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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Vardy pips Harry for Real Madrid spot.

Life is just a bowl of cherries. Five is plenty
The JimmyG2 Column.

Nice place for a stroll on a sunny winter afternoon, Bournemouth. And that's exactly how it turned out. I spent a couple of pleasant holidays there as a boy. Pitch and putt, Fisherman's Walk; probably all car parks now.

What a difference five goals make. Funny old game . There I was one minute into the Bournemouth game preparing myself for a bout of clinical depression when up pop Eriksen and Harry Kane to make it all better.

Against Anderlecht  we got what we deserved, namely nothing, for a lackadaisical performance, a word that encapsulates Spurs at times over the years. As usual they were better than we allowed for.

I posted in another place my thoughts on the performances in that game and I'll leave it at that. I still think that we will progress but in our usual way making it harder for ourselves. How Spursy is that!

Europa summary after Anderlecht

'Pity it isn't Bonfire night or I could go off on one of my world famous thematic outbursts

Damp squibs; Townsend, Trippier, Davies 
Rockets that burn brightly briefly and then fall back to earth: Eriksen, 
Sparklers that fizzle but ultimately disappoint :Lamela, N'jie 
Catherine Wheels , Look pretty but go round and round and get nowhere: Dembele. 
Roman Candles. Good in brief bursts. Dier and the rest .
Except Hugo Lloris who is pure dynamite and got into the box by mistake.
But it isn't so I won't............(On Spurs Community match thread)
However after several games in which we deserved better we get three points and five goals in a game where the scoreline flatters. Let's hear it for Artur Boric, the Secret Spurs Footballer.

Harry's gifted hat-trick was the cherry and the icing on the cake. I'd add marzipan too but I've never liked the stuff. Not that he didn't deserve it. As usual he grafted and popped up in the right places at the right time.

So let's hear it for Mauricio's pale blue and dark blue army. We move up to sixth; break the drawn games stranglehold; get Harry back on track; see the return of Mason, and Dembele scores his fourth goal in just under a hundred appearances.

Eriksen is purring like the Rolls Royce that got the cream; Lamela scores and Walker has yet another decent game. We've never played them before in the league and they wished it had stayed that way.

Our goal difference gets a healthy boost and Lamela heads the combined assists and goals chart once again.

Christian Eriksen.
I made him my MOM against the beleaguered Cherries simply for his sheer class. His curler from range should have been the 6th. Sorry Harry.

Every Spurs team in every decade needs a player of Eriksen's class or they're not really a proper Spurs team.  If we had spent the Bale money on just him it would have been money well spent. Well nearly.

Harry Kane.
Anyone who just knew that Harry would come good can heave a big sigh of relief. He's one of our own and I love him but he needed those goals and a rest to follow. He should have been subbed for N'jie as soon as he got the third goal.

He plays and speaks as if he desperately wants Spurs to succeed so that he doesn't have to leave. Amen to that. And remember he didn't properly start his scoring spree until Halloween last year. Scary.

His nerve and confidence in taking the penalty was exemplary.

Football Gossip: well at least at this time of the year they have the decency not to call it ITK.
I happened to inadvertently read the Bleacher Report Gossip Column, as you do: Here's a sample.

Deli Alli to PSG;
Jamie Vardy to Real Madrid .
Well they won't be needing Harry then. Who writes this stuff and who inadvertently reads it?

Meanwhile in the real world: A whole week for us and Harry to savor what could be a turning point in our season. So many positives and Villa next Monday night without Tim at the helm and heading for the relegation rocks.

If we all shove together they may be well and truly scuppered. Wreck ahoy.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Halloween  a couple of years ago. See Townsend is still with us.

What does Kyle Walker bring to the team apart from being the life and soul of the party? Strength speed, determination and commitment. Playing better now after a season disrupted by injury. I like the boy.

Only Jan.(Mr. Cool) Vertonghen takes this Halloween prank in his stride. Perhaps they don't celebrate Halloween in Belgium.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Spurs ready to challenge.

Ah!  Mr. Klopp I presume
 The JimmyG2 Column
The unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Jurgen and Mauricio ran themselves to a standstill or at least they encouraged their respective teams to do so. Both teams 'pressed' in the image of their managers.

In the end it was an exhausting deadlock but we could easily have won and beaten both the dreaded New Manager Bounce and the even more dreaded Manager of the Month curse. We steered a narrow path between them.

Mignolet made three vital saves whilst Lloris had nothing but routine stuff to deal with. They might have gone one up whilst their legs and arms were still pumping in the first 20 minutes but we faced them down and controlled matters from then on.

They ran further than they had in any match this season and even more than us, not only the Premiership's youngest side but the fittest and acknowledged current Premiership long distance champions.

We have been building up to this for some time but Jurgen must have threatened them with something extreme to manage this change in half a week. The result was a lively game which we can file once again in the 'should have won´ folder.

Unless we can turn draws into wins we are doomed to finish somewhere around 8th. That´s our fifth draw in eight games, more than any other team in the Premiership. With Kane misfiring, Son injured and Clinton as yet a little raw we are struggling for goals.

But the defence shares with Arsenal the accolade of the meanest in the Premiership so far, only seven conceded in nine games. Our goal difference looks a little healthier than it usually does at this stage.

Mignolet spoilt Clinton´s afternoon with a fine save from  what would have been a contender for ´Goal of the Month´ following a nicely worked move.Harry provided the pass but he lost out on another one on one.

With Eriksen returning to form from open play though certainly not from corners, Dembele giving a fair impression of his alleged true self and Walker playing almost sensibly we are fleetingly beginning to look something like a team ready to challenge.

Alli and Lamela though failed to rise to their recent form but the Belgians in defence look stronger by the game. Rose replaced Davies but made no lasting impression this time out.

Am I disappointed that we failed to win, or relieved that we avoided falling to Liverpool once again? As usual a little of both. But this is not the Liverpool of old and it feels like two points dropped rather than one gained.

Jimmys Video Spot 
Mignolet thwarts Spurs, not for the first time I seem to remember. Jurgen does his little 'klopp' dance and the Spurs crowd rise in unison in a well rehearsed scene to clutch their heads in their hands. Commentary is speeded up and behind the play. I think I prefer Michael Owen like this.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Klopp, Pochettino and Rodgers Open Envelopes ... All Revealed.

Can't stop Mr.Rogers. Busy, busy, busy today.
The Greg Meyer Column.
Friday 16 October … a Wilde man’s birthday.

Klopp, Pochettino and Rodgers Open Envelopes ... All Revealed.

Spurs and Liverpool at The Lane just got a whole lot bigger and more difficult because of that envelope Brendan Rogers opened on Sunday 4 October. Out popped a P45 from John W Henry.

Simultaneously two envelopes containing invitations were winging their way to Vancouver, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany. Mind the envelope addressed to Carlo Ancelotti in Canada relies on the believability and trusted sources of one Harry Redknapp.
A man who has received more than his fair share of envelopes in his time. P45’s, invitations from the taxman and many more.

Whatever, it all started with an envelope, to be more exact three of, back in 2012 when Rodgers was appointed Liverpool manager and whether for money, vanity, publicity, fan enlightenment, all or none of the above Liverpool allowed the cameras in and so the documentary Being: Liverpool came to be.

 Brendan was mercilessly parodied and it was not just the envelopes. No the comparisons to the David Brent School of Management  were close to the bone. Show and tell was born in America. John Henry’s wife an avid fan. In the UK it was positive cringe country.

The most famous perhaps infamous scenes involved our Brendan brandishing 3 envelopes and announcing inside were three people who will let us down this year. Chronologically he may not have got it spot on but the identities of those 3 envelopes has finally come clear.

Envelope One.

Undoubtedly Luis Suarez.

Not that he let Liverpool down, damn near won them the League but his big money move to Barca certainly justified him being in the envelope eventually.

Envelope Two.

Here Brendan was  a little disingenuous. There were actually 23 names on a list . He was not just betting each way but the whole field. And to give him his just desserts he was not wrong. After spending over 110 million pounds in his first year after Saurez it went belly up. 
We won’t do a Spurs ( a reference to the Bale money fiasco). Finished behind Spurs who got fifth. So then given another train load of cash and thus far another belly up. Ergo the …

 Last Envelope.

 No prizes for guessing. Brendan himself. Live by the envelope, die by the envelope.

Still that early TV career at Being:Liverpool was not all to waste. Looks like a pundits job at beIN awaits. As well surely Tim Sherwood is looking nervous. The bookies have installed Brendan as favourite for the Villa job. Quickly moving on from a dead man walking to the bright new thing in waiting.

 Ah football, don’t you just love it. We certainly do …

At A Kent Pub.

Here at our cosy hostelry in the green glades of Kent it has been a busy week. With no Premier, Harry Kane has been our concern. Great to see him score again. Dubious . Never.

Of course a lot of discussion has centred around the bounce factor of a new Manager. Certainly like the cut of the Klopp jib. The Normal One has charisma which is generated by others.
 Lovely contrast to The Special One who first bust onto our screens with the self promoting statements. I am the Special One. Not so special at Chelsea at the moment. Hardly surprising little sympathy for him here at our pub.

Spurs are without Son and Dier since City. Big misses. Dembele is tipped to come in. His talk off season was lack of opportunity. They don’t come a lot bigger than this one. Son, sounds like a broken foot bone but all will be revealed in true Spurs fashion the week after he comes back in possibly 5 weeks.
 Lamela. Can the man this Pub has stood by, albeit teetering on the odd cliff too many times, continue to be a real influence. Another goal would be delicious.

Perhaps we can but ease the anxiety by thinking of our back four. Toby, Jan, Kyle and Ben. Doing great so far mostly.

Worth a paragraph on his own. A whole Column I hear you say. Our favourite Frenchman, and favourite man besides … Hugo… say no more. Our truly world class player and leader. He leads France and more importantly he leads Spurs.
 Here at the Pub his Gallic charm plus a lovely photo still attract the female fan. Which besides man love galore from our menfolk does lead to some desirable discussion with those female fans, all engendered by the fabulous Captain of Spurs. A big man in these parts.

To leave you with two of life’s truisms. Firstly a Pub philosophy.

 “ A bottle of fine red a day keeps the doctor away. Mainly cos you’re too drunk to call him.” Seen in the Kent Pub lavatory.

Cheers … Oscar Wilde’s birthday today … in the immortal words of the early Spurs fan …” Work is the curse of the drinking classes”.. and don’t we try to live up to that at our Kent Pub … Greg Meyer.     coys … think we should squeak by Pool.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Just to prove you don't get sacked for nothing. Motivation is his middle name.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Great Dane savages Swans

Our Great Dane on the Ball.
We will have to sack that Picture Editor Jimmy.
The JimmyG2 Column.
A point away from home to Swansea who have some good players and play attractive football is not to be sniffed at. We went behind twice so perhaps a point salvaged rather than two lost.

This after our midweek adventures in Monaco where we again got a draw away from home against our strongest rivals in the group. They are not having a great season but like Swansea have some good experienced players in their squad.

Another couple of games to put in  the 'Probably should have won' file.

Lamela began and finished a move on the Riviera that put us ahead following some slick footwork by Chadli. They pegged us back late in the game with a cross and header. A recurring theme at the moment.

The draw at Swansea doesn't seem a just reward although it was the sparkling return to form of Eriksen and his free kick expertise that enabled us to share the points. We looked to have the game mostly under control.

Harry Kane scored again but in somewhat farcical circumstances. He beat Lloris at his near post with a sliced clearance from a Swansea corner. Hopefully as the season progresses we will all share a laugh at the memory.

The boy is looking shagged but not in a nice way. Might be better as an impact sub for the last half hour for a few games. Clinton who looks lively if a little startled at times could deputise until Son recovers.

Dier failed to heed last week's Musings warning about yellow cards and duly received his fifth in eight games and will miss the Liverpool game under their new manager.

It will  probably be Jurgen Klopp though Harry is still available. The New Manager bounce awaits us.

Walker eventually did quite well against the Ecuadorian flying machine, the aptly named Jefferson Montero  but not until he had set up the opener. But he will roast better full backs than Walker whose speed is his USP.

We have our own flying machine in the shape of Andros Townsend but he went out of control quite soon after take-off, and crash landed once again.

There's a difference between having a football brain and having a football for a brain. Eriksen is an example of the former and Andros the latter.

Eriksen was the star both in open play and from free kicks. He even almost tackled on one occasion but play-maker is his job description and that's quite enough for me.

Del Alli more than fills the gap left by Mason, Bentaleb and Dembele who made a late sub . appearance but looked a little rusty. Alli will probably keep the midfield slot even when his rivals have recovered.

The football is getting better but we are so painfully slow moving the ball out of defence. On several occasions we took nearly a dozen passes to get out of our own half.

 By then Swansea had showered, had a quick rub down and were ready for us. Perhaps we were hoping that they would actually doze off  and we could catch them by surprise.

Not while the admirable Williams was in control they won't. We lack pace in the side currently and moving the ball more quickly is one antidote.

We are unbeaten in our last seven Premiership games and haven't lost since the opening day. Good but no cigar just yet. A win on Sunday and we would have tip-toed into the top four but isn't that always the Spurs way.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Man of the Moment Mr.C Eriksen returns to form with a bang. Two bangs in fact and nearly three. Buzzing all match. Fuzzy picture and a very dodgy commentary by my old head headmaster by the sound of it.