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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tottenham clear the decks.

Sinking not drowning. 
The JimmyG2 Column.
I remember Cambridge sinking in the boat race in 1978. They were still rowing even as they went under. Bit like Spurs this week. We shipped some water but like the band on the Titanic carried on playing.

We were certainly sunk but we but didn't drown. Now out of the Europa and losing in the League Cup final to Chelsea by the same score: 2-0. But Mauricio will certainly find plenty of positives to bolster his young squad.

Since his return from the Africa Cup Bentaleb has been high on most people's ratings and I made him MOM on Sunday for his strong contribution. Not bad for a 20yr. old. Thanks for something Tim.

 Ryan Mason is somewhat in his shadow at the moment having been substituted in all of his recent games. Perhaps his full bloodied tackling is taking its toll, he has a history of injuries; or just a matter of stamina. Probably just tactical.

A catalogue of avoidable errors and farcical misses did for us on Thursday although Fiorentina were better than we perhaps anticipated. We didn't just inadvertently lose the game, we gift wrapped it, put 'Fiorentina' on the tag and delivered it by hand.

Fazio and Verts. who should know better were the culprits in defence. 'Sloppy' doesn't even get close.

Soldado was hampered more than helped by Chadli's run and they contrived to miss a golden opportunity to go ahead. An in form striker wouldn't even have considered passing and Chadli's run was too narrow to give him a clear passing option.

Chelsea snuffed out our two main threats, Eriksen and Kane and though both were busy neither made much headway. Chelsea got lucky with two deflected goals but they played conservatively. If  our crew continue to pull togethe there are better days are ahead.

 Arsenal, Liverpool and Man.Utd. all winning looks to have confirmed that our bid for top four is over but the Uefa gig is ours to lose. With twelve games to go we can now concentrate on the league as they say.

It might have been different against Chelsea if Christian's free kick special had gone in but we couldn't impose ourselves in the final third and Chelsea probably had another gear. But in both games we could have gone ahead.

There's usually only one winner when youth takes on experience although as we know it's not  nailed on. Mourinho was magnanimous in victory or patronising depending on your viewpoint. Nice words about Mauricio and our young team.

It's hard to tell with Jose but we can all have our suspicions. Tactically as usual he was spot on. Identify the threats and nullify them: then hit them on the counter.

 Pochettino needs to be a little more flexible with his tactics and substitutions. He needs to respond to the situation not follow the plan.

There is no help for Harry on the horizon with Adebayor out unless he takes a wage cut and apologizes in writing, in his own blood, on that lovely creamy Basildon Bond notepaper. Do they still make it?
 Roberto is still curled up in the corner with his thumb in his mouth after his Fiorentina miss. Eriksen is playing well within himself as they say. Chadli has not recovered from his recent bereavement. Lamela still flatters to deceive and Andros just simply deceives.

Our next game tomorrow at Swansea is eminently winnable and we are approaching 'must win' territory. Gylfi has a point to prove but he couldn't could he? Go Harry go. And please don't get injured. Please.

Dave Mackay.
Died this week at 80. Fine man and wonderful player. We always seem to be looking for his like and judging our midfielders by his template.

 He was worshiped in the Derby area where Mrs.JimmyG2 comes from and I will never forget the adulation for him in the local village pub when he was a successful Derby manager in the 70's. The Burton ale flowed on a tribute night.

That Picture.

Sorry Dave I know you would have preferred to stress your more creative side but Billy Bremner certainly had it coming and could take it. Dave said he wouldn't have minded if he had kicked the other leg but not the one he had just recovered from breaking. Twice. Happy Days.

Jimmy's Video spot.
He wouldn''t like this either but it's a fitting tribute. Some say the game has lost a lot of its excitement and pine for the 'Hard Men' days. Personally I prefer the modern game despite growing up in the 60's and 70's. (All worth watching but Dave comes in around 7 minutes)

How did Chopper Harris make a career at Chelsea? Actually sounds pleased with himself. Nothing changes I suppose. I'd rather our traditions than theirs.


Anonymous said...

In reality mou's desire to win every game in order to avoid giving silly positives excuses made the difference, mou on the other side would/? Might win both florentina & Chelsea games with same squad, it seems Mr levy isn't passing the message through to poch, there is no room 4 mediocrity in any top 4 team

Cheshuntboy said...

Sorry, but the endless 'positives' being taken from two bad results and pretty poor performances in the last week explain why Spurs are the perpetual 'nearly' team - most of the fans seem happy with failure, and it certainly suits the club - no pressure on the players, who draw their grotesque wages come what may, and far less than there should be on Levy/ENIC, who will soon reach fifteen years in charge with ONE league cup to show for the literally billions put into the club over that period by the supporters, against virtually nothing from Joe Lewis's bulging coffers.
Yes, we've got some promising young players, but there've been many other times when we've been in the same position without the promise being realised. The early '90s were supposed to be a golden era, with Barmby, Walker, Caskey, Campbell et al being touted as England's future, but for Spurs the result was ONE league cup, while the club was relegated in 1977 only a few years after twice winning the FA Youth Cup for the first time in the club's history!
I don't know whether we're now closer to Aston Villa and Newcastle than to Chelsea or Man City in terms of club status, but I certainly feel that we're inexorably slipping back from the top group we briefly flirted-with under Redknapp, and I can't see any grounds for the optimism currently coming from almost every Spurs blog - rose-tinted specs are clearly this season's 'must have' at WHL.

JimmyG2 said...

1st. Anon.
I seriously doubt that the manager would make that much difference. Mourinho only operates at the highest level withworld class highly paid experienced players. We still gave them agame and they got lucky. Didn't we recently beat then and scored five(5) in the process.

We are the sixth highest spenders and we are 6th or thereabouts.Nobody is 'happy with failure' least of all our 'fickle' fans.Don't they get chastised for booing?
There are lots of positives in a manager who will grow with an emerging young squad. 5 home grown starters recently. Love it.

Cheshuntboy said...

If success is purely dependent on turnover (because we're not 'the sixth highest spenders' - we've received more than we've spent for several years now), then why bother? Good managers (like Redknapp) and good players (like Bale) can make a nonsense of the deterministic argument that football success is about nothing but a club's wage bill, but Tottenham as usual blew it, and 2010-12 is now just another false dawn. I wish I could share the widespread enthusiasm for Pochettino, but the improvement so many people credit him with has escaped me; isn't it something like 44 competitive games so far this season, of which maybe half-a-dozen have been genuinely convincing?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Cheshunt boy on all counts.Poncho ?if you want mediocrity for the next few seasons stick with him,pretty useless in my opinion.This is the first comment I've made for months such is my interest in the team I have supported from the 50's

Anonymous said...

We are a mid table team and no more cant defend to save our lives,Poch has not improved us we are still as inconsistent as ever.Thank god we have the best shot stopper in the league bring on Deboer

lilywhitemike said...

we are potentially a good team. Lloris, Walker, Eriksen and Kane are all top players. But we need more than this to genuinely compete at the very top. Our central midfield is weak. Everyone is waxing lyrical about Mason and Bentaleb, but I really don't see them as top, top midfielders. Bentaleb, potentially could improve, but Mason is Championship standard. Jamie O Hara and Jake Livermore also came through our academy, but were never good enough...

JimmyG2 said...


Thanks for responses.
Let's agree to disagree for the moment and see how this and next season develop.
Happier than I have been for some time with the spirit
and the football.
'Good managers like Redknapp' is stretching it a bit.
The man blew it with some pretty decent players. He tried to sell Bale, to Bournemouth I think,for £3million.
He was an idiot that got lucky.

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