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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Serious Medical Advice Ignored.

Hopeless case I'm afraid gentlemen: Tottenham supporter. Sow him up.

The JimmyG2 Column.
Another week, another perilous walk along the Tottenham high wire. It used to be a roller coaster ride but that seems much too tame for the current Spurs progress. They even have  safety belts installed nowadays.

I met my doctor in the Supermarket and he asked me whether I still supported Totttenham. I smiled and nodded nervously. So he repeated his warning about living dangerously and advised me yet again against it. Nice man but a little deluded.

At home to Fiorentina we took an early the lead through Soldado, a sentence I'm pleased and not a little surprised to write. But we couldn't hold on or capitalise further on our bright start. Townsend was prominent but again there was little end product.

Chadli contrived to miss when it might have been easier to score following good work again by Soldado. However Roberto's niggly side was well to the fore as he conceded a silly free kick on the edge of the area from a tight angle.,

A fierce free kick followed which Hugo parried onto the backside of a Fiorentino player and the rebound was poked home between the keeper and the post. An invaluable away goal which might prove decisive.

It leaves Pochettino in a quandary for the second away leg with the league Cup final only three days later. Does he go for both with strong sides and hope that the adrenaline carries us through: or prioritize one or the other.

The bulk of Spurs fans would probably urge him to take a chance on a second string side on Thursday, a tie which may well be lost in any case. Fiorentina turned out to be a better side than we hoped or expected as European sides often are.

I would play Vorm for one of these. He's good enough and Lloris is by no means infallible though clearly the better keeper. He could play Hugo in both of course. Davies, Soldado, Fazio and Stambouli on Thursday would be adequate if we are saving the best for last.

But that's what managers and head coaches are for to make the hard decisions but this one is straightforward really. If we don't play our best team and put on a good show on Sunday Mauricio's career at Spurs will be tarnished for ever in the eyes of the fans.

The Premiership game against W.Ham was a different affair altogether. We went two goals down and not against the run of play either. Then  Danny Rose scores a bobbler which inexplicably confuses Adrian with just ten minutes of hope to go. I think that was what my doctor had in mind.

Then who else but Harry (Roy of the Rovers) Kane  scores a penalty in the last minute of extra time at the second attempt as the ball comes back off Adrian. 16 points salvaged so I'm told from late, or very late goals.

Both goals had an element of luck about them, the penalty decision for the foul on Harry was controversial. That it was by ex-Arsenal Alex Song made it all the sweeter and it provoked a rueful lecture on diving from Sam that was nonsensibly satisfying in itself.

How long Danny spends on the training ground perfecting his shooting I dread to think,  but I made him my MOM over Bentaleb for his spirit and enterprise. Still first choice for me over Davies. With Danny expect the unexpected.

Moussa ( Black Hole)Dembele was poor and squandered an opportunity to stake a claim for the final. He was replaced by Eriksen, himself not playing that well, but at least he always plays with his head up and tries to be positive.

Christian always looks as if he's wandered into White Hart Lane by mistake on his way to pick up groceries for his mum from Sainsbury's. Our very own Tintin.

So two draws when a couple of wins would have made life easier. But we have a reputation for doing things the hard way. Cue my doctors warning.

But my name is JimmyG2 and I am a Tottenhamaholic. Save it doc. for those that can be cured. So far so good is my motto.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Despite his players rolling around as if shot Sam does his irritating my boys are whiter then  Lilywhite schtic.
 He tells them not to go down and to stay on their feet and then says they should go down and force the ref into a decision.
'Lucky' maybe but 'desperate' I think not. Danny's booking somewhat undermined his whole case.


Ashley Collie said...

I sense it was written in the fine print when I became a Spurs fan as a nipper back in Newport, that becoming a Yiddo was inimical to one's health, generally. But, here I am decades on, living on the Left Coast, and still supporting my Spurs — and I've still got my health! COYS!

PS I just watched this Greavsie doc for the first time on our hero's birthday:

Cheshuntboy said...

We wasted eighteen months being boringly predictable under AVB, and now we've well and truly got our Tottenham back - no idea how they'll perform from half to half, let alone match to match! Even if we get past Fiorentina tomorrow, I can't see us beating the four other clubs (probably CL drop-outs) we'd need to beat to actual win the EL, but we MIGHT beat Chelsea with a single gargantuan effort from our rested best eleven on Sunday (Lamela on the bench, please). With only two trophies in more than twenty years, I'd be more than happy with another League/Milk/Coca Cola/Capital One/Whatever Cup, rather than more recriminations, what ifs and another blank 'transition' season.

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