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Monday, 17 August 2015

Blame game at White Hart Lane

It's usually the man behind the grassy knoll.
The JimmyG2 Column. 
Just when you thought it was safe to stop worrying about conceding late goals after last season then up pop Stoke with a couple to level a match we had threatened to run away with. Blame fatigue if you like.

But their goal was coming as we defended poorly deeper and deeper. Our Choice  Belgian selection box had afforded Diouf  several chances to score and he eventually did so with the merest of touches. Clearly someone at fault there.

Toby blotted his copybook with an unnecessary foul in the goal line corner of the box even if it was a soft decision. Don't tackle in the box if you don't need to. Write it out a  100 times Simpsons' style Mr. Elderweired.

So 2-0 up with less than fifteen minutes to go but under pressure from an increasingly dominant Stoke for whom substitutions made the difference. Not that you can say the same for ours.That's you Mauricio

Harry, suffering from fatigue not injury insists Pochettino, was withdrawn on the hour. Not a good sign two matches in but it threw all our plans into reverse. Mauricio outhought by hard man Hughes. Whatever next.

Mason too a central figure in the game gave his all until he too succumbed. We needed a revamp not just the usual suspects sending on. Walker had needed some help with Arnautevic for some time and pushing him into midfield and bringing on Trippier might have worked.

 Dele Alli might have been a better choice than Lamela but who wouldn't. I hear you, I hear you. Whatever I might suggest it couldn't have gone worse than what actually happened. The finger of suspicion hovers above the Head Coach

But are we down hearted? Well yes a little. Any team with pretensions to success in whatever terms should be able to close out a game  after a dominant first half and a two goal lead.

But the signs were there and although Butland made several good early saves Lloris made saves from Diouf  headers he should have had no chance with. The tide was turning in Stoke's favour as the match wore on.

In the first half we played some joined up football but we don't seem to manage more than a half at a time. Dier  deftly or luckily scored from an Erikson corner. Then Davies with a determined run and cross under pressure found Chadli who scored on the stroke of half time.

Game over you might have thought but not so. With Eriksen fading and determined play from Stoke and Mason and Kane beginning to struggle it was up to Mauricio to re-write the script.

Dembele saw plenty of the ball but did little with it. Harry showed more sides to his game once more  but the lack of a replacement striker in the nightmare scenario of him getting injured, or worn out is a real indictment of the management.

So who to blame for our poor start. Marketing no doubt encouraged by DL must take some of the credit for a poorly organised pre-season. Two matches gone and no ready prepared balanced squad. DL step forward.

Just bad luck? Not according to Jimmy's Rules to Live By. There is always somebody to blame. The next rule is 'It wasn't me'. Levy then for not supplying the ammunition and Mauricio for wasting the ammunition he had.

But we lost more heavily to Man.Utd last year and lost twice to Stoke. New signings are arriving, some deadwood has been cleared, the new Stadium is progressing. Poor start, move on.

Perhaps, but remember those that don't learn the lessons of the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. 

Roberto Soldado.
 We feel your pain Roberto.

 A classy footballer with a top class attitude, his farewell and thanks to the club and the fans was quite moving. Compare and contrast Roberto Soldado and Emmanuel Adebayor.

Possibly one the best players not to have made it at Spurs. Inexplicable really as he had plenty of skills, clearly a football brain and good touch but at the crucial moments that goal instinct which he exhibited elsewhere completely deserted him.

Was it the club, the new environment, the Premiership,his personal life affecting his confidence? None or all of the above I can't really explain it. Good luck Soldier boy I will follow your career with interest.

Credit is due both to the player and the fans that loved him here. It must be something about strikers because we had the same attitude to the 'uckin run about a bit' Pavlyuchenko. Shows our tender side just needs to be tapped into.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
The rot sets in at 1 minute 40 secs. Lovely ball from Harry for Davies who does very well. Spurs rampant but it didn't last. I love the foreign commentaries because the video doesn't get taken down so quickly.


Anonymous said...

if you think the problem is new then we are all blind this issue has been around for the last 10 years yes 10 years managers come manager go players come players go the biggest problem is mr levy for all his work in the board room his trigger finger has finally been shown to be the problem.profit over football..we had a manger who played great football in harry but he flirted with the england job and that was the end of that.we have never had a settled squad we have never had a settled team we have never had a leader since king we have not had a general in the middle of the park for a very very long time.we no longer play the tottenham way with pace on the wings and to be honest i love my club but ive given up the hopes and dreams of us being settled at the start of the season will never happen and lets be honest we can all see the problems at the club and the biggest problem is mr levy pure and simple the manager is not strong enough not good enough and does not have the balls to make the right choices.

george's blog said...

Sorry for the referee... it was not a penalty at all.

Anonymous said...

I have to question any manager who would play Eriksen and Lamela in the same team when we are defending for our life. Neither one has defensive capabilities (Mind you at least Lamela is not afraid to try and tackle) severe misgivings about Eriksen's courage in a tackle .. Lime the comments on Bobby Soldier (as you say at least he had balls)

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I was pleased with much of the first 70 mins.

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