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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Spurs young lion's pride.

 On the fourth place at Xmas Mauricio sent to me;
 a young team full of energy.*

Top four at Xmas. Thank you Santa, I'll never deny your existence again. Give my regards to Mrs Christmas, Rudolph and the Elves. With Man.Utd faltering  and our vastly improved goal difference we sneak into the Yuletide Champions' league places.

Now we have to knuckle down and stay there. We began against Southampton where we left off last week against Newcastle: under the cosh. But we survived their early pressure and slowly but surely took command.

Actually 'command' is a bit strong but two goals in three minutes just before half time was not only the turning point but gave us a clear view of the route to the finishing post.

With a two goal cushion which we never looked likely to relinquish our younger fitter side took over. We managed the second half well and the word 'professional'  springs to mind.

Davies, in for the unwell, Rose grew into the game and the back four repelled all-comers. In fact with Dembele playing like a man reborn, 'Pochettinodised' is the technical term, it was a case of Belgians' Rule.

Tadic and Pelle looked strong early on and Mane was a nuisance from time to time but their defending especially for the goals will give Ronald Koeman nightmares for weeks to come.

It all began with a proper striker's goal by Harry Kane set up by the persistence of  Erik Lamela; the determination of Deli Alli and some comical defending.

Harry Kane's post match tweet says a lot about his attitude to the club. (31 goals in 2015)
Harry Kane tweet

An attitude seemingly shared by most of the squad. The camaraderie in this emerging force and delight in each others performance is heart warming. You're an old romantic Jimmy.

Harry himself seems to have shaken off all doubts and doubters and in 'I can do this 'mode with plenty to do after the ball breaks to him slotted home one on one with Bazinga. One season wonder, I think not.

They tried to hack all three players in the move down but we kept our heads and feet and completed in style. Pretty it wasn't but this is the new Spurs.

Within minutes Kyle Walker from out wide somehow found Alli on the edge of the six yard box in a crowded area and this time he controlled and finished with an embarrassing amount of ease and time.

Now we were on cruise control and keeping what we had. Lloris back to normal made two very good saves; Dier too was more his previous self and Kyle Walker is now in 'sensible' mode and all the better for it.

Plaudits go mainly to our Belgian triplets and Hugo though Deli Alli the media favourite got MOM in the press. Now I love the boy; he has edge and presence but I thought that was more than generous.

Mauricio's pride in his young charges was evident after the game and once again with an average age of 24 we were the youngest fielded in the Premiership over the weekend again.

Trusting youth was evident again in his substitution of  Carroll for Alli. Clearly unlike many Spurs fans Tom doesn't get the blame from the Head Coach for last week's capitulation to Newcastle. Well we were winning when he went off.

But let's not let facts obscure a good scapegoat. After all Walker has shaped up; Rose and Lamela,   are now two of our better players, Andros can't get in the squad and Jenas is long gone. But don't fret Tom, Mauricio and me have got your back.

With Pritchard close to return, Onomah already bloodied and Harry Winks on the bench this week the Academy dream lives on.

So the Turkey and stuffing and even the sprouts will taste better than usual and I will be whistling while I load the dishwasher. Then I will collapse in front of the TV and dream of Champions' League.

Mourinho. Yes or no.
Not that it is even likely but just asking.
Thumping 'no' from me. Building nicely under Pochettino. Jose is a fine manager and a winner given a top team and a couple of  hundred million to spend.

 But he doesn't favour young players and his ego is bigger than our new 61,000+ Stadium and would inhibit our boys' development. Horrible person anyway.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Picture quality is poor I'm afraid. Doesn't show Captain Hugo berating his team obviously fearing another Newcastle. Well it worked. Two fine saves are shown, the goals and good defending by Alderweireld. Even better by Vertonghen later but he doesn't feature.

Happy Xmas to all our readers and a Spurstastic New Year. COYS.

(*Working on a complete 12 days version but it won't be ready until next year at the earliest. All suggestions welcome)


Ashley Collie said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. But we can still grow and improve, the players and MoPo, and he'd be the first to say so. For example, Lloris is a superb goalie and leader and example. But his kicking still leaves a lot to be desired. Mane's two early opportunities (one blocked by Toby and the other well saved by the Boss) both resulted from Hugo's kicks being immediately turned back into their attacks. It'd be better if he kicked it out of play or to the other goalie, not setting up swift counterattacks — hey, that's what we want to do.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame Townsend has not been given a fair crack of the wip by Potch and at 24 any good coach could fix is problem cutting in firing over bar. The coming weeks will show why speed is making a comeback and why Leicester are top Arsenal just behind Walcott Vardy our is benched injured discarded

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie.
The night is young and the possibilities are infinite.Glad you're not our goalkeeping coach.

I think Townsend has had his chances and plenty of them. Head down is his problem. Still wouldn't be surprised for Poch to give him another last chance over Xmas. Plenty of teams would have him.

Shane Tesolin said...

Great pass from walker for second goal! This one was for the doubters

JimmyG2 said...

Shane Tesolin.
See your recommendation of Batshuayi from Marseilles has been heeded by the top brass. We are in for him apparently.
Well him and two dozen others

Shane Tesolin said...

Yea just sad he told earlier his favourite premier league club is arsenal..hope he change his mind soon

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