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Monday, 5 October 2015

Great Dane savages Swans

Our Great Dane on the Ball.
We will have to sack that Picture Editor Jimmy.
The JimmyG2 Column.
A point away from home to Swansea who have some good players and play attractive football is not to be sniffed at. We went behind twice so perhaps a point salvaged rather than two lost.

This after our midweek adventures in Monaco where we again got a draw away from home against our strongest rivals in the group. They are not having a great season but like Swansea have some good experienced players in their squad.

Another couple of games to put in  the 'Probably should have won' file.

Lamela began and finished a move on the Riviera that put us ahead following some slick footwork by Chadli. They pegged us back late in the game with a cross and header. A recurring theme at the moment.

The draw at Swansea doesn't seem a just reward although it was the sparkling return to form of Eriksen and his free kick expertise that enabled us to share the points. We looked to have the game mostly under control.

Harry Kane scored again but in somewhat farcical circumstances. He beat Lloris at his near post with a sliced clearance from a Swansea corner. Hopefully as the season progresses we will all share a laugh at the memory.

The boy is looking shagged but not in a nice way. Might be better as an impact sub for the last half hour for a few games. Clinton who looks lively if a little startled at times could deputise until Son recovers.

Dier failed to heed last week's Musings warning about yellow cards and duly received his fifth in eight games and will miss the Liverpool game under their new manager.

It will  probably be Jurgen Klopp though Harry is still available. The New Manager bounce awaits us.

Walker eventually did quite well against the Ecuadorian flying machine, the aptly named Jefferson Montero  but not until he had set up the opener. But he will roast better full backs than Walker whose speed is his USP.

We have our own flying machine in the shape of Andros Townsend but he went out of control quite soon after take-off, and crash landed once again.

There's a difference between having a football brain and having a football for a brain. Eriksen is an example of the former and Andros the latter.

Eriksen was the star both in open play and from free kicks. He even almost tackled on one occasion but play-maker is his job description and that's quite enough for me.

Del Alli more than fills the gap left by Mason, Bentaleb and Dembele who made a late sub . appearance but looked a little rusty. Alli will probably keep the midfield slot even when his rivals have recovered.

The football is getting better but we are so painfully slow moving the ball out of defence. On several occasions we took nearly a dozen passes to get out of our own half.

 By then Swansea had showered, had a quick rub down and were ready for us. Perhaps we were hoping that they would actually doze off  and we could catch them by surprise.

Not while the admirable Williams was in control they won't. We lack pace in the side currently and moving the ball more quickly is one antidote.

We are unbeaten in our last seven Premiership games and haven't lost since the opening day. Good but no cigar just yet. A win on Sunday and we would have tip-toed into the top four but isn't that always the Spurs way.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Man of the Moment Mr.C Eriksen returns to form with a bang. Two bangs in fact and nearly three. Buzzing all match. Fuzzy picture and a very dodgy commentary by my old head headmaster by the sound of it.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

Yes, shaping up nicely, overall.

I think Walker played well and won the large majority of his battles with Montero. Even for the goal he won half a victory by forcing him to cross with his other foot and it was right on Ayew's head. It happens. Otherwise, lots of players almost got going but it didn't quite sustain it, like Kane and Lamela and Chadli, but also Eriksen who did better in open play but is still a long way from last season's best, understandably.

I thought it was a super game and a young side playing with some verve and cohesion and more pace: I like it.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I didn't think Walker had the protection he needed first half, either.

JimmyG2 said...

Nice to see you defending Walker.
I tipped him for greatness when he first came but after injuries he has not quite eradicated serious faults. But he could still come good. The one thing you can't coach is pace.

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