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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The curse of Premature Adulation at Spurs.

New mug Mauricio?
Yeah. The lads had a whip round.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Eleven games unbeaten and three games in six days but our young team did us proud. In the end Arsenal snatched a draw and on possession and chances perhaps a fair result.

But a week that could easily have gone so wrong  and might have done so in years gone by. But this is the new Tottenham itching to go places including the New White Hart Lane.

Mental as well as physical endurance thanks to Pochettino's work on a young and responsive squad. Arsenal and the NLD at the end of an arduous week a call to action, a spur if you will. We had excuses to hand but didn't use them.

Ah the innocence of youth trusted and given a sense of purpose by a Head Coach that is not afraid to throw them in at the deep end and so far they have all swum safely ashore.

It felt as if we totally bossed the NLD especially in the centre of the park. But I'm content for the moment to be disappointed to come away with just a draw at the Emirates.

We may have drawn this particular battle but we are making good progress in winning the Premiership war.

We've beaten the top of the table and yesterday stopped Arsenal themselves going top. Cazorla was withdrawn at half time to lick his wounds and the pundits were falling over themselves to acclaim Deli Alli.

Not that it's my favourite fixture or the Chelsea and West Ham games to be honest. Of course I relish the chance to establish the London bragging rights but the emotion can get in the way of the football.

These are games where the result becomes more important than the performance and yet it is the performance that produces the results. No complaints though about this latest episode of Beat Your Neighbour.

It's difficult even to pick a clear MOM whatever the commentators might have said. Ali, Dembele, Lamela, Dier, Walker, Rose for his beautiful assist and Alderweireld all have their advocates.

Alli looks the real deal with his strength in the tackle and ability on the ball. If he doesn't have his head turned by premature adulation he could be a mainstay for us for years. But pundits: they build 'em up and they bring  'em down. Adulation I said.

Only Lloris who might have done better for the goal and who was hesitant at times doesn't make the frame. Even then he made a couple of excellent saves to match Czech at the other end.

So a team performance then. Pressing, harassing and tackling all over the pitch and a Harry Kane goal to round it off. Two weeks ago it wouldn't have gone in but this is on the other side of a hatrick.

One season wonder, clearly not. But even with Harry misfiring and Mason and Bentaleb, last years midfield  stalwarts, injured for weeks we have maintained our momentum towards the Promised Land.

The emergence of Dier and Alli; the central partnership of Toby and Jan; the re-emergence of Dembele, Walker and Lamela has not merely papered over the cracks this time round, they have knocked down the wall rebuilt and replastered it.

We are not only consistently fielding the youngest team in the league we are bringing the most 'own grown'  products from the production line to the showroom.The Future is Bright and the present is very satisfying too.

 How relaxing it is to go into an international break following a good performance riding high in the league. Not that many of the Senior squad or the younger teams either will get much rest with friendlies and qualifiers galore at every level.

But at least they should be able to play with smiles on their faces.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
A tale of two assists
Moussa mops up. Jan send Danny away and that pass forward is the most beautiful thing. Harry scores with aplomb as all the best sports writers say. I think the commentator changes sides at half time.

 Blame game? Difficult because  its such a peach of a cross from chief Premiership assister Ozil. Rose not close enough? Jan too far across? Walker gives Gibbs too much space trying to cover Jan? And the award goes to Hugo.

Amazing clarity on the video


Ashley Collie said...

This manager is spoon feeding some special elixir to our lads! We had over 140 yiddos at the Greyhound Bar in LA, rollicking and rolling, and buying into this new Spurs — now let's try and not revert to the old Spursy!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

Coming along nicely. Seems to be happening faster than I'd anticipated, too. If we are still going well after Xmas, there's every chance we could be in the CL next season, one way or the other. I hope we make the FA or Uefa Cup final, at least and top 4-5.

My worry is we don't win a cup or get into the CL and the fine young side we are building is picked off. However given a few short weeks ago my worry was we might take 2-3 seasons to be very competitive, things are looking up.

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie.
Amen to that AC. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Yes we seem to be on fast forward.
With Liverpool still finding their feet, Chelsea imploding and Man Utd. firing on three cylinders this is the season to make a bid but not to get too upset if it doesn't happen.Another rival up next.

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