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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Exit doors declared open at Spurs.

 That's most of the Magnificent Seven and Kaboul.
Any more for the Annual Bonfire of the Dead Wood?
The JimmyG2 Column.
It's almost over. Deep breaths, relax, just one to go and then it's over. Paint the shed, dig out the fishing gear, browse the holiday brochures, talk to the missus or whatever.

We might still make 5th despite the best efforts of Mauricio and the lads so lie back and enjoy the Magical Mystery Tour of some of the lesser known European night spots.

Even if it doesn't go exactly to plan against Everton the EUFA thingy is more or less inevitable and I for one am glad. Come on you Gunners do us a favour.

Europa again, a cup final, beating Chelsea and Arsenal: not too bad for what we all knew would be a transitional season. Fielding the youngest team in the Premiership; five of our own starting or finishing at times.The Futures not as dim as sometimes painted.

There's a new Stadium under way; training facilities second to none; Harry Kane, one of our own, the toast of Tottenham. This could be the start of something good. Not to be written off and forgotten in my view.

A win and a clean sheet for the penultimate game, against a poor Hull side admittedly, shows us the way. The game was illuminated and won by two brief moments of class in a desert of tediocrity.

Lamela,who has been playing more effectively lately set up Chadli with a thoughtful through ball and Mason chipped delicately for Rose who hadn't stopped running since he got off the bus outside the stadium to volley into the roof of the net.

Lamela and Rose vied for MOM once again and I thought Rose just shaded it for his enterprise, effort and spirit. Before these moments at the start of the second half and after for that matter we were uninspired once again. Eriksen in particular.

 Chadli's opener reminded us what the aim and purpose of the game was and incidently his usefulnesss and we cheered up briefly  to score a second. Once again there was no start for Yedlin and Dier played out of position at right back, and it showed.

It was Fazio's turn this week to supply the opposition with the ball. Vertonghen played as if he was doing us a favour by turning out at all and Mason was more effective than his midfield partner Bentaleb for a change.

Glimmers of hope friends glimmers of hope. For fans for whom success is all the season like the 'Curates Egg' has been 'good in parts'. This of course is disastrous for eggs but not so bad for football seasons.

 With just Everton away left, fortunately for us without Aaron Lennon who has been playing well and enjoying himself, our judgment on the season is taking shape. The proverbial annual Bonfire of the Dead Wood looms.

If Levy can make out the wood from the trees we might clear several stunted continental oaks and a few saplings and replace them with hopefully native English stock grown with Premiership conditions in mind.

Most of last year's plantings failed to take root and could be grubbed up without too much disruption. Eriksen, Lamela, Dier and Chadli could be left to mature a little more. All the rest are open to best offers.

If the Head Coach can get  two or three of his preferences and pot up some seedlings from the Nursery then we might go into next season bedded in better than we were this season.

 Pochettino has certainly done enough to guarantee another season at the very least.

His preferred tactics were a mismatch for the players available and but for Harry Kane this season might have been a complete disaster. He has shown stubbornness and inflexibility at times and on the whole the football has been dull.

Eriksen's loss of form and the possible departure of Lloris are both clouds on the horizon in a fairly unsettled outlook. But beat Everton and secure 5th and the sun will be peeping through.

All managers have weaknesses and blindspots, it's a matter of finding a decent match for the club's preferences. One of our recent sackings has just won the Russian league with Zenit St Petersburg.

Up and Coming with a reputation for promoting youth and handling them well, Mauricio will do for me for now in the light of our other achievements this season. Now what about the entertainment side of the business Mo.

Let's not throw him on the Bonfire or add his name to the Manager Go Round just yet. That's the Musings Annual Appeal on behalf of the Stability Foundation.

 It's a big step up from 5th to Top Four and we are nowhere near ready for it yet.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
He's young, he's strong, he's quick and he's one of our own. Nabil Bentaleb a genuine success story this season perhaps overshadowed by Harry Kane. I like the boy.This shows his more positive side. Breaking out from the 'if we've got it they can't score' school of thought which usually only gets you to the half way line.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree on Lamela i think for the most he has been poor . If these reports of Madrid interest are true and they were to offer us close to our money back on him i would take it . I think he is more suited to the italy or spain leagues .
On hugo well if united do come i think its a matter of getting the best deal . That will depend on who the boss wants and how much they will cost . One thing is certain if these two were to be sold along with the dead twigs then we would have a shed load of cash to spend . The qestion is who would we like to see at the lane with 120 million to spend if all were sold .
A new keeper from stoke maybe
A new centre half aswell as the guy from Koln
A new holding midfielder from southampton
A winger from france
And a young guy from wales who is being murdered in spain .
The last one is probably not possible due to wages but he would be my no 1 target if i were thr boss.He did say he wanted players with premiership experience .

Anonymous said...

agreed on lamella.. two games in a row he's let opposition players get past hi with no intention of putting anything other than a token effort tackle my 7 year old daughter could better.
sorry to say but I still think Poch is out of his depth... look how much better Southampton have been since Koemans arrival.
I fear that with Baldini & Poch still around we shall flounder on the rocks of mediocrity next season & around Christmas when we're in the bottom half of the table, Levy will do his thing & dismiss Poch, which will leave us stranded as I don't think we'd be lucky enough to get another manager in who could make us play the exciting footy old Redknapp had us doing in that champions league season...

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of negative old women..the only ball they ever touched in their life was in a public toilet probably..tossers.

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Anon.
Real Madrid in for Lamela. I think not.
Hugo to Utd. Nope.
We mainly wasted the last shed load of cash.
Why would it be different this time?

"nd. Anon.
Might as well give up now if you're anywhere near right.
Decent season taken all round and next will be better.
Trust me.

Last poster.
Agree with your drift but not quiote the way you put it.

Thanks all anyway

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