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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Vertonghen update. Comings and Goings.

One famous Belgian: can you name four more?
The JimmyG2 Column.
They say that writing about bad news and misery is easier than writing about good news and joy. In which case going behind, losing an ever present, and then winning at the death is a curious mixture of the two.

Supporting Spurs gets easier by the week: writing about them gets harder. Take Deli Alli: an hour of general apathy and slackness followed by a Gazzaesque wonder goal to put us ahead. Why he wasn't hooked earlier I have no idea.

How do you rate a performance like that? What insightful genius does Mauricio possess that he leaves someone playing poorly on rather than swapping him for Lamela or someone, or anyone.

So too with Chadli who hasn't done very much lately but is persevered with. He sets up Harry for the crucial equaliser then puts the angel on the top of the Xmas tree with a lovely strike himself. He's had a good week.

Was Mauricio Mystic Meg in another life? He certainly called it right from start to finish. Even the injury to Jan barely caused a ripple with Wimmer  ready to slot in beside yet another of our four famous Belgians.

The Trivial pursuit teaser ' Name five famous Belgians is a gift for Spurs supporters. Your starter for ten: Hercule Poirot. If we sign another we could even dispense with the services of our Agatha.

Dembele brought his current form and accustomed strength to the midfield alongside Dier who was leaden and rightly subbed. Dier and Dembele not the most creative and lively duo to be fair.

But Eriksen and Son certainly are. Though Christian is a bit subtle for some. A cushion header assist! You're a damn tough audience to please at times.  Son has yet to settle but he brings plenty of  fizz to the party.

Rose had his hands full with Zaha but more or less coped unassisted by the boy Alli or Eriksen  and almost scored himself. Trippier who I am beginning to like played well, forward and back, but once again the defence as a whole were not unduly pressured.

Except of course by Hugo whose passing is dreadful though his keeping is pretty sound. Whoever told him him he was good with the ball at his feet was clearly not a Spurs fan. Arsene Wenger, probably, at a Camembert and Beaujolais party.

Vertonghen achieved more than Crystal Palace could by scoring, following some desultory defending mainly by Jan himself though Eriksen got the blame. Why have a scapegoat and not tether him to a stake?

Outstanding goals; another outstanding team fightback; outstanding Head Coachship; helpful results elsewhere, a weekend to relish then.

There will be twists and turns in the coming weeks certainly but for the moment rejoice there's clear lilywhite water ahead.

The scoreline is just, but a little flattering. They hit the bar twice at 1-1 just before Alli and Chadli sealed the win. But Hennessey saved well from Danny Rose and Alli himself hit the bar with the keeper beaten before the end.

You don't always get what you deserve in this life, or possibly the next, but if you keep trying to play good passing, attacking football with good players you are more likely to succeed in the long run.

And this young squad given encouragement and trust by Mauricio are hopefully in for the long haul. Which is why any additions must be carefully chosen so as not to upset the balance or indeed the attitude of the current squad.

We have plenty of attitude within the ranks as it is: Alli, Vertonghen, Rose, Dier, Walker, Harry when roused, without importing other people's problem children. That's you Saido Barahino.

Though to be fair he´s been at W.Brom for half his 22 years and may feel that moving on is long overdue. But there are other ways to achieve your aims.

On the subject of Jan Vertonghen I am torn. He´s a persistent puller and tugger at set pieces and lives very dangerously at times. They had a purge on diving and should do the same on offences in the penalty area. It's spoiling the game.

Wickam will be rightly punished for the elbow but it came as a direct result of continuous holding by Jan. Everybody does it but he does it more than most though perhaps not as much as Smalling or Shawcross but certainly more than Toby.

I'm not saying he deserved it: it's a harsh payback on him and the team. But if you ask for trouble long enough you often end up getting it. Let's do things the right way or we won't be Tottenham any more.

Anyway he's on crutches in Barcelona with the squad on a training jolly and the best of luck to them all. He's likely to be out for  several weeks.They are saying 6/8 weeks with Knee ligament damage confirmed.

By Musings rule of thumb, double the number you first came up with, that means a minimum of  3 months. We may see him for the run in. Musings doesn't do the 'bright side of life', hope and all that.

Fazio is still with us, I think, and Davies can play central without having to go to the youngsters again though there's one or two that could play. Wimmer to slot in or Dier to go back and Bentaleb to come in?

I think Pochettino will go for the least disruption and continue with Wimmer in the back four. He's been solid so far although admittedly he's not Belgian.

Comings and Goings. (Well only Goings at the moment)
On the bright side Adebayor may be leaving us for Crystal Palace though we may still have to make a contribution to his wages. Fine player but a very poor attitude. The last thing Pochettino and his young team needs.
Andros Townsend.
Looks like moving to Newcastle tomorrow for a compromise £12 million as predicted on here last week. All the best to the boy treble wages and all. See you at the last game of the season. Cripes!

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Can't find any video testimony on Jan's injury but I'm sure you can stand the match highlights. We've got Deli Alli's goal in the Musing's archives anyway.


hubba bubba said...

I think we need to prioritise striker cover as that's the only position that needs cover, first and foremost. I don't like us playing the false no.9. Hopefully Wimmer will continue his calm stand-in for Jan and it will prove a seamless transition. Compared to most we've had few injuries, but one to Kane doesn't bare thinking about.

Anonymous said...

Poch has pretty much all bases covered. Remember that last season we had the most goals from non-strikers of any team. Chadli's recovery of his goal scoring touch may prove very timely. I also sense more to come from Lamela, Mason and Bentaleb.

JimmyG2 said...

hubba bubba.
You may be right but I don't think it's going to happen. Son and NJie were bought as strikers and I think Mauricio likes the fluid attecking front line.

We certainly and it's the answer to h.b. above seem to have. If I was a betting man I'd put money on no additions.
(Fingers Crossed as I haven't checked the morning news yet)

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