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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Spurs ready to challenge.

Ah!  Mr. Klopp I presume
 The JimmyG2 Column
The unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Jurgen and Mauricio ran themselves to a standstill or at least they encouraged their respective teams to do so. Both teams 'pressed' in the image of their managers.

In the end it was an exhausting deadlock but we could easily have won and beaten both the dreaded New Manager Bounce and the even more dreaded Manager of the Month curse. We steered a narrow path between them.

Mignolet made three vital saves whilst Lloris had nothing but routine stuff to deal with. They might have gone one up whilst their legs and arms were still pumping in the first 20 minutes but we faced them down and controlled matters from then on.

They ran further than they had in any match this season and even more than us, not only the Premiership's youngest side but the fittest and acknowledged current Premiership long distance champions.

We have been building up to this for some time but Jurgen must have threatened them with something extreme to manage this change in half a week. The result was a lively game which we can file once again in the 'should have won´ folder.

Unless we can turn draws into wins we are doomed to finish somewhere around 8th. That´s our fifth draw in eight games, more than any other team in the Premiership. With Kane misfiring, Son injured and Clinton as yet a little raw we are struggling for goals.

But the defence shares with Arsenal the accolade of the meanest in the Premiership so far, only seven conceded in nine games. Our goal difference looks a little healthier than it usually does at this stage.

Mignolet spoilt Clinton´s afternoon with a fine save from  what would have been a contender for ´Goal of the Month´ following a nicely worked move.Harry provided the pass but he lost out on another one on one.

With Eriksen returning to form from open play though certainly not from corners, Dembele giving a fair impression of his alleged true self and Walker playing almost sensibly we are fleetingly beginning to look something like a team ready to challenge.

Alli and Lamela though failed to rise to their recent form but the Belgians in defence look stronger by the game. Rose replaced Davies but made no lasting impression this time out.

Am I disappointed that we failed to win, or relieved that we avoided falling to Liverpool once again? As usual a little of both. But this is not the Liverpool of old and it feels like two points dropped rather than one gained.

Jimmys Video Spot 
Mignolet thwarts Spurs, not for the first time I seem to remember. Jurgen does his little 'klopp' dance and the Spurs crowd rise in unison in a well rehearsed scene to clutch their heads in their hands. Commentary is speeded up and behind the play. I think I prefer Michael Owen like this.


Anonymous said...

Owen's horse had to be put down recently, but I think it may have killed itself after listening to one of his commentaries.

JimmyG2 said...

Like it.
There's a joke in there somewhere about becoming hoarse from too much commentating. But I think I'll let it go.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

This mad pressing stuff is bad for football imo. I'm shattered at the end of a game just watching them.

Two points dropped for me. Nonetheless, we are on the cusp of being a very good side indeed, It looks to be happening much quicker than I anticipated, though we will likely have aa bad patch somewhere along the line. I like how we are shaping up and as against Everton at home, an inch or two here and there and we'd have eeked out the win our play deserved.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Owen's as annoying a pundit as he was a player, but he talks insightfully about being a striker and goalscoring

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