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Monday, 25 May 2015

Post season bloodbath at Spurs.

What happened to the bonfire? Is that Kaboul?

And so we sail calmly into port on the good ship Hotspur after a mostly choppy voyage. Still guided by the same man that we set sail with, which is in itself an innovation. Long may it last.

Some of the crew were more able seaman than others and wholesale changes are predicted. Some of the crew disappeared overboard during the voyage and have yet to resurface.

There will be keel hauling, plank walking and bodies dangling from the yard arm for mutiny but that entertaining bloodbath is for later. Meanwhile post season precedes pre-season and starts today(*full list of squad for Malaysia and Sydney below)

Hope they get some sleep on the plane. Anyway there we were grudgingly accepting a Europa place and admitting finally that after this transitional season Mauricio deserves another chance.

But  two wins, and two clean sheets later we emerge as the best of the rest, a mere six points and twenty goals off a Champions' League place. It's been a slog lately but 'All's Well that Almost Ends Well'.

I've seen it calculated that if we had beaten Utd 7-0 rather than losing 3-0 we would have changed places with them. I'm sure that's right, not that it matters now. but Glory Glory was closer than we thought.

It's a sobering thought that coming fourth is the new double as far as the current Spurs are concerned. If Louis Van Gaal had come to us rather than Utd. would things have been very different I wonder.

An upbeat end to the season  helped by the spectacular implosion of Liverpool whose season went astray from the moment that Brenden Rogers said that  they wouldn't do a Tottenham.Oh yes they did and we didn't.

Stand up if you feel a bit sorry for Gerrard's ignominious end to his Premiership career. Well a tiny bit then. No-one at all? Harsh but we've still got plenty of problems of our own.  

By finishing 5th we go straight in the Europa Group stage midway through September several weeks after the also rans and W.Ham who qualify through the fair play league and start their qualifiers on July 2nd.

That's the sixth season running we have won our last game of the season and it was a welcome victory over Everton who didn't impress at all. They gave the ball away frequently which was very Spursy of them and gave us too much space, which we mainly wasted in the final third.

We controlled the ball and the game apart from a 15 minute spell at the start of the second half. Mauricio countered this by substituting Dembele who was possibly injured, but playing well, adding strength to the midfield with Stambouli.

Elsewhere it was the usual try this position on for size that we have seen before. Bentaleb was at left back and Dier at right back again. Both played well with Dier supplying the cross for Harry Kane's record equaling goal.

Bentaleb at left back was a revelation, very little got past him, Coleman in particular who has been a nuisance in the past. He got forward well to give us width  but was often ignored  But for Harry Kane he would be without doubt Musings Man Of the Season.

Marks out of 10 for the season?
Well 4/10 for style and content, it's been grim at times. 6/10 for achievement: 5th place and a cup final.  8/10  for the belief in young players, especially our own and a cautious 7/10 for future prospects.

It was good to see Winks and Onomah on the bench and there was space for a couple more. Yedlin apparently homesick would have been better playing than moping on the bench over his mom and apple pie.

Nobody played poorly and Tottenham fans ever willing to clutch at straws end the season on a legal high and face the future with guarded optimism. One or two things need sorting out first of course.

Harry Kane needs support and someone to take some of the responsibility from him up front. A quality defensive midfielder would protect our leaky back four and allow Bentaleb and Mason to be more positive.

Mauricio needs to respond more quickly to on field situations and be less rigid in his formations and personnel. Eriksen needs to retrace his steps and find where he dropped his mojo . Hugo needs to commit at least for another season.

If the Head Coach sticks with his philosophy and philosophies are for life not just for Xmas he needs to find some players that fit it it better or that can adapt.

It's going to be difficult to improve on this season's Premiership achievement, we are not ready for Champions' League but unless the performances improve nobody is gonna be happy.

Musings Awards
Players of the Year....................Harry Kane: Nabil Bentaleb: Hugo
Most Improved.........................Danny Rose.
Most disappointing...................Christian Eriksen: Erik Lamela.
Silliest decision........................Appointing Kaboul as captain.
Most urgent to sell....................Kaboul, Adebayor, Townsend.
Best things about the Season....Mauricio's faith in youth. Fielding the youngest team. Beating Arsenal and Chelsea. Not losing to W.Ham, not even once.

The Future is Bright and Jimmy Greaves continues to improve.

Squad for Malaysia and Australia. (From the OS)

Hugo Lloris                            
Luke McGee
Michel Vorm
Eric Dier
Federico Fazio
Danny Rose
Jan Vertonghen
Kyle Walker-Peters
DeAndre Yedlin.

Nabil Bentaleb
Tom Carroll
Nacer Chadli
Mousa Dembele
Christian Eriksen
Erik Lamela
Ryan Mason
Josh Onomah
Benji Stambouli
Andros Townsend
Grant Ward
Harry Winks

Harry Kane
Roberto Soldado

Younes Kaboul, Vlad Chiriches and Paulinho have been given permission (that's Mauricio speak for 'ordered') to remain at the Training Centre, while Emmanuel Adebayor and Etienne Capoue have been granted leave to return home for family reasons. Musings say, Don't phone us.

Make of all that what you will. Shop window for some perhaps or hoping they get lost on the voyage. Quite a few youth on the trip. Others including Pritchard are called up for England U21 duty.

Late news flash:
Harry Kane beat Malaysia 2-1with a full supporting cast of thousands, mainly  Academy lads and no-one disappointed. More details in the Post Season Tour Roundup later.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Speaking of Alex Pritchard here he is before his successful season loan at Brentford where he was their player of the year.. Musings tip for next season. Our natural successor to Eriksen?. Looks a bit like him, takes free kicks like him. It's the hair. Yet another one of our own.
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Anonymous said...

Chiriches should stay, so should Cristian Ceballos apparently wanted to leave in Jan. Couple of Sigurdsson sales there.

JimmyG2 said...

WOW, Chiriches!. Like his attitude but he doesn't have the ability to fulfil it. Needs too much time and tends to overplay.
Ceballos, where he? Thought he looked OK last pre-season.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks for the blogs all season Jimmy. I have written on here in the past couple of weeks but the posts have been wiped or gone astray somewhere. Hope this one makes it.

Curate's egg of a season as you've alluded to on occasions. Great saying curate's egg.

Gerrard hijacked Lpool's end of season so it's hard to feel sorry for him. Thankful, more like, as we could pip them to 5th. They offered him a good contract but the side would no longer be built for him. A wise and overdue decision on their part. He preferred the money and adulation in the US.

I'd keep Townsend.

I'm looking forward to the EL as ever and to summer comings and goings. I hope we won't throw out the baby with the bathwater and would keep some that may come good still, like Andros, Lamela and even Fazio. I would really examione how to get the best out of a super player like Dembele too before letting go. Sadly, we will lose 2-3 key players, i fear.

We need a bigger a squad that Poch trusts as the choice got slim towards the end there.

Have a good summer Jimmy and thanks

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks to all who have taken the trouble to comment, especially our regulars like yourself.
Will continue through the pre-season if anything happens which it most likely will.
Andros has had enough of a chance for me.
Against the Malaysia X1 he beat his man brilliantly several times and then hadn't a clue what to do with it.
Unless there's a shot on he's lost.

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