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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Sorry. No signings this window by Spurs.

The JimmyG2 Column.

It took us four goes to beat them but we got there in the end. I think they were trying though it's a bit difficult to say the way Leicester play. Rainieri looked disappointed but he might have been bluffing.

'It's not a priority' he said. Well it's not now that's for sure They made a sort of effort in the second half so let's just say we didn't give them much space to play in and congratulate ourselves instead of casting aspersions about their motivation.

In this context new centre half pairing Dier and Wimmer looked comfortable especially on the ground,  Dier showed that playing at centre half, like riding a bike, is never forgotten.

Whether we would have preferred the three points in the league game last week will only be clear at the end of the season when we see how many points we are off the CL places. But there are plenty of twists and turns to come in the next 16 games.

Easy enough in the end with almost everyone playing well including Captain Walker, and Deputy Vorm but the star man was Son with a fine goal and a cunning assist for Chadli.

Carroll showed that he could indeed play with Eriksen and both played well. It was his early forward pass to Son that set up the opening goal. Bentaleb started and all is apparently forgiven.

In fact there were more changes than most people might have expected, with Bentaleb starting in midfield with Carroll instead of perhaps Dembele, and Son up front in a fluid delightful attacking line-up including Chadli.

Only Lamela was under par but it was good to see Onomah trusted to see us through for the last 20 minutes.  Mauricio's other substitutions were as puzzling as ever. Why risk Alli and Harry with the game completely under control.

As good a performance as we have seen all season: we scored twice without Harry; kept a clean sheet without Hugo, Vertonghen and Alderweireld and came up smelling of roses without Danny.

All roads now lead to Colchester who are undeniably the premier club in Essex and the continuation of a decent Cup run which will keep more of the squad off the streets for a bit longer.

Complaints were heard as to the negative qualities of Leicester but they are doing incredibly well given their resources. They struck gold with Jamie Vardy and Ranieri as we did with Harry Kane and Mauricio.

With N'Jie to return, Son catching fire and the fluidity that Lamela, Alli and Eriksen offer I don't think we will see any incomings this window unless we buy another youngster to keep.

On the broadcasting side JJ played a blinder; Pearce was clearly unfit; Ian Wright was uncomfortable in a Spurs supporting role and Lineker surprisingly uncertain in the central position.

Less than half the match was seen as the director and cameraman did more close-up fill ins than shots of the game. If I had actually paid a licence fee I would be lodging a protest.

 Shame on you BBC the one time home of football. And everything else come to think of it.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Watch as the most expensive Asian player ever (a snip at 22million) takes on Leicester seemingly all on his own. Virtually everyone's MOM and here's why. Young, quick and lively. Just what Pochettino ordered. If only he can stay fit.


Anonymous said...

The guy is good. Lets give him a chance and a good run in the side. He clearly is a player who will give everything

cookiebun said...

Absolutely correct about the BBC. What the hell did they think we wanted to see. Just shows they're not used to live football anymore.

Yossarian said...

Article is wrong. Harry was instrumental in second goal - Erikson to Kane to Son to Chadli. HK did improve us - nice piece, just a shame that the author didn't recall the events very well

Anonymous said...

Carol is lightweight giving the ball away too many times. Davies needs to get down the line a lot more and pass it into the box. Erikson had an off day. The rest is history and to beat them with a B team says a lot.

Anonymous said...

Spot on with the poor BBC coverage. The director seemed more interested in showing the crowd than the game. Also I wish Pearce would just shut up! He forgets about commenting on the game whilst he feeds his ego showing off his knowledge of trivia. I had to mute the sound I found him so annoying. Also the whole commentary seemed to be just one Leicester love in. Lineker and O'Neill also joined in the Leicester love in.

The article is WRONG. Kane came on when the score was only 1-0 (not 2-0) and Leicester were getting back into the game because we weren't not holding the ball up well up front. Kane changed that when he came on.

JimmyG2 said...

First poster. Anon.
Agreed, like the boy.

That was a particularly bad example but it's quite prevalent. It helps when they are editing the piece.

Thanks but what are you on about. I love Harry but he didn't need to be risked.How far back in a move do want to go? Kickoff?

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 22:16
Disagree, Carroll did not give the ball away often and the lightweight charge is a cliche. Remember Ardiles? If they're good enough they're heavy enough.

Anon 22:17
Yes sorry i meant without harry scoring see what you and Yossarian mean. My bad.

anthony neal said...

Carroll gave the ball away a lot
Ardiles was good enough but Carroll is not.
We all want Tom to be a Spurs player but sadly not good enough. Watch any of the games he has played and just watch him, a total liability.

Anonymous said...

bentaleb does not belong in the side mistake almost led to a soft goal in first 5.
Which seems all to typical when he is on the field. He is far more of a liability than tom

anthony neal said...

Tom is a liability because he can not tackle, lightweight, no good in the air, panicked and gives the ball away when pressured, but great when he takes the ball off the defence only to give it straight back to them.
People like the idea of Tom and happy to see passed the reality. Not good enough to get a regular place at Swansea?

JimmyG2 said...

anthony neal.
Disagree entirely and all the stats are with me. Never had a pass completion below 83% and that includes some enterprising and difficult through balls. Very OTT to describe him as a liability.
However let it rest. I like the boy and so does Mauricio.

anthony neal said...

I hope he does improve, I would like nothing more than him to become a great player for Spurs. Totally disagree with stats as they are misleading but great for people who can not tell if a player is any good or not. Getting the ball off a defender and passing it back is a completed pass. Do yourself a favour and watch a game and make you mind up, not get a computer to do it for you.

anthony neal said...

If you want to play the stat game, look at his key pass rate of 0.4 per game. So using you stat about 80% of his passes are pointless.
His defensive stats are even worse (0.9 of a tackle per game). Anyway come on Tom & Coys

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