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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Serious Medical Advice Ignored.

Hopeless case I'm afraid gentlemen: Tottenham supporter. Sow him up.

The JimmyG2 Column.
Another week, another perilous walk along the Tottenham high wire. It used to be a roller coaster ride but that seems much too tame for the current Spurs progress. They even have  safety belts installed nowadays.

I met my doctor in the Supermarket and he asked me whether I still supported Totttenham. I smiled and nodded nervously. So he repeated his warning about living dangerously and advised me yet again against it. Nice man but a little deluded.

At home to Fiorentina we took an early the lead through Soldado, a sentence I'm pleased and not a little surprised to write. But we couldn't hold on or capitalise further on our bright start. Townsend was prominent but again there was little end product.

Chadli contrived to miss when it might have been easier to score following good work again by Soldado. However Roberto's niggly side was well to the fore as he conceded a silly free kick on the edge of the area from a tight angle.,

A fierce free kick followed which Hugo parried onto the backside of a Fiorentino player and the rebound was poked home between the keeper and the post. An invaluable away goal which might prove decisive.

It leaves Pochettino in a quandary for the second away leg with the league Cup final only three days later. Does he go for both with strong sides and hope that the adrenaline carries us through: or prioritize one or the other.

The bulk of Spurs fans would probably urge him to take a chance on a second string side on Thursday, a tie which may well be lost in any case. Fiorentina turned out to be a better side than we hoped or expected as European sides often are.

I would play Vorm for one of these. He's good enough and Lloris is by no means infallible though clearly the better keeper. He could play Hugo in both of course. Davies, Soldado, Fazio and Stambouli on Thursday would be adequate if we are saving the best for last.

But that's what managers and head coaches are for to make the hard decisions but this one is straightforward really. If we don't play our best team and put on a good show on Sunday Mauricio's career at Spurs will be tarnished for ever in the eyes of the fans.

The Premiership game against W.Ham was a different affair altogether. We went two goals down and not against the run of play either. Then  Danny Rose scores a bobbler which inexplicably confuses Adrian with just ten minutes of hope to go. I think that was what my doctor had in mind.

Then who else but Harry (Roy of the Rovers) Kane  scores a penalty in the last minute of extra time at the second attempt as the ball comes back off Adrian. 16 points salvaged so I'm told from late, or very late goals.

Both goals had an element of luck about them, the penalty decision for the foul on Harry was controversial. That it was by ex-Arsenal Alex Song made it all the sweeter and it provoked a rueful lecture on diving from Sam that was nonsensibly satisfying in itself.

How long Danny spends on the training ground perfecting his shooting I dread to think,  but I made him my MOM over Bentaleb for his spirit and enterprise. Still first choice for me over Davies. With Danny expect the unexpected.

Moussa ( Black Hole)Dembele was poor and squandered an opportunity to stake a claim for the final. He was replaced by Eriksen, himself not playing that well, but at least he always plays with his head up and tries to be positive.

Christian always looks as if he's wandered into White Hart Lane by mistake on his way to pick up groceries for his mum from Sainsbury's. Our very own Tintin.

So two draws when a couple of wins would have made life easier. But we have a reputation for doing things the hard way. Cue my doctors warning.

But my name is JimmyG2 and I am a Tottenhamaholic. Save it doc. for those that can be cured. So far so good is my motto.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Despite his players rolling around as if shot Sam does his irritating my boys are whiter then  Lilywhite schtic.
 He tells them not to go down and to stay on their feet and then says they should go down and force the ref into a decision.
'Lucky' maybe but 'desperate' I think not. Danny's booking somewhat undermined his whole case.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Spurs 3: Archway Steel 0. The legal inside story.

There used to be a Sheet Metal Works over there.
 The Greg Meyer Column.
The admission price was free for spectators with the only problem Season Tickets were not available and the venue itself had limited seats . Pitchside as in courtside berths were particularly restricted. Nevertheless a full house  rolled up and the home supporters were treated to a scintillating result.
In a match drawn out over 3 days the early tempo was decidedly slow, boring to all but the purists, but when the referee, one Ian Dove of Aston Villa by his own jocular admission took centre stage on Friday morning it was not pretty for the little team from Paxton Road.
Referee Dove, surely wearing shirt number five, given his lifelong association with No 5 Chambers of Birmingham, delivered a football thumping to the Steelers. All three grounds of appeal were dismissed and as to the chance of a replay, he ruled that out completely.
 Of course the little family team can ask the FA Court of Appeal, for leave to avoid relegation. Actually that should read relocation. Most legal scribes are suggesting given the completeness of the loss then leave to appeal is highly unlikely.
So let's take a quick look at the players who turned out in this ultimately devastating whitewash.
The Away Team.
Chief playmaker was Christopher John Lockhart- Mummery QC. You might think with a name that long there might be problems from the off. An expensive bit of lettering  on a supporters shirt.
 Mind the Chairman for the away lads, Mr. Josif Josif does seem to have deep pockets given the expensive team he has assembled for the big match. Certainly a good sprinkling of home talent given his three brothers and sister all turn out for Archway.
The football allegiances of Christopher John have remained hidden. Various Spurs wags have suggested a leaning to West Ham. Surely not. We do know he is a keen fisherman and loves the opera. Blowing Bubbles might not be in his kitbag after all.
The Home Team.
Again an expensively assembled team of QC’s have turned out to fight the forces of darkness, evil, and sheer greed. Opinions vary as to the latter of course.
The cornerstone of the Spurs team is the aptly named Timothy Corner QC. Recognised as pre-eminent in the CPO and planning field. Again his football colours have not been disclosed but for a man fluent in French and at ease in Spanish then the names Hugo and Mauricio leap from the page.
  Another major player for the home favourites is a Mauricio of sorts namely James Maurici QC. A very busy man, too busy to follow a football team seriously.
The final member of the Spurs starting triumphvirate  is Christopher Katkowski QC. Entrusted specifically by Daniel Levy to captain the Spurs team, Kit Kat as he is known around the legal traps, is a formidable opponent.
A quick look a recent Legal League tables shows him to be right up there. The 2012 Planning List of Top Silks had Katkowski filling the number 2 spot. Third before he took up officiating duties was Ian Dove.
Tim Corner was sixth and perhaps somewhat illuminating Christopher Long Name fell in at number 24. As things panned out that old chestnut seems as right as ever. The League table never lies.
A great victory for the home team and one celebrated with gusto …
At A Kent Pub.
Our lawyer thought it had been an all round good week. Even the draw against worthy Italian opponents failed to dampen spirits.
However another difficult adversary looms on Sunday. Surely another home team victory will out. If our real Spurs turn up then it will have been a big week for Spurs. Doing the double over the Hammers would top it off nicely.
Cheers … my next season shirt has Justice Dove on it … Greg Meyer.      coys.
 Jimmy's Video Spot.
Our official Charity League Cup Final Song, with all Spurs goals so far this season. Sounds a bit dodgy at first but the pictures are good.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Horses for Courses at Spurs.

You gotta rotovate 'em to motivate 'em Mauricio.
The JimmyG2 Column.

 My new resolution to avoid any semblance of knee jerk and only post weekly almost bit the dust before the ink was dry. But I'm sure you would have forgiven me after a fine victory in the NLD.

However with Liverpool at Anfield to follow within days a little cockerel was whispering in my ear, 'Steady Jimmy, steady. And it proved an encounter too far for some of Mauricio's favoured players.

He has taken some time to sort out his preferred  squad and the siren voices urging him not to change a winning team lured him fatally onto the Mersyside  rocks.

But we went down with nearly all guns blazin' in the preferred Spurs way. Thank you Mauricio we seem to nearly have our Tottenham back, painful though it has been at times.

But the adage 'never change a winning team' was coined before substitutes and squads and fixture pile-ups and Sky TV priorities became the norm. These days you can't hope to play your best eleven all the time even if you knew who they are.

Kids need nurturing for a start and squads should be selected depending on the opposition, the location, weather conditions, price of pies and any other variable.

'Horses for courses' as its known. Mental and physical tiredness were clear in Mason and Benteleb, and probably Rose, but that's hindsight I admit. Substitutions should be made more quickly and more appropriately. never flog a dead horse.

Sloppy passing apart, the millennial Lloris error, a Danny Rose rush of blood, and the curse of the man that hasn't scored yet this season or for this club it was a performance to be enjoyed.

Against Arsenal all our signature trademarks were on show. Go behind early: check. Harry Kane equaliser: check. Late winner: check. Though this time by Citizen Kane not Christian the Dane

The other key feature which give almost as much joy as the win was the line-up with six English starters four of them Academy boys and an average team age of less than 24. The youngest starting team in the Premiership this year.

Perhaps you won't win anything with kids but they bring enthusiasm to the game and are prepared to give the manager a hearing. That's why he likes them. He's got into their heads which is why he's known as the 'head' coach. Boom boom.

Mauricio came to us with a reputation for encouraging youth, and he has built on the work of Timothy and followed through in style. Bentaleb and Mason are now our first choice central midfielders

 Harry Kane has seen off more experienced, senior challengers for the front spot and has gone from nearly unknown to top tip for the England squad. I say 'nearly' because I have backed him from the start. Always liked  the boy.

The score in the NLD was close but the game was not. We simply blew them away from the start. Even going behind to a fluked goal, miskick and offside, didn't deter our determination and they weren't up or ready for it. More of our team were playing for the badge and it showed

Dembele played well in both games and Dier though he lost Balottelli for the Liverpool winner seems to be the  preferred partner for Vertonghen who looks increasingly solid at the back. Things are certainly getting sorted which is the whole point of a transitional season.

 Lamela supplied a lovely assist for Kane against Liverpool and generally put himself about in the proscribed Pochettino manner.. Another youngster that gets it. Exciting to watch and by no means unproductive.

I don't think we will get anywhere this season in terms of winning something or reaching the Champions' League but with the way we are playing I'm beginning not to care. There is a new joy in watching Spurs at the moment.

The passing is quicker and the movement off the ball more purposeful. I present M'lud exhibit A: Moussa (Black Hole) Dembele. He's one of the old lags and not my favorite player. But if Moussa gets it then there is hope for them all.

Scholsey on Pochettino : 'I like Pochettino. He has confidence without arrogance' A useful attribute to pass on to your team.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Terrible picture, appalling commentary but now I can watch it whenever I want. Neither goal was easy. Lamela with the 'pre-assist' and if Harry hadn't put the header away Erik was right behind him. Lovely Tottenham 'heap' after the winner.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Michel Vorm to start in Cup Final.

 Real Madrid. Really? What both of us? 
It's not the Daily Mail is it?
The JimmyG2 Column.

Well that was a week that certainly picked up some speed. It started on the back foot against Leicester, got into its stride up in Sheffield and romped home in style  in the Black Country.

But at 2-2  in Sheffield I was thinking Tottenham, Tottenham, there must be another way. We hadn't quite recovered from beating Chelsea.  Some will see the Leicester result as a blessing in disguise.

But at least it's two steps forward, one step back recently rather than the one step forward two steps back earlier in the season.. Which is why I'm doing things a week at a time as an anti knee-jerk strategy.

Fortunately Christian scoring for the first time from open play in nearly three games brought home the bacon in the closing minutes of the Sheffield second leg.

We were leading 1-0 against Leicester in the cup at half time too but blew it in style. Vorm's error proving costly and support has turned against him playing in the League Cup final. Actually I disagree but it's a minority view.

Unless there was some sort of understanding from the start that Hugo would play in the Final then Michel should start and I think he will. My hope is that Mauricio will play fair with the squad and not demote the keeper that has seen us through all the rounds.

 It's more than a big game and the general feeling is that with the hand of history tugging at our shirts  we should play our best side and that inevitably means Hugo to start. My view is that if you can't trust them don't sign them.

Anyway the old Harry and Christian combo did for Sheffield. In reversed roles Harry supplied a lovely ball for Christian running through and he coolly allowed the ball to run across him before wrong-footing the keeper to pass it into the net.

The coolest thing since Iced Babycham. Harry Kane had gone off the boil recently in goalscoring terms but with passes like that and his enthusiasm for work he is worth his place in any case.  How Mauricio must love him.

He's in the throes of negotiating a new contract. 'Give him the money Barney' as they used to say on the Wilfred Pickles 'wireless show'. That was pre 'radio' but I haven't got time to explain it to you right now.

Against Leicester I am pleased to report that by common consent both Lamela and Soldado had good games. But we were beaten by late goals which is a disappointing reversal of our recent fortunes.

Nobody else made much of a positive impression  except Townsend who put away another penalty with his usual confidence. Substitutions were a bit off the wall. Paulinho was wasteful. Vorm made two excellent saves early on to keep us in the game.

I listened to it on the wireless (AKA steam radio) and watched the highlights so I'm not being too dogmatic.. The Radio London double act is more stand up than commentary and Bradley Allen would do a much better job on his own.

Credit Sheffield for almost making more than just a game of it. A tricky tie, in the cold, snowy wastes of the North almost proved too much. We played some of our best football of the season in the first half and were ahead by the free kick of the season by Eriksen.

How he can take such wonderful free kicks and such poor corners is quite beyond me. We were purring ahead but omitted to score again to kill off the tie. Sheffield then scored two to put us into extra time territory until the closing minutes.

Then Christian did his stuff and we're on our way to Wembley for an eerie repeat of our last Cup final  appearance against the same opponents under a new manager. Let's hope the similarities don't end there.

Anyway I'm getting a defibrillator for my birthday in preparation for the rest of the season. But as it says on the Eriksen family crest: 'Better late than never'.

And so to West Brom recently revived under Tony Pulis. But the new manager bounce had expired. As good a performance by us as our last against them was bad. The Chelsea result was more impressive but this was classy stuff.

We dominated the game completely but still had to rely on the crossbar and two superb saves by Lloris to see us through. Eriksen decided to score early for a change with yet another of his free kick specials.

Change the family crest to: Better late than never but better sooner than late.

Then it was over to you Harry who obliged with a couple. I saw that the Daily Mail was arguing that without them we would be in the relegation zone. We would be in the same zone without the other nine on the pitch to help them out.

Statistics for the mathematically illiterate: lies; damn lies and all that. You don't have to be stupid to read the Mail but it helps.

Transfer Window.
We only comment on this after the event. We get more accurate predictions that way.

We effectively swapped Naughton( to Swansea) for Dele Alli ( now on loan from us back at MK Dons) at £5million apiece. Could be the best business we've done lately. (see video)

 Naughton had his chance and the youngster will surely get his soon. 18 and highly rated and to add a little lustre he's another Jermaine.That's Jermaine Jenas not Jermain Defoe by the way. So go easy on the lustre.

Daniel gave the boo boys more opportunities by keeping hold of Adebayor. Lennon is on loan at Everton. Never mind Aaron: we'll always have AC Milan at the San Siro.

Once Michael Dawson left he was our longest serving player and I'm sad to see him go after almost ten years. But he never truly fulfilled his potential or scored or assisted enough.

The much rumoured fire sale of the dead wood never happened: it never does. Some refused to go, or we overpriced them or we wouldn't let them.

Benny has finally left the stadium. Silly mistake supporting a mate in an anti-semitic gesture at a club with longstanding Jewish connections.

And apart from sundry loans that's about it. Vlad, Younis, Etienne and Jose Paulinho are all still with us despite rumour, or ITK as it's known, to the contrary.

Next up: Arsenal at WHL.
We beat Chelsea and could could ourselves a considerable boost in every way by winning this one. But they are playing better and have a reliable keeper so at this stage of the season I would take a draw if offered one now.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 He's signed so it's safe to show 5 minutes of quality from a youngster that Mauricio is going to love in a season or two Nice variety of celebrations too. Let's hope he's going to need them.

That's Dele with an 'e'' not an 'i': Alli with two 'l's' not the one.