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Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Daniel and Baldini went to see this after the Bale money arrived*

Well it was bound to happen. Sacked manager returns and inflicts a third defeat against the manager that replaced him. Were you watching Daniel Levy.

The only goal was scored by Benteke who has been revived like Adebayor by Timothy. Pity he couldn't work the same magic on Roberto Soldado. Not that it matters now. Our season came to an end at the hands of not so crazy Louis a few games ago.

Only pride remains and even the Academy boys are spent. Except Danny Rose of course who would be a runaway winner of the player of the season award but for the emergence of  Harry Kane. There's a thing. Apparently a target for Man.City for £10 million.

Or is it Chelsea? Or even Real Madrid, But why would we sell him? Give him a new contract, double his wages and even make him captain as a reward for improvement and endeavour. We won't get anything better for that sort of money.

I say only pride but what else matters when it comes down to it. But something has gone wrong at Spurs. Harry bereft of any sort of service is now trying to do it all on his own. That's not what being captain involves Harry.

Eriksen, Chadli, Mason, Bentaleb and others who raised our hopes earlier seem to be out of energy and imagination. Kyle Walker, Lloris and Vertonghen are injured or sick. Others are out of favour. We are but a shadow of our former selves.

Pochettino seems to have shrugged his shoulders and turned his back on this season. and is looking forward to Summer signings and next season.

Why isn't Lamela starting. He shows more energy and effectiveness in 10 minute cameos than others show in the whole game. Why isn't Dembele giving Mason a rest?

Why are substitutions made so late? Perhaps Mauricio is dropping broad hints about the limitations of his squad to him upstairs. 

But the pedestrian football we are serving up is not acceptable. Against Aston Villa the pattern established against Burnley continued. Slow build up, sloppy passing and very limited signs of passion and spirit.

Now this  young squad will develop under Pochettino if he gets the chance. That's not a given with quick draw McLevy in control. With Yedlin (21) making a promising start and perhaps Pritchard (21) to step up next season the future is still bright.

But that doesn't excuse lack of effort and interest for the rest of this season. Nor the Head Coach not giving other players and formations a try now that we have only 'pride' and  the UEFA to play for.

Daniel will be more than miffed if we miss out on that £10 million or so. That's enough to buy at least an arm and a leg of a reasonable striker. A good one will cost.......Fill in the punchline for yourselves.

We are exactly where I thought we would be with bonus of the League Cup final but we were on the verge of achieving more. It's not so much the fact that we have missed out but the manner in which we did so..

This is the way the season ends not with a bang but a whimper. spursyid 61put his finger on one aspect in a thread on ftl. He observed that since the Lyon game 2 yrs ago only six players in the eighteen  man squad that day still remain at the club.

It has long been my contention that the constant churning of players, and Managers/ Head Coaches, is a serious impediment to the progress of the club. More churns than United Dairies as my Gran used to say about her stomach.

I lost a dog once through a United Dairies milkman. I was a kid playing in the street with a a scatty cocker spaniel. I fell and dog came over and started licking me boisterously.

 The Milkman, Dave, thought it was attacking me and lashed it with his horse whip and it shot off never to be seen again. Horse whip!. Don't see many of them on the streets today.

Curiously I don't recall the dog's name. But we only had one milkman for years and we had a dozen or more dogs when I was a kid. Sorry to digress but at least it takes your minds off the football.

I am looking forward to exciting times that I can enjoy and a future of fulfillment and not just hopes. Then perhaps I can put away my enthralling reminiscences and concentrate on the happenings on the pitch.

I wonder how many of the current squad and indeed manager will be at Spurs in another two years. There is no continuity, consistency or cohesion possible under this approach.

 The buying policy has been clueless and the selling policy crazy. I make that the five C´s of a club that seems to delight in shooting itself in the head rather too often.

Mauricio is struggling at the moment but needs to be given time to implement his ideas and continue his work with our own grown before we fall foul of the foreign player/ own grown balance. Which is probably why City want Danny and another reason to keep him.

I have no great hopes for the Newcastle game so we will probably hammer them three or four nil.

* Viv who died this week blew her big win in some style. In today's terms it was worth about £10 million. Wouldn't even buy half a decent footballer. Ya hear me Manuel Pellegrini.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Possibly my goal of the season against Burnley. Absolute quality from Soldado and movement, desire and ability from Danny Rose who points  exactly where he wants it. You may well ask what on earth was he doing up there. Best not.


chris Cumner-Price said...

When will people stop saying Mason has run out of steam. He has always been shit. People just wanted to believe in something cos of the Harry Kane situation. Plus benteleb too is over hyped. Spurs need a complete re built.

Cheshuntboy said...

Only a few weeks ago, you were telling me that Harry Redknapp was 'an idiot who got lucky' and now you're posting yet another 'give Poch time' article, as the season ends with the entirely predictable Espanyol/Southampton whimper. You even talk about the need for continuity of playing staff, when most of the Pochettino apologists are saying that he should be allowed to assemble a team of 'his' players - obviously no incoming manager can be expected to work with the deadbeats signed by his predecessors, so let's have a complete clearout every couple of years (or get a manager who can MANAGE!). Give me strength!

JimmyG2 said...

Has never worked before but I admit it makes the transfer windows more exciting.
'Magnificent seven' my arse.

Anonymous said...

The video confirms that we should keep soldado (as a winger) and get rid of townsend (as a wa@#er) you can almost hear roberto saying "that's a cross"
Regarding pochetino. .I am starting to feel that he may not have the technical abilities we hoped for but will reserve judgement for another season.
CRAZY making harry captain. The kid has enoughpressure and shit in his head already. Let him develop and concentrate on getting more goals.
Starting to feel that maybe Vertongan is a weak link..great player until things don't go his way then he spits the dummy.

JimmyG2 said...

Well its all about opinions of course.
Keep Soldado, yes but not as a winger.
Agree about Vertonghen, and making Harry captain, and on giving more time to Pochettino.

CCP and cheshuntboy.
Wholesale change,including managers hasn't worked for ENIC don't see why it would work this time.
We haven't got the resources to buy top top quality and Poc. has a reputation for getting the best out of second tier players and promoting youth. Let's see.
Much more satisfying to develop our own and build a team rather than buying one in.

Harvey The Hudd said...

Very nice piece Jimmy, I concur 100%
I simply cannot understand Poch's decision to put an end to his rather astute rotation policy which worked so well during the middle segment of the season.
I was very surprised that he didn't play the boy Lamela in the final v Chelsea and he has stuck stubbornly to an eleven which, to me, just doesn't have the required balance and energy. As you allude to, Poch really does look like the proverbial rabbit caught in the headlights.
But nil desperandum and next season still bodes well.
We must bring in another top striker, central defender and, crucially, a leader in the middle of the park.
Personally, I've run out of patience with Walker and Townsend. What say you?

JimmyG2 said...

Harvey The Hudd.
Loath to write off players especially our own grownish.
Or should that be own groan in the case of the above.
Sentimental I know but I don't see any satisfaction in buying trophies.
Let Poch try to work his magic next season then re-appraise.
Sacking managers is a short cut to nowhere at Spurs.

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