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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Spurs make costly mistake.

A lot easier than stopping Newcastle winning
 at White Hart Lane.
 The JimmyG2 Column
And it was all going so well. Quite well anyway. My two grandsons who play in the local Madrid league (Alevin section*) were thrashed 5-0 on Saturday and even Lloris would have saved most of them.

My other team, Real Madrid, were beaten on Sunday evening by a single goal by ex Spur Soldado watched admiringly by ex Spur Dos Santos despite the best efforts of ex Spurs Modric and Bale.

White Hart Lane centre of universe claims proven.

In the main event Spurs dazzled by the sun glinting off the gleaming domes of football Mecca, the Champions' League places, allowed a Newcastle side to come back from the dead and snatch victory with an injury time goal.

Those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them (originally Santana but many others have arrived at the same conclusion.) It was a re-run of the score and scorer of last year

Either the Spurs History coach has taken Xmas leave early or they have neglected to appoint one. Newcastle clearly paid strict attention to theirs, took copious notes, learned the lessons and passed the exam.

And we began the game on such a high after beating an experienced Monaco side in the Europa on Thursday to maintain our unbeaten run and top our group.Thank the Lord that 'unbeaten' monkey is off our back.

Carroll started in the Europa fixture and scored a delightful goal and such was Pochettino's confidence in the boy that he started his first Premiership game two days later. Perhaps a selection too soon and too far.

He will get most of the blame for the defeat as Lamela the previous whipping boy/scapegoat who scored a hat-trick on Thursday is now on course to join the select band of Argentinian 'Yids'.

In fact against Newcastle only Lamela put in a full shift before being mysteriously subbed for Son who was lively but ineffective again. Chadli also got a late run out and looked as startled as I was when he came on.

Carroll was as good as most of his colleagues and better than some. Dier having scored a header from an Eriksen corner retired to his tent and was caught on the ball several times.

 JimmyG2 resists the rare opportunity to crack the 'Dier was dire in the second' half joke.

Deli Alli's poor touch let him down twice early on as we pressed and played some decent football. After that he was too casual. Eriksen, assist apart, sleep-walked through most of the game.

But Lloris must take his share of the blame: two fumbles leading to goals is unexpected, out of character but even so unacceptable.

He has plenty of credit in the bank to offset these lapses but Elliot in goal for them made the difference, saving well twice from Lamela. Last week it was Hugo at W.Brom saving us point and it usually is.

Rose played well but should have scored by taking a touch and passing into a half empty net but he blasted it across goal and wide. Walker made an early first time cross but frightened himself and never tried it again.

'Composure' is today's word boys as it should have been on Sunday. We bossed it completely for the first half but didn't make it safe. 'Complacent' is the word for the second half.

Whatever Mauricio said to them at half time clearly didn't work. They should have bugged the visitors dressing room and eavesdropped on Steve McClaren. .

Our substitutions were as misguided as McClaren's were inspired: both his subs scored within minutes of coming on. Bentaleb for Carroll would have made more sense although we were winning 1-0 when Tommy went off.

Newcastle were destined to win this game and you can't stem the tide of history or as Canute demonstrated you can't stem the tide. You must score when you are on top to make the game safe or you get your feet and possibly your crown wet.

That's King Canute by the way not Frederic Oumar  Kanoute who played over 200 games for Sevilla after he left us and scored at just under a goal every two games.  Shurly some mistake there.

Our  excellent record of scoring from set pieces this season is not quite as good as our record for conceding  from them. Our Belgian centre halves are playing well but defending high balls into the box is not a strength.

So black marks to Hugo and Mauricio  who both have plenty of goodwill and achievements to offset these recent lapses and the Head coach has to decide how to deal with his wayward charges.

No doubt the usual rockets up fundaments and extra press-ups are on the agenda but I would give them a few days off, take them to see the Xmas lights up Oxford St. and perhaps Santa in Hamleys and make them all feel really uneasily guilty.

It might be more effective than unleashing the Pochettino wrath and allow them to think that they've taken their punishment and all is sorted. 'Forgive but never forget´ another Musings motto

I'm not as cheerful as I sound but there are still 22 matches to go. Some are talking as if we have blown, bottled and funked it completely. Arsenal briefly being top doesn't help but we can learn and move on.

The top four nonsense, or even winning the league must stop, one or two players need to calm down, concentrate and graft, Deli Alli especially. We are progressing nicely and ahead of the curve.

One loss doesn't make a winter of discontent so lets not throw the baby, or the Head Coach, out with the bathwater. (Bit of a mixed metaphor there Jim. Editor).

*Alevin section (10/12 yr. olds)...An Alevin is a newly hatched salmon or trout hence why I call them 'my little fishes' Cute eh? Well it's just a little something to take your mind off the grown up football for now.

Headline: Fuente al Saz Alevins make cheeky bid for Hugo Lloris.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
You didn't really want to see the highlights did you. Actually I don't think we featured much.

Always best to chill and relax after a set-back, then go again refreshed.

We could have done with some of this energy and movement in the second half on Sunday. Resembles an aerial view of Junior football. The ball is in there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% - don't blame carol - lamella was again 100% commitment _ bad day but oh my god 2nd half didn't look ruthless or confident - and Chadli _ sorry but I get frightened whenever I think he could get a game _ would like to see poch more animated at times on the line and give them some crap - game over and move on but give them a hard time in training - and please don't play chadli or benteleb ever again

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks. Disagree about Bentaleb; he was important last year and could be again.

Anonymous said...

Great comments once again.We seem to lack real consistent creativity in most games especially at home against teams that fill the middle and rely on breaks to take a chance when it comes. We cannot keep a clean sheet lately. O well press on and hope it improves, cheers

KennyJ said...

Feel really disappointed but, as is usual for most teams, there comes a time in the season when performances drop off, for whatever reason....bad days at the office.... Despite this some play badly but still win. I hope that we can start doing that and work through the 'off' period...Soon.

Anonymous said...

Good article and acknowledge we are developing but we need an established goalscorer and a pacy tricky winger ala Mahrez to really put the pressure on opponents.Weare too reliant on Kane at the minute and if you stop him we will only score by an Ericksen free kjck or corner.Too early for Njie and was really disappointed with Son.Bad day at the office and need result at Southampton. Levy llease dont sign a Dempsey or a Saha!

patgan1 said...

Reality check for spurs fans. We were all getting a bit carried away with he success of our current team. Remember they are still young and will need another season to start challenging for honours.
We have to be patient.

Anonymous said...

yes poch should b mo animated on da touchline, and give those players that dont perform a tongue lashing also tell them to wear that shirt with pride cos nobody is bigger than the club, fergie had da bols to do what he want, no doubt poch can turn spurs around just give him time and u will c heads rolling coys

KennyJ said...

I've no probs with the gaffer but we need another central defender I think, fairly clear Fazio not Prem league standard. I guess Carter-Vickers but he's v young. AND we need another striker who will also contribute elsewhere, as HK does...tho' I guess some of that comes from Poch's training...the play everywhere bit.....really not sure who. I wonder of Saido would/could have been it? Not any more methinks. Hmmmm....COYS.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks all.
Centre half. Wimmer and Carter Vickers and don't forget Dier a centre half by trade.Keep Fazio as cover. Sorted.

Centre forward..
Needed a proper back up to Harry for some time. Son and N'jie are attacking midfielders but have been designated 'strikers' to save Levy's blushes.

Let's not start all over again. As good as we are likely to get. Like the man, youth and energy his priorities. Like it.

Calm down,calm down.

Unknown said...

That maybe bit of a shock but i think we should play with son in front instead of harry i like harry but he slows down the game

Shane Tesolin said...

What i like to say too is thank u jimmy i love reading ur posts after the matches great stuff keep on👍

Shane Tesolin said...

also i think harry os too selfiesh at the moment therr were several times passing would be the better option and thats the reason why lamela scores in europe leagze with son in front we should sell kane and get batuchay

JimmyG2 said...

Wow we've gone from buy some back up for Harry to sell him.
This one won't float and quite rightly.
He's one of our own and a poster boy for the new youth policy and the Academy.
Followed him for years and always liked and rated him.
All strikers are selfish it's in their DNA.
Bet he scores 20 goals this season.

Shane Tesolin said...

Well best would be to keep kane and get batuchay

JimmyG2 said...

Google does not respond to Batuchay.
Who he? Not saying you're wrong.

Shane Tesolin said...

Yea ur right he is importent because he is 100 prozent spurs i just felt with som in front we played nice but he defenitely needs backup

Shane Tesolin said...

Haha i write it wrong he is from marseille batshuayi

JimmyG2 said...

Ah that's better.Thanks
He's Belgian which is a good start..
No Premiership experience which is one of my priorities for signings after our experience with the so called magnificent seven.
Looks good on you tube but don't they all. Arsenal target in Jan. apparently

Shane Tesolin said...

Hmm i heard the gent star depoitre and even newcastles perez are options for jan let see and have faith in mauricios decisions

Shane Tesolin said...

Kane just prooved me wrong

JimmyG2 said...

Shane Tesolin said...

Kane just prooved me wrong.

A nasty habit of his and not just you.

Soccer prediction game said...

Can't really complain the best team won.

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