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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mason and Bentaleb out.

Going up. Top half next stop.
The JimmyG2 Column. 
So Spurs are up and running. Well three points up certainly but more of a brisk walk than a run. But a win is a win is a win as they say. Whoever they are.

We are four points from the Champions' League places and four points from the big R zone. It has a certain satisfying symmetry about it if nothing else. But there is a feeling about that we have turned the corner.

Three points away from home, a second clean sheet in a row and the winner scored by Academician Ryan Mason following as good a team goal as we have seen for more than a month of Sundays.

What more do you want? Fifteen uninterrupted  passes concluding with a brave goal after one touch interplay between Kane, Lamela and Mason to snatch victory in the 82nd. minute. Christian eat your heart out, but get well soon.

 In some ways a victory we didn't quite deserve. Sunderland were probably better than we thought or hoped especially the ex Spurs Kaboul and Defoe who gave Toby Elderweireld the run around all day and should have scored.

Lloris crouched tall and made him make the decision and thankfully he hit the post. We edged the possession but they had more shots and more of them on target.

 Late on a fine shot by Rodwell hit the bar with Lloris well beaten but as they, them again, say the woodwork marks the outside of the goal.

Mauricio and the lads were rightly excited by the goal and more for the manner in which it was scored than the goal itself. It's a start: 20 seconds of excellence in a game of more than five thousand .

Mauricio's substitutions of Lamela and Townsend, worked well and were timely this week. Lamela provided a measured through ball for the goal and Andros was like a force of nature unleashed on the right.

Both put themselves in the selection shop window. Chadli was at the peak of his infuriating ineffectuality and blazed over twice when set up by Lamela our leading assister last season. Point made and taken.

Newcomer Son could have been subbed earlier and didn't match up to the hype. He looked a lot better on you-tube. 'Who doesn't' I hear you shout, but he did alright for a debut in the Premiership. Tidy start and much more to come.

Mason went off injured and if he joins Bentaleb for a couple of weeks in the treatment room we might just learn how crucial they have been to the energy and drive of our midfield.

 Carroll, Pritchard and Winks wait in the wings. Academy rules KO!

We fielded the youngest side so far this season in the Premiership, as we did consistently last season and it was good to see Carroll get a brief cameo replacing the injured Mason who seems to be dominating this review

I made him MOM for the second time in 5 games. Dele Alli is clearly good but looks a little lost at the moment; Dier played well again and Vertonghen showed some of the command we have been waiting for.

Good News.
Adebayor is no longer with us. No mention of whether it cost us an arm and a leg or just an arm or a leg.I suspect the former. By mutual consent. That's management speak for: Ade fired the bullet and we bit it.

Bad  News.
There's no more good news. Sorry couldn't resist the old joke.
No News 
How long our new hero Ryan Mason will be out for. Rumored a couple of weeks.Usually it's double the earliest prediction.

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
That goal. Terrible quality. The video not the football. First time pass from HK. A bit of a collector's item in recent days. If Pantilimon had stayed on his feet as Hugo did for the Defoe effort he would have saved it. Small margins as my old Geography teacher used to demand.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

Kaboul was strong and decisive and a threat raiding down the wing and Defoe showed good movement and stayed onside throughout. II thought he was a little unlucky not to score.

The Way We Were

The way we are is still too ponderous too often. Lots of space to run into behind Alderwereild and Verty too. Lovely goal though and I am quite optimistic overall. I just wish it was a bit more exciting.

JimmyG2 said...

Typical Oliver Twist Spurs supporter.
' I want more'
I agree but it's coming. The goal was the template.

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