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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's not all good news

Everything is overshadowed at the moment especially in the JimmyG2 household after the bad news about Greavsie. The boyhood hero that I grew up with and share a birthday.

A troubled life after a wonderful football career with his wife and family instrumental in bringing him through alcoholism. Then a successful media career which he says he enjoyed more than playing because he didn't know he could do it.

 Wednesday 13th May, next week, was the planned date for his inclusion in the Hall of Fame after many years of dispute over the use of the money raised. More on all this later when things are clearer.

 Latest news is that he is aware of the seriousness of his condition and faces a long slow recovery. Irene's comment that he is having to do as he is told gives a hint that his determination and spirit are not dimmed.


We made that out of a silk purse. Only at Spurs.
The JimmyG2 Column.
If there is such a thing as a good defeat,which there isn't, but if there was, going down fighting 1-0 to Man.City on Sunday was probably on the list.

Until that man Aguerro settled the battle of the strikers with a goal from a City breakaway after we had once again rattled them from a Lamela corner. Dier, Fazio, and Vertonghen all missed decent chances from headers.

Had Lloris stood up and not anticipated a shot across him then the single near post goal might have been avoided. But we have come to expect perfection from Hugo and apparently he's only human after all.

We might have won by two or three but for excellent keeping from Hart, saving one on one with Mason and later Harry Kane. We're getting closer to City having conceded 15 in the previous three City games,so the single goal was a minor miracle.

To be fair this was a pretty lethargicand unambitious City team apart from Silva, Hart and Aguerro and we missed a good opportunity to beat them. But we turned up, turned out and came close to turning them over.

That there were were several candidates for MOM including Erik Lamela, Betaleb, Dier and Danny Rose indicates a better all round team performance. The first half hour was the best we've played for some time.

 Pochettino however continues to puzzle. I am not sure why Yedlin didn't start allowing Dier to play centre half where he is more comfortable. Nor why Dembele wasn't at least on the bench.

The sight of us ending the game with three strikers on was misguided from the Coach and smacked of desperation. Goals are created from midfield and the wings not from a trio of centre forwards.

Paulinho who played an impressive cameo  could have come on earlier and Soldado to support Harry Kane would have been quite enough. Adebeyor is an unwelcome sight as far as Musings is concerned.

The big puzzle is where has Eriksen gone. Burnt out? Mind elsewhere? He is a class player but is contributing less and less. Another Spurs triumph, making a pig's ear out of a silk purse.

Come back Christian all is forgiven. He's never going to be a pin up boy for the high pressure total football game but most of what was good previously came through him at some point.

With CL out of the equation and EL more or less inevitable it's time to see what else we have in the tactics and personnel locker . A sort of end of season preseason.

There is still the Europa League qualifying rounds to consider; the higher we finish the later we start but I don't think playing one or two youngsters or resting some of the senior players will make too much difference.

Give Harry, Eriksen  and Mason some rest; see if Soldado can play himself into form, give Yedlin a run, start Paulinho and check whether recent performances were a flash in the pan.

Lets dedicate the last three games to JimmyGreaves and find out what we've got on our hands.
I make my annual plea for as little disruption as possible. But we all know how that went last season.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Get well soon Jim. Long fascinating interview.With added goals.


Ashley Collie said...

The Greavsie thing is dampening my usual upbeat spirit. But there's also a point about where we finish, as check out this possibly nightmare scenario: Hello, if we finish 6th and Aston Villa win the FA Cup – Spurs enter the Europa League at the 3rd qualifying round, two rounds before the group stages...some serious problems here as EL third round qualifying (games on July 30 and Aug 6) directly competes with our MLS All Star game on July 29 where a bunch of us Yankee-based fans are going.

Ashley Collie said...

PS Mate, that video, which I recently watched all the way through, is the reason why us older fans love Spurs, the glory, the grace, the past victories, Greavsie and his merry men, putting others to the sword!

Anonymous said...

I must admit I stopped and thought about him today. He was such a brilliant player who made it look so easy and brought such pleasure to the fans.. Yet he was a man who faced a major battle with alcoholism and overcame it. I just hope he can win this battle as well.

Anonymous said...

I usually post under a name in tribute to my hero but today that seems wrong.

Watched the above programme again today and, in light of the stroke, a lot of what Jimmy says can be seen in a different light.

I want him to pull through and show us that, actually, fighting alcohol was just good training for this.

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