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Monday, 28 September 2015

Spurs Spice up the Recipe.

Spurs secret: Fresh ingredients, carefully blended.
The JimmyG2 Column.

Well if a week is along time in politics two are a lifetime in football. Pity that Mauricio didn't quite get his ducks in a row in the League Cup.

We could have and should have beaten Arsenal with some slight adjustments and still had plenty in hand this afternoon as it turned out.

Of course you can't legislate for Flamini, the forgotten man at Arsenal, scoring twice (400/1 apparently or for the basic errors by Vorm and Fazio that led to the goals but you can try to cover all contingencies.

Carping and hyper-critical maybe but losing a NLD, even if it was  a little  unfortunate, is a stain on his Spurs CV and may come back to haunt him when tougher times come round and friends desert him.

Many will write off the League Cup in favour of 3 points in the Premiership especially with a stunning win over City. But many will not agree with downgrading our chances against the Old Enemy.

However  we go from strength to strength despite this, from just outside the R zone to within striking distance of not just the top four but the very top itself. Early days.

This was much more nourishing fare than at the start of the season. An added dash of enthusiasm from Son and a pinch of the precocious steel of Alli  all carefully stirred, not shaken.

I must confess I missed the game live for the first time for a couple of seasons. Wedding Anniversary duties called which were arranged some time ago. I would have put money on a Sunday fixture this weekend.

 I struggled for a signal deep in the depths of Don Quixote country but when 1-0 flashed up to City half way through the soup course I turned my attention to Mrs.JG2 who was giving me looks enough to frighten Diego Costa.

It was 1-1 at half time which chimed with my optimistic pre-match forecast. I went out to the hotel lobby to get the details.

My co-blogger phoned from Tasmania to put me in the picture. Dier growing into his role with every game with the equaliser after the linesman had ignored a blatant Walker offside in the build up.

De Bruyne for them, also marginally offside after a YaYa Toure  breakaway from our corner on 25 minutes. Spurs coming into the game more after this and Lamela playing well. Walker was involved, giving the ball away.

I went back in time for the Main Course: Tuna steaks in a mushroom and clam sauce and an Alderweireld header from a Lamela free kick. 2-1 Spurs. Both very tasty.

Ice cream  to follow served with a topping of the long awaited Harry Kane goal. He took a difficult chance calmly clipping a shot back into the net from an Eriksen free kick that came back off the bar. Spurs 3-1.

On the later download Roy looked as delighted as the Spurs fans. So what would arrive with the coffee. An Erik Lamela special no less. Nothing easy for that boy, beating the keeper and the full back at least twice before firing home.

Spurs 4-1 and a day to remember for many reasons. Dier confounded his critics once again, Deli Alli played well and with a maturity well above his years and Lamela was MOM. Alderweireld and Vertonghen continue to blend.

Clinton got the assist for Lamela's goal, and Harry put both fingers up to the doomsayers. One season wonder? Make that a decade or more. A veritable feast of football.

Again a real team effort  and nobody played badly. The Head Chef has some surprising choices on his menu but regulars are coming round to his selections.

It has all been quietly simmering for a while but Mauricio and the boys added some spice and turned up the heat in the last two weeks.

Yellow cards:
Indiscipline or at the root of our new found midfield strength. Tottenham top the league for yellow cards. 20 so far and Dier (4), Alli (3) and Lamela (3) have half of them.

Thoughts for the Day.
Could Sunderland and Newcastle both get relegated in the same season.
Four of the top six are London clubs and that doesn't include Chelsea.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
We've featured him before but this boy could be a basic ingredient for some time to come. Nutmegging Luka Modric was just the start. Sorry about the Manchester sound track.


Ashley Collie said...

MoPo and we collectively were two inches away from Harry's volleyed winner vs L'Arse, and we wouldn't be having this conversation. He's the gaffer and he made the call on Weds and Sat - got to support him, he knows a lot more about his squad, weaknesses and strengths than we do! Plus, I have higher expectations than just beating L'Arse and thinking, Okay, let's go back to bed. I want us to beat all other 18 teams, not just the Gunners. Keep up the great work, JimmyG2...

Anonymous said...

This was a statement in a match that mattered, a yardstick to measure where this young team lies. The midweek game was just a parochial cul de sac: Pochettino was let down by two players, who I doubt will be at Spurs beyond this season.

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie.
I like Poch but think he got it slightly wrong here and it might come back to haunt him..
Agree with the rest.

It was the league cup, scene of our greatest triumph in the last decade or two.
Vorm should have played v Qarabang and Lloris against Arsenal. Simples.One of Toby or Van should have played too.
As befits our culinery theme it's all about onions but I disagree with you.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Happy Anniversary Jimmy and Mrs G2.

Your anniversary dinner sounds tasty and wonderful and so were Spurs on Saturday.

In the last 3 home league games we have played at a much faster pace with some panache and style and defensive solidity. I've been very down at how slow and deliberate we have been, even though I know it's all going to take a good while to bed in, but Everton on, that's been much better, though we had a good hour vs Stoke too. I'm happy this week, yes I am.

Unknown said...

No spurs fan like to loose against the arses but the season is more than 1 game, and for a "b" team they done pretty alright. Considering it was mosts 2nd game of the season.
Vorm wasn't to blame for flamini scoring either. Is everyone forgetting chamberlain had tons of space to hit the shot ? Dier put in a challenge id expect a 7yr old to put in before he shot.
The city game was just awesome, take the offsides out and we still won 2-0. And that was the benefit of most of them not playing on wednesday.

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