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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sometimes it's never too late.

All a bit Alice in Wonderland at Spurs.
The JimmyG2 Column
Actually in terms of achieving things, and catching planes it often is. We don't always need to hear the fat lady to know the opportunity has gone.Top Four? Forget it. That particular important date has gone for now.

But it's never too late to play some entertaining football or put in some effort and make the best of a bad job.

We left it too late, not in the Newcastle game, but in the season and the stable door was bolted at Newcastle just as the horse, Champions League, out of Billionaire Plaything and Eye Watering Wages disappeared over the horizon.

We faffed around for half an hour playing mainly amongst ourselves at the back until Chadli had the bright idea of having a shot on goal. Much too far out to beat Crul but it swerved a little, dipped a little, bounced in front of him and went in the corner.

About then we realised that Newcastle were not going to give us too much trouble. We invited them out to play but they were washing their hair and couldn't make it.

Young Ayoze Perez showed some nice touches and looked hungry but he was feeding off scraps and eventually starved to death though it was his counter attack that led to the goal.

You would have thought  constant showings of the Ameobi 6 second goal in the first game against Newcastle might have alerted us to the need to keep it tight for at least a minute  after half time.

But straightaway on the restart Chadli lost it on the half way line and Perez is off sensing a lite bite at least. Eventually Colbeck scores after Janmaat's shot is blocked by Dier.  Nearly 18 seconds on the watch so that's an improvement of sorts.

I'm not behind the sofa for long. Within a quarter of an hour Eriksen pulls off one of his teasing free kicks and curls one inside the far post from near the touchline without anyone getting a touch.

Lamela's usual prancing decoy run fools no-one and it goes in anyway. 2-1 Spurs and instead of enjoying the last half hour I'm anxious for the whistle to blow. Can we be trusted to see it out.

 See it out? O ye of little faith. Lamela breaks following a brave header by Mason and sets up  Kane who coolly scores his 30th. Lineker's record lies ahead. The youngsters show up again.

Our three top scorers on the score-sheet and our top assister making an overdue start contributing again. Chadli has been a bit off since his compassionate leave following the death of his father but he usually gives glimpses of quality.

The kid from Argentina is another that at least shows some heart as well as skill. Suited for the Premiership?  Not on his showing so far but he's young and could still come good. Levy won't take a big money hit on anyone so our most expensive signing will have at least another season.

Success, like beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder and depends on what criteria you apply and how harshly you apply them. Of the Magnificent Seven bought with the Bale money only the two above make the grade.

Soldado has wormed his way into our affections,  as has Vlad Chiriches but neither can be filed under 'The boy done good'. Lamela and Paulinho have their supporters but the Jury seems to have got lost on the way back to the courtroom.

While we're on the subject of success do we think that this has been a successful season, assuming we make 6th which is where most people including Musings had us marked down for  from the start.

With a Cup final as a bonus and Mauricio operating in hand me downs from a previous regimes I would certainly give him a vote of confidence on his performance so far though some of his decisions have been eccentric to say the least.

By beating Chelsea and Arsenal we have put down markers for the future but our performances against the so called lesser teams have been disappointing verging on the insipid and tending towards dire.

Saturday's game against Southampton like the Man.Utd showdown could be a turning point either way. I'm confidently predicting a tentative 1-1 draw which will leave the whole thing hanging in the balance.

So what would success look like for next season? Forget top Four and winning the Europa unless Levy splashes the cash pre-season. But we know how well that worked out the last time he left his wallet on the bus.

Could we make the Champions League next season. As Alice remarked. "one can't believe impossible things." But the Queen advised her to practise and in time like her she could believe six impossible things before breakfast. That might do it.

Priority for me though is to get some pleasure out of watching Spurs. I don't want to be praying for the final whistle with half an hour to go. Let's have some entertainment Mauricio.

Secondly bringing in our own and developing young talent gives me more satisfaction than buying silverware with expensive imports. I want the club to have some real investment, some personal stake in the game.

It would be good to see some progress in terms of a better challenge for top four even if we fall short. The key for me is the football not just the result. Playing with spirit and heart: style and flare.

 I don't need to quote Danny Blanchflower about not waiting for the opposition to die of boredom do I.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Ten minutes of joy from one success story at Spurs this season. He's small, he's too young to be losing his hair, he can't tackle and he's been a bit inconsistent lately but he sure can hit a ball with mean accuracy. I like the boy.

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TMWNN said...

Hello Jimmy

The positive: only 5 games to go.

The negative: the farce of another season will soon come around.

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