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Friday, 13 February 2015

Horses for Courses at Spurs.

You gotta rotovate 'em to motivate 'em Mauricio.
The JimmyG2 Column.

 My new resolution to avoid any semblance of knee jerk and only post weekly almost bit the dust before the ink was dry. But I'm sure you would have forgiven me after a fine victory in the NLD.

However with Liverpool at Anfield to follow within days a little cockerel was whispering in my ear, 'Steady Jimmy, steady. And it proved an encounter too far for some of Mauricio's favoured players.

He has taken some time to sort out his preferred  squad and the siren voices urging him not to change a winning team lured him fatally onto the Mersyside  rocks.

But we went down with nearly all guns blazin' in the preferred Spurs way. Thank you Mauricio we seem to nearly have our Tottenham back, painful though it has been at times.

But the adage 'never change a winning team' was coined before substitutes and squads and fixture pile-ups and Sky TV priorities became the norm. These days you can't hope to play your best eleven all the time even if you knew who they are.

Kids need nurturing for a start and squads should be selected depending on the opposition, the location, weather conditions, price of pies and any other variable.

'Horses for courses' as its known. Mental and physical tiredness were clear in Mason and Benteleb, and probably Rose, but that's hindsight I admit. Substitutions should be made more quickly and more appropriately. never flog a dead horse.

Sloppy passing apart, the millennial Lloris error, a Danny Rose rush of blood, and the curse of the man that hasn't scored yet this season or for this club it was a performance to be enjoyed.

Against Arsenal all our signature trademarks were on show. Go behind early: check. Harry Kane equaliser: check. Late winner: check. Though this time by Citizen Kane not Christian the Dane

The other key feature which give almost as much joy as the win was the line-up with six English starters four of them Academy boys and an average team age of less than 24. The youngest starting team in the Premiership this year.

Perhaps you won't win anything with kids but they bring enthusiasm to the game and are prepared to give the manager a hearing. That's why he likes them. He's got into their heads which is why he's known as the 'head' coach. Boom boom.

Mauricio came to us with a reputation for encouraging youth, and he has built on the work of Timothy and followed through in style. Bentaleb and Mason are now our first choice central midfielders

 Harry Kane has seen off more experienced, senior challengers for the front spot and has gone from nearly unknown to top tip for the England squad. I say 'nearly' because I have backed him from the start. Always liked  the boy.

The score in the NLD was close but the game was not. We simply blew them away from the start. Even going behind to a fluked goal, miskick and offside, didn't deter our determination and they weren't up or ready for it. More of our team were playing for the badge and it showed

Dembele played well in both games and Dier though he lost Balottelli for the Liverpool winner seems to be the  preferred partner for Vertonghen who looks increasingly solid at the back. Things are certainly getting sorted which is the whole point of a transitional season.

 Lamela supplied a lovely assist for Kane against Liverpool and generally put himself about in the proscribed Pochettino manner.. Another youngster that gets it. Exciting to watch and by no means unproductive.

I don't think we will get anywhere this season in terms of winning something or reaching the Champions' League but with the way we are playing I'm beginning not to care. There is a new joy in watching Spurs at the moment.

The passing is quicker and the movement off the ball more purposeful. I present M'lud exhibit A: Moussa (Black Hole) Dembele. He's one of the old lags and not my favorite player. But if Moussa gets it then there is hope for them all.

Scholsey on Pochettino : 'I like Pochettino. He has confidence without arrogance' A useful attribute to pass on to your team.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Terrible picture, appalling commentary but now I can watch it whenever I want. Neither goal was easy. Lamela with the 'pre-assist' and if Harry hadn't put the header away Erik was right behind him. Lovely Tottenham 'heap' after the winner.


Ashley Collie said...

Well said, there is a new joy in watching Spurs at the moment...had 90 of us chanting and going bonkers at the Greyhound Bar in NE Los Angeles, well, 89, for some reason a Gooner came in and stayed for some masochistic flogging. Please sir, (we) want some more!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Tottenham (and Jimmy - I thought you'd forgotten) are back. We look very serious indeed. I still think we'll see inconsistency over the last months of the season, but that is understandable and fine, all part of the process.

Next season may be similar too, but it is great to watch a youthful Spurs (that a good few are our own products not just English/British is a bonus) play with verve and style. It's enough for me, but we are going to do Chelsea and win some silverware in a couple of weeks time.

Ashley Collie said...

From your lips to the soccer/football gods, "IKnow..."

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