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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The house that Mauricio Pochettino built.

You've got the plans upside down Mauricio.
The JimmyG2 Column.
It's more than a mess : it's a cowboy building site. Losing twice to Stoke, a moderate team at best, is a foundation of sand on which to build. The new site foreman still hasn't got his cement mixing ratios right and the bricks are not of the best quality.

I am not demanding his P45 because he is in a learning process at Spurs and indeed in the Premiership.  But his apparently  willful misreading of the blueprints at his disposal reveal a worryingly eccentric view of the squad building process.

Four centrebacks with two quick fullbacks on the bench. Even with a World class keeper we still conceded three to make us one of the four worst defensive units in the whole of the Premiership.

 Soldado on as usual for his weekly run out. Did he even touch the ball? Vlad again. That's a site clearing bonfire started with a can of petrol. Booked before 20 minutes he should have been subbed at half time.

 Dembele who arguably should have started against Stoke to stiffen up the mid-field on for our best performer Lamela.  Persisting with Mason and Eriksen when they are clearly knackered and/ or out of form.

Why not start Yedlin and allow Dier to play in his preferred position and Vertonghen too. Round pegs in triangular holes abound. Only five on the bench why not acclimatise a couple of youngsters.

Not so much a team but in the main a set of chipboard cut-outs. Now Mauricio hasn't had the chance to get down to Jewsons and order his own building materials yet and has been working with stuff he found lying around on site.

Fortunately that included an unused RSJ in the shape of  Harry Kane and without him his first year at Spurs could have been a lot more painful if not terminal.

Now I'm not expecting him to turn into the Master Builder straightaway but he has a curious connection with Ibsen's main man, Halvard Solness: his belief that youth would come knocking on his door and save him.

So far this has been the bright spot of the season and the hope for the future. We need to see more of them in this fag end of the season.

In a more direct message to Spurs fans and perhaps all football fans Halford Solness also said: '' Castles in the air- they are so so easy to take refuge in. And so easy to build, too.'' And he'd never met a Spurs fan in his life.

 I stand rebuked. I've constructed many of those in my time. Often though because the reality offers little joy or hope. We are looking to our Argentinian Master Builder to take more care with the planning applications and groundwork and build something both substantial and lasting.

This season has touched some highs, Arsenal and Chelsea obviously but the second half of the season has seen some dramatic subsidence and underpinning is called for in the summer.

Not on a vast scale and preferably with tried and tested Premiership materials. Of the Magnificent Seven not one had been strength tested for the conditions they would have to face.  

 There is a theory that Spurs, Southampton and Liverpool are all deliberately playing badly to avoid the Europa. If only. If Arsenal win the cup then we are all likely to be involved anyway so let's join the competition as late as possible.

Calm Jimmy,calm. As we all know its only football: it's not a matter of life and death.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
I know, I know your granny would look good on you tube but it's all we've got until he actually gets a start. DeAndre Yedlin. He can shoot, he can head, he's quick. We'll have to work on his irritating tendency to pass to a player in the same colour shirt though.


ihe said...

If the players are that bad, how come AVB (who I despised) and Sherwood combined were able to get 69 points out of them?

It seems we are now short of full backs. Who got rid of 3 of them including 2 left backs?

Cheshuntboy said...

Pochettino is 'in a learning process' at WHL? So that's alright then, because he's bound to end up as another Mourinho isn't he? NO HE BLOODY ISN'T! To pursue your building analogy, you can't make bricks without straw, and you can't learn man-management and tactical nous if you're as downright thick as our current 'coach' clearly is - stick to castles in the air, they're much easier to build than successful football teams.

Anonymous said...

Sadly another Manager who has never won anything and never will,we have gone backwards big time how is Dembele not worth a place how do we play four centre halfs against Stoke who then out pass us all over pitch.Clueless Chairman/Manager we are now the laughing stock of the P/L bring back Sherwood never thought Id say that

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Poch does seem to have lost his way at present, though the players are not helping him.

I think the summer cannot come too soon for all of us. It'll take time, at least another two seasons ( I think longer) for us to be really competitive, consistently, in terms of top 4. But Poch does need to show his working out as it has gone a little shapeless and some good players are likely to be thrown out with the bathwater. Hoe can we get less out of Dembele than Fulham did? Lloris and maybe Verty and even Eriksen may agitate for a move this summer as we are well short of many fans' holy grail.

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