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Monday, 15 June 2015

Would Spurs dare?

Mauricio makes the Great leap Forward.
 Go on you know you want to.

I've given it a week or three since the actual football ended and the start of the virtual football and the rumour avalanche. It's the part of the year I hate most and at The Musings we never ever comment on transfer rumours, unless we start them ourselves.

Well not often, and ITK on here means ' It's Total Krap?. It's a never ending circle of supposed inside information which is picked up by the papers and which feeds the next round of ITK.

Or the other way round. I mean where does a circle begin. We've been linked with just over 2000 World Stars already since the start of June, all apparently desperate to play for the Mighty Spurs.

On reflection we've had a good season. We finished a place higher than I predicted, got to a cup final and most importantly saw the emergence of some more of our young talent. We are nicely placed to pass, tackle and kick on.

In the post season, pre-pre-season trip to the other side of the world no fewer than six new Spurs Academicians made the plane and five of them played with some distinction and without any signs of intimidation by the occasion or the opposition.

Yes, it was only a Malaysia X1 and Sydney FC but it's a big moment for these boys and a landmark in their careers. Fail to show up and you may never hear of them again. They didn't and we will.

So that's six to add to the five old Academicians that emerged last season. In the game against Sydney FC no fewer than nine of our own made it onto the pitch at some stage.

Not to mention Pritchard away with the U21 squad who is Musings tip for distinction at Spurs next year and another four in the squad who were under 22 and McGee on the bench.

I love it: a potent mix of youth and/ or our own grown. The youngest team in the Premiership several times. It offers an alternative template to the usual accumulation of expensive stars.

And now is the time. We have an amazing congruence of a Head Coach with a reputation for giving youth its chance and a CEO who hates spending money. He'll back him without splashing any cash.

Stir gently with a particularly promising batch of own grown and young players and Jimmy's dream begins to take shape. We can go on buying  foreign superstars (2nd grade until we make the Champions league). And changing Managers every fortnight.

 Or we can make the Soccer Bungee Jump and change the shape of English Premiership football. Now I can hear you muttering 'Poor old Jim, he's finally lost it'. 'Dream' Jim? That's a fantasy bordering on a delusion. 

But read on  perhaps it's not. Firstly I would rather come 5th. with our Academicians than  make top four with a team of bought in ready-mades. I'd rather build it than buy it.

That's not lack of ambition that's an ambition of a different sort. Very few would assert that we are ready for the CL in any case. Catch 22 comes into play. You can't make top four without the top players and you can't get top players..........oh finish it for yourselves.

Secondly ponder what own grown players give you that imports cannot. Loyalty, effort ,enthusiasm, spirit, the willingness to go the extra pitch length or two, familiarity with the club and their fellow players and hopefully the Spurs way.

I give you Harry Kane and Adebayor. The more you give the outside superstars the more they demand. The more you give the own grown the more they give you back. Their lack of experience and level of skill is made up in other ways.

For years it's been said that Spurs lack mental strength, determination or whatever. Own grown youngsters give you this and much more. I could go on but consider for a moment the difference between Nabil Bentaleb and Paulinho.

I have no doubt that José Paulo Bezerra Maciel Júnior  is on most scales the better player. Experience certainly but give me Nabil any day. He shows all those other vital attributes that raise his game.

Rumours abound that Nabil is on the point of signing a new contract and Harry Kane is not to be sold at any price. Both pre-requisits for my attempt to boldly go into the new Academy trained era.

Of course there are plenty saying that Carroll neat, tidy and stylish will never make at Premiership level. But they said that about Harry Kane and Danny Rose and look how those forecasts panned out

If Hugo stays that's one problem solved as this year we don't have a keeper step up ready. We might struggle at centre half so Jan can give us another year.

Now is the moment for the great experiment to begin. I would love it, love it if we went down this route, or at least fired up the Sat-nav. The highlight for me this year has been watching our own boys with pride.

Now we all know you don't win nothing with kids but you can get damn close. Give the fans something to identify with and not the usual assemblage of unknown stars.

And while we're at it stop changing the shirts every five minutes: its the reason so many passes go astray we can't remember what colours we play in.

Anyway lets give Carroll, Winks and the others a chance to show what they can do. What have we got to lose. Put some experience on the bench in case it goes rugby ball shaped.

Usually its the other way round with tired, cynical old pros on the pitch and a couple of youngsters on the bench. We have begun to change this, we have the tools let's finish the job.

Jimmy Greaves update.
Jimmy has left hospital and has begun what might be long period of recuperation according to his family. A good omen.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Kane goal, Lamela assist. Vision from Eriksen, early promise from Townsend. Pace from. Yedlin.
Some nice team play and occasional lapses as you would expect.
 Out of recent purchases I would keep Lloris, Vertonghen, Eriksen, Chadli, Yedlin, perhaps Lamela until more Academy lads are ready. After all we will need some squad players to make up the numbers..