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Monday, 10 August 2015

One down 37 to go.

 This Tottenham Girl knows:
From here the only way is up.
The JimmyG2 Column.

They say the table doesn't lie. Leicester are top*; Arsenal are bottom* and we're already out of the relegation places. So what's not to like with only 37 games to go. (*Well they were until Man.City and W.Brom played)

A hectic fortnight, a long long way in every sense from Mauricio's plan for keeping the squad together at home for some intensive tactical and fitness work. Three different continents no less. Showing the flag and building the brand clearly a priority.

Not of the Head Coach but of them upstairs. Still, Real Madrid; AC Milan and Manchester United all in a week is some itinerary. Played 3; W 1; D 0; L 2. For 2; Against 3. Thanks Mr.Audi for giving us another glimpse of our true destiny.

But we lost the one that really matters however well we played against Milan who are not the team they once were. Nor are Man.Utd. and like last year a game we could have won. Last year we gave them a head start and never recovered.

This year we roared out of the blocks and for 20 minutes visions of  everything coming together flashed before our eyes. Harry and Christian combined delightfully but Christian put to much on the lob.

Then Harry shot when he should have passed to the unmarked Chadli in front of goal and that was it. Bentaleb carelessly gave the ball away for the second time in a week and we were punished once again.

Rooney lingered on the ball and Kyle Walker scored neatly into the corner on his way back from an urgent appointment elsewhere. Other than that the threat of Trippier forced him into a decent performance particularly defensively against Young.

Shades of Danny Rose who was absent injured, and the arrival of Davies. Toby and Jan had a decent outing together and while Van never does more than he has to Toby Alderweireld shone in a lacklustre performance.

We woke up with ten minutes to go and might have at least equalised in a period of pressure. Neither team mustered much in the way of chances for most of the game and pedestrian is the word that comes to mind.

Harry is accused of being greedy but most strikers are. It's part of their skill set. But he can be forgiven as so far he has been given the job without any support whatsoever.

We once neglected to replace Berbatov, part exchanging him for Frazier Campbell. Reminds me of the time I traded 20 books of Green Shield Stamps for a mini compressor. I never used it and left it in the car when I sold it.

I should have got the toaster as advised by 'her indoors' (RIP George Cole) who by coincidence was name called in his Arthur Daley guise in our headline last week. Patience, patience I haven't forgotten the match as much I'd like to.

Levy will obviously have learned his lesson won't he? As it seems that neither Adebayor nor Roberto will ever play for us again and the youngsters are not quite ready a 'marquee' signing is imminent. Get the big tent ready guys.

Mauricio persevered with Dier in midfield but though he broke up play occasionally he hasn't the vision that we need there. Mauricio is clearly seeing something that I'm missing.

Mason was an improvement on Bentaleb; Dembele was his usual plodding self and emphasizes our lack of pace in attack. Lamela was the same as always with plenty of effort but no end result. Dele Alli at least got on.

There were plenty of positives for Mauricio to take from the first 20 minutes, pace and positivity for starters and attitude but that's barely a quarter of a game and how quickly it faded.

And we've seen the dramatic last ten minutes of pressure before. We need to respond to going a goal down immediately and consistently and not go into a sulk until it's too late.

So what we want is a striker or two preferably with pace to support the boy Kane. When do we want them? Last week would have been good, time for them to acclimatise.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
All Harry Kane's goals 2014/15. This boy is seriously good but he can't do it all on his own. Or can he? No he can't you sound like Daniel Levy. I don't think Harry will suffer second season syndrome unless he burns out before Xmas.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal bottom, nice while it lasted. We need some pace and creativity in the final third or it will be just another nearly season.

Cheshuntboy said...

Surprisingly downbeat for you - I think the depressing 'averageness' of things at WHL under plodding Poch is finally sinking in, on this site and elsewhere. We're still being linked with various strikers, and things will hopefully improve if we actually manage to sign someone decent, but what does it say about the running of the club, that we're still grubbing around in the bargain basement after the rest have taken their pick barely a couple of weeks before the window closes? ILWT like hell!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Hello Jimmy, good to have your writings on the Spurs for another season. I was quietly enthused by the opener and we could and should have gotten a draw. I was a little perturbed by how placid we were after they scored, however. Man Utd weren't any better either, though they had less need to force the game.

Again we didn't support Harry enough and I'd like us to buy someone to play alongside him, even Berahinho, rather than persist with the three behind him, since they don't create the pressure in the other team's area that Kane needs. Poch is wedded to the system however so that won't happen. It looks like a flaw in the coach as the players we have still do not suit the attacking formation he wants. I hope they prove me wrong but we look a little lightweight and lack dynamism behind Kane up there.

Bentaleb has a worrying habit of gifting the ball under no pressure (Lpool away springs to mind), on occasion but is so good and so young I am willing to wait til the cows come home for him to iron out this flaw.

Kane really should have passed to Chadli however and while greed can be good in a striker it is something that happens often and he needs to iron out too. His angle was too wide for a shot with someone so well placed. I thought Kane played well though, holding the ball some neat turns and runs and a class chip to too often wan Eriksen.

Dier did okay for me and got across to defend the full back but a quality central midfielder is as impt as another forward for me.

It was always going to take more than 1-2 seasons to be in a position to really attack the CL placings and i am feeling serene and patient.

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
Agreed. Depends how 'nearly', nearly is.

Disappointed by our performance yesterday bur excited by the prospects of youth and Academy boys stepping up.
Tend to agree with your last part. Never been ILWT man myself. Good bean counter and reputation exists solely on us not doing a Leeds which is the most basic requirement.

Welcome to another edition of the Rocky Horror show friend. 'Serene and patient' I like and will do my best to join you but it's going to be a struggle at times I fear. Stay close stay cool!

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