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Monday, 7 September 2015

Spurs caught short.

I'm a Belt and braces man myself.
Nasty stuff that Velcro.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 So what can we make out as we peer through the latest window into the gloomy unknown beyond. Harry Kane was hoping for a playmate to join him up front but the jury is out on that one. Another pair of Premiership virgins to be unveiled.

Adebayor continues to sulk in his tent at every level but Levy is attempting to cover his tracks by the dubious tactic of re-classifying attacking midfielders as strikers. Ingenious? Maybe. Effective? Let's wait and see.

Heung-Mi Son certainly looks good but so did Lamela. The most expensive Asian player ever at £22 million so let's hope he hasn't been brought with one eye on shirts sales out East.

I wouldn't let Adebayor anywhere near our young squad who are hopefully being brought up with the right attitude. The influence of such a cynical old pro in the dressing room might cost us more than we're paying him.

The defence is certainly looking stronger with the addition of Elderweired and Trippier and Dier may  be the answer to some of our midfield weakness.Where's that Jury got to? That's two cases pending.

The Berahino farce was another full scale Levy production. A flop unfortunately. In Pearson he met a man as obtuse as himself and once again the Head Coach didn't get his man. Panned by most critics.

Do they still use fax machines these days? Who needs enemies when we have a friend like Daniel. I wonder how many deals have been lost through his antics. No doubt some money has been saved but at what cost.

Another window in which there was close to a net profit on sales and signings but it's not only about the bottom line. But try telling that to an accountant.

I know, I know, we haven't done a 'Leeds' and thank Daniel for that. But in truth how many top flight clubs have? 'Solvency for what?' one might ask.

Fortunately the carryings on at Man.Utd and Real Madrid over De Gea and the usual parsimony at The Emirates took some of the heat off us. They will both probably qualify for the Champions' League though despite everything.

Leaving us to the whims of injuries, loss of form, or illness seems to me to be asking for trouble. But then I'm a belt and braces man and would prefer not to have to rely on safety pins and Velcro.

On the positive side, a recent theme of Musings, we have kept our key players and Eriksen, the only   real quality in our previous job lot, could return at Sunderland where we will meet up with some our 'deadwood' a great deal of which has been cleared.

So like the Curate's Egg the transfer window was good in parts. But a support striker for Harry was the key for me. Roll on January and hopefully we won't be too far off 5th. to catch up.

If Spurs can bake me a humble pie I will gladly eat it. Meanwhile the Jury have gone out to lunch.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Harry Kane for England and St. George. The goal that starts the goal rush? Great movement, skill and calm, and a good ball from Shelvey who played well.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Hello Jimmy,

My main concern, aside from Harry's health and wellbeing, is the style of play. Too deliberate (ponderous), too often. Is it the players or just how Poch plays? Though to be fair that purple patch last season shows we can play a faster style, at times.

A lot of players have come and gone in Poch's three transfer windows and I hope Son and Njie are going to give us some of the pace and purpose we often lack.

Spurs bought 6-7 players this summer, I think, that's a lot.

Admittedly after only 4 games, I am happy enough to perm a central midfield pairing from Dier, Bentaleb and Mason.

A tough as teak, experienced, savvy and even quite short term central midfielder would have been nice to tide us over and bring on the young'uns. I am reminded of us buying Terry Yorath back in 79.

I would have kept Stambouli as we couldn't get Wanyama though maybe the recouping of funds was too impt or Benji simply wanted to go to PSG. I find it hard to know why players like Benji and Fazio whom Poch clearly doesn't fancy, get signed in the first place.

I am looking forward to seeing more Carroll and Winks and one or two other academy graduates and haven't given hope of seeing Townsend again once we take the sting out of Njie and Son!!!

JimmyG2 said...

Greetings sir .A Townsend fan puts his head above the parapet.According to the Clubs optimist statement its all sorted now and cohesion reigns.I doubt it but I, like you, live in hope.

Cheshuntboy said...

I reckon that not signing superbrat Berahino made this a good window for Spurs - let someone else deal with the nasty little scumbag - we've had so many wasters at WHL over the past several years (Kanoute, Bentley, Dos Santos and the king of them all, Adebayor, to name just a few), do we really want another overpriced, greedy egomaniac at a time when we're supposed to be building a TEAM?

JimmyG2 said...

Agree entirely with the idea of building rather than buying a team.Rumour that Pritchard is to go out on loan is very depressing if true.

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