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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

All change at Spurs.

Sit down; fasten your seatbelts; hold tight and keep your hands inside the car.
The JimmyG2 Column.
That's what I'm talking about. Two must win games and we won them both. Not something that Spurs can always be relied upon to do. The memory of the previous two games almost expunged.

Against both Swansea and QPR, we won by the odd goal again and gave ourselves a fright with late concessions but neither game was as close as the scorelines (3-2 and 2-1) suggest.

Against Swansea we won with goals by Chadli Mason and Townsend which meant that neither Eriksen nor Harry Kane scored which is in itself a rarity these days.

 In our last ten Premiership games one or other  have  been on the scoresheet in eight of them scoring some 14 goals  between them.

 But it was normal service resumed at QPR where Harry scored both to put himself amongst the leading Premiership marksman  ahead of his alleged rival for the England squad Charlie Austin who hit the bar when scoring might have been the simpler option.

Were you watching Roy? Actually he was and duly impressed licked his pencil and underlined our boy's name.

Let's hope though that this is not the usual Tottenham striptease act for the run in. Swansea: bra strap off the shoulder. QPR two bra straps off the shoulder. Man Utd, both straps back on, cardie and raincoat too.

We've tried the full blood transfusion approach with the Magnificent Seven. Now we're on the Pochettino Exercise and Fitness regime with small but regular infusions of young blood. It's early days but it seems to be working.

The late concessions are a worry but straight out of the Ardiles Coaching Manual. You score three we score four. It has an element of the Tottenham way about it but is not good for the supporters' nerves.

Currently only three teams have scored more than us but only five teams have conceded more. Nine of our last twelve wins were by 2-1. So it's a fine balance that Mauricio needs to address. And all in front of a world class keeper.

We have the worst goal difference of the top seven by some margin and it might be a crucial factor in the final analysis. After Man Utd at the weekend we have  a benign sequence of fixtures. Although that doesn't always work to our advantage.

Against Swansea we played pretty well with Mason and Bentaleb strong in midfield. Chadli returned to the scorers with a well taken opener  from a Danny Rose cross. Townsend used his pace to good effect to score our third with a 50yd run.

In the meantime Mason made a determined surge to score after good work by Eriksen and was amongst two or three contenders for MOM.

Old boy Gylfi inevitably scored against us to make it a nervy last ten minutes as did Sandro for QPR. You couldn't make it up.

At QPR Lloris and Kane were exceptional; Walker's brain went missing for one mad moment; Dier continues to improve; Townsend doesn't but set up Harry for a brave header for the opener.

QPR might have had a couple early on but we would still have won because that's the Spurs way these days and I'm getting used to it even if I don't enjoy it. However I'm slowly coming round to living on the edge.

Kane's second from a fine through ball chip by Mason was interesting. Against Fiorentina Chadli set off with Soldado and between them they cocked it up completely. This time Chadli looked offside and was waved away by Kane who was not.

Did Harry realise this? Did he remember the Soldado incident? Or was this a supremely confident striker saying 'It's all right Chadders : I've got this? Anyway he rounded Green and scored unaided.

Roberto please note. If you want a job doing well: do it yourself. If he ever gets another opportunity of course. This time though Chadli supplied enough width to put Green in two minds.

Can we make top four? Of course we can. Will we make top four? Who knows? Teams fighting for their lives can be difficult opponents and most of our remaining fixtures come into that category.

Leicester (H) Burnley (A) Villa (H) Hull (H) Everton (A) with Newcastle (A) and Stoke (A)with nothing much to play for. That leaves two vital clashes with rivals for top four: Man Utd (A) and Southampton ((A) and Man.City (H).

I'd take a draw in all three of these top table clashes but nothing less than a win will do in the others.The more you ponder it the better or worse it looks depending on your state of mind.

A majority of fixtures are away. It's certainly do-able but will it be done. I can certainly see 19/20 points in that lot but we might need to surprise ourselves.

10 games at two points a game would give us 70 points which might just be enough. Anything less and it's touch and go. Sit down; fasten your seat-belts; hold tight and keep your hands inside the car. Oh; and enjoy!

Jimmy's Video Spot. Goals and Highlights v QPR.
 Is Harry just supremely confident. Whatever it is he deserves his opportunity. Say what you like Emmanuel you gave him his chance and he took it.


Ashley Collie said...

With mostly weekend games, days in between to properly train and work on tactics, we may have a shot at something. I don't quite know what, Thurs and Sun servings again next season, or something a little tastier? Whatever, rest assured we'll do it our Spursy way! COYS!

Anonymous said...

I think we'll need at least 72-73 points to get fourth.

Anonymous said...

Very hard to call. 4th place has been "won" by 68 points recently (Woolwich in 2011) and missed on 72 points (AVBs team in 2013). With 5 teams competing for two places, and a tight relegation fight, points will be dropped by everyone. Man Utd are vulnerable whilst Arsenal and Liverpool have FA Cup duties. Saints may be on the slide. Clutching at straws maybe, but I think 70-71 points could be enough.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I will be very disappointed if we don't pick up at least a point at Old Trafford on Sunday. There. I've said it.

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie
You speak the truth sir. Much more interesting 'our' way.

First Anon.
Difficult to judge. As someone below says everyone will drop points. But we have a chance and only one game a week now.

2nd Anon.
Clutch them straws friend. We can't be ruled out.

Me too. I have factored in a draw but haven't taken my lucky underpants off for a week now. A third win in a row would set alarm bells ringing amongst the rivals for top four.

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