) thought Hoddle was going to lead us back to glory, instead of which we lost the final, and Chelsea were back at the Lane a few weeks later to hammer us 6-0. I really want Pochettino to get it right this time, but one result - however great - doesn't turn us into a good team, so please let's not go back to the moronic 'mind the gap' mentality just because we're above Arsenal again - if we can build on the Chelsea result and actually FINISH above them, I'll be half way to believing that we're more than the lucky team suggested by most of our results this season.

JimmyG2 said...

Cheers and the same to you..
Who saw that coming? I was discussing the game with another fan and we agreed that a decent performance and a narrow loss would be the best we could hope for.
Fixtures ahead don't look too threatening so we can build on this.
That's jinxed it good and proper.

JimmyG2 said...

Agreed but there has been a slow build this season and Pochettino seems to be getting it right eventually.
Players lilke Dembele Paulinho Andros and Rose who have all been written off and even Chadli and Eriksen who have taken some time to establish themselves are all making vital contributions now.
Now for Lamela and Soldado.
Lets enjoy our success when we can.

Cheshuntboy said...

Tomorrow's cup game (if either side takes it seriously, of course) will be a real indicator of our progress this season - so often we've followed a great result with an abysmal one, and the history of the club is of failure to build on such success as we've had - I could drone on all day about how the 1901 FA Cup win was followed by years of drifting before we belatedly got into the Football League, or how the 1961 Double team won a single league title instead of the four that it should have done (and don't get me started on the 1920s and '30s, when we allowed Arsenal to usurp our status as London's top club with barely a whimper of resistance). Expecting Pochettino to fix one hundred years of under-achievement is possibly unfair, but someone's got to, and beating Burnley would be a start!

JimmyG2 said...

The onset of Alzheimers has its good side too.
You know what they say about the future don't you.
However, you're not wrong.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Happy New Year, Jimmy!

What finer way to start the year than slapping 5 past the Russians, even if we are the only side in history to make a 4-1 lead look shaky.

Sill, a wonderful result and performance. Now for a second-half-of-the-season push for fourth and a cup.

Always a pleasure.

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