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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Critics silenced at Spurs.

The scapegoat's escaped!
Give Andros a game.

The JimmyG2 Column.

Any one who doubts the value of the Europa or the domestic cups should reflect on the opportunities offered by the  game against Leicester on Sunday.

They are  not close to the top of the league for nothing but lacked ambition. It's effective football but they have the players to do more although they might argue that riding so high in the league is more than enough.

I had to count on occasions how many players they had behind the ball fearing that mathematical malpractice had gone unnoticed by the officials. The handling by Dier was silly and was harshly punished. I've seen 'em not given.

Nerveless human robot Harry Kane sent Schmeichel the right way but still beat him for the his 50th Spurs goal and our ticket for the replay next week.( Wednesday 20th January at 19:45 on BBC1)

We missed the chance to establish psychological bragging rights for the league match on Wednesday but did enough to prove to ourselves at least that we can win the next two against them.

Now Musings is not only the blog that's not always wrong but one which likes to take the positives. Firstly Carroll was generally spoken of as the MOM for the second game running which seems to have changed the minds of most of the doubters.

He's unfairly criticised for not being Dembele, as Jenas was for not being Gerrard. Jamie Carragher who's clearly going a bit soft in his old age and other pundits  made him MOM against Everton. And they're not wrong. Not bad for a scapegoat. 

 Onomah, Wimmer and  Bentaleb all took their chance to stake a claim and Danny Rose was awarded the captaincy for long service and improvement. Congratulations to them all

Harry Kane, some fullbacks, a goalkeeper and Verts  got a rest and the sky did not fall, although there was low cloud for half an hour or more and the pathway to a replay was lost in the mist.

But without these kinds of fixtures the limits of the squad would remain untested. Mauricio clearly trusts Carroll hence his new contract, and he was taken off early as I am confident he will start on Wednesday.

Deli Alli has also been awarded a new long contract and this a just reward to both boys (although Tommy is 23 even if he looks 16) for their application as much as for their talent. Good to see. 

Tom is no Moussa Dembele but conversely Moussa is no Tom Carroll. His two passes early on inside the fullback to Danny Rose were a joy to behold and deserved a better fate than Danny could provide.

He lacks upper body strength certainly but that didn't stop us making a legend of Ardiles or an early hero of Tommy (that name again ) Harmer. 'Nine stone, dripping wet' as his manager Bill Nick would no doubt have put it.

Let us rejoice in what we have, both little and large, and not wish they were somebody else or even some kind of hybrid Frankenstein amalgamation of the best bits of several players.

I enjoyed the game in a grisly sort of way as you do when you're only two minutes away from going out of the cup and was prepared to shrug it off in a now we can concentrate on the league sort of way.

But now that we've drawn Colchester in the next round if we win, I'm happy to be still on the trail to the Twin Towers and the Wembley Way. Colchester are 23 in League 1 and Essex's senior club. A banana skin if ever I saw one.

We bossed the Leicester game, as we do  but struggled to turn possession into chances and goals. Apparently however we are the fifth highest team in the whole of Europe for shots on goal on target. Yes the whole of Europe. 

Actually we are tied fourth with Barcelona with 88. Bayern are top with 111: Real Madrid have 96 and PSG 91. Some company to keep. Man Utd are 50th with 51. But let's not laugh too soon.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Highlights and goals from the cup game. Alderweireld loses his man from the corner. Quite difficult to lose a man as big as Wacilewski. Defence all at sea for the second goal following a poor clearance. But enterprising play from Leicester. Harry doesn't weigh up the justice of the decision, just thumps it home.


Graham Perrem said...

Great to have you back Jimmy.
Positively enjoyable article.
All the best.


JimmyG2 said...

Graham Perrem
But I've never been away.Blogged almost every week for years.

KennyJ said...

Oh Jimmy, I do like being joint 4th in Europe with Barca in shots on goal....whoop!!

Shane Tesolin said...

Nice article again well written its good to still be in the cup give the bench sitters some value matchtime

Shane Tesolin said...

Btw good to see eriksen score i still see him as n.10 for me his intelligence and fine passing is more usefull in that position also he hasnt the pace and physical strength for a winger i think

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