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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Greavsie Update.

 “The biggest regret of my whole football career
 was leaving White Hart Lane in 1970.''
The Greg Meyer Column.

 Tuesday May 12th 2015… Birthdays … A Little Group Welcome at the Bedside.


It’s off!! The Hall of Fame Induction for James Peter Greaves has been put on hold pending his return to fitness to turn out at the big event.

Leading up to the event I had penned the following which like Jimmy remains as eternal as ever.

 His most famous quote is … “ My Biggest regret is … “. More on that later.

 So apt and so ironic given he enters the Spurs hall of Fame as a Legend when available. Why he has stayed away so long explained later.

The First Million Pound Player.

In todays transfer market he might be the first 100 million  pound transfer. His strike rate compares easily with Messi, Ronaldo and anyone else that comes to mind. Forty four in Fifty seven games for England for starters.

A predator extraordinaire. These days called a fox in the box.

 But no James Peter Greaves was much more than that. A ability to glide past players, even in mid
field , meant when he appeared in the box it was always odds on  for a goal.

 He just passed it into the back of the net. No fuss. Just scored.

 There is that famous quote from Bill  Nicholson I think. All he did today was go out and score four goals. Nothing else.

History records rather than blast it netwards he preferred the passing it into goal approach. And so his conversion ratio of a goal a game was born.

Why Was He So Good.

Simple stupid. Jimmy believed in 90 minutes and beyond. His game was built around concentration for the entire game. Mental toughness. No switching off. No having a little rest. Pure and simple 90 minutes and ready for any chance, however late, and bang it was in the net.

Some Memorable Quotes and Memories  From Our Jimmy.

Grew up in Dagenham and rose to great heights. His pre match meal was usually a full English roast. Washed down with a cleansing ale no doubt. A team mate might dine on a pasta and salad. Seemed to work for our Jimmy.
First off a reflection on Sicknote … fondly remembered by all us Spurs… Love you Darren ..

       “I’m 58 and think even I’ve played more football than Anderton over the past two years.If Black Death swept through London… oops you would not want to be in the same street as Darren.”

      On Bobby Moore …

          “ He knew where an opposition player was going to pass it before that player even knew.”

And so back to that first quote ..

           “The biggest regret of my whole football career was leaving White Hart Lane in 1970. My interest after that weakened. I was heart broken.”

So There You Have It.

   A phone call from Bill Nicholson telling him the deal was done was how it happened.  Not what would happen. You are off son.  Greavsie was shattered. The club of his life was offloading him for the new up and comer, Martin Peters. 

 Even then football was rather ruthless. Don’t blame Jimmy. Still with the passage of time most wounds heal.

At A Kent Pub.

    Yes can understand the bitterness.

  Fantastic both sides have now agreed terms of rapprochement.

 Meanwhile back bedside a trio of birthdays to help out. Florence Nightingale on nursing duties with humour and cheer provided by Tony Hancock and Catherine Tate.

 Welcome back Saint Jimmy of Greaves … Striker Extraordinaire … One of our own.

Cheers   …  a speedy recovery would be great news for his many fans  … Greg Meyer.   coys..

Jimmy and Jimmy's Video Spot.
Messi and Ronaldo eat your hearts out:  heavy leather balls, atrocious pitches; no protective rules for the artists and terrible weather too it seems. Any excuse to watch Jimmy Greaves.Well the man's not well for goodness sake.


spursman1961 said...

Without doubt the greatest goal scorer, and scorer of great goals our club has ever had and indeed ever likely to have. A player who could get maximum results with seemingly the minimum of effort, a truly great player. To this day I have never seen any one better when bearing down on goal with only the keeper to beat, sounds easy, the realty is that it is one of the most difficult things to conquer when you have all that time to think what you are going to do, the mindset can be changed in a second and the chance is lost. I saw Greavsie do just this a hundred times and if he messed up once that would have been the only time he did. A true artist and a great, great player. I sincerely hope you get well soon Jimmy and thank you for all the wonderful memories you gave me and millions like me.

Anonymous said...

Come on Jimmy--you can win this one!

Anonymous said...

The first million pound player? Apologies in advance if I've missed a point somewhere but Greaves was the first $100,000 player, I believe. Trevor Francis was the first million pound player. Actually,it was $99,999 because Nicholson is alleged to have said he didn't want to round up the number and put unnecessary pressure on Greaves, whose answer was to score a hat trick in his first match.

JimmyG2 said...

Last anon.
Wins the prize for the spot the error competition.
Free subscription next year. Well done sir.
Greaves had an answer for everything on the football pitch.
We won't mention the fact that you've put $ instead of £.
Who notices these trifles!

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