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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tottenham face charge.

See it's not just me!
The JimmyG2 Column.
Conspiracy theorists assemble here in the shade of the grassy knoll.  Did we or did we not throw the game against Crystal Palace? A serious accusation I know but the evidence is clear.

Exhibit one: Kyle Walker tries to head into his own goal and Michel Vorm, as reserve keeper was clearly not in on the act and saves brilliantly. Belatedly Mauricio sends him a WhatsApp and he allows Kelly to score at his near post.

Exhibit two: Such is the team spirit that Danny Rose takes up the challenge and hits a dangerous crossfield ball which leads to their goal. A 'leave it to me Kyle, I've got this' moment

Exhibit three: To complete the plot we manage not to score. Son, Harry Kane, Onomah all contrive  to miss. But the real give away is Exhibit four: Deli Alli's  role in all this.

He quite deliberately hits the post having beaten Hennessy and makes the ball run along the line to the other post where it is cleared. Earlier he and Josh had declined the opportunity to open the scoring with headers from a corner.

Of those in the pitch at the time only Deli Alli has the necessary skill to carry out that manouevre as Eriksen was on the bench. The plot thickens and takes on the consistency of my Granny's gravy in which you could stand a spoon.

We fielded a weakened team but not enough to alert the FA though the sudden appearance of Nabil from out of nowhere raised a few eyebrows. Josh Onomah* who was not exactly tearing up trees completed the whole match.

Harry was clearly under instructions to use it as a warm up for the Europa on Thursday. The full backs were chosen for their tendency to brain freeze and both duly obliged.

Toby Alderweireld watched calmly from the bench alongside Hugo both clearly in on the plot. Eriksen came on and forgot the game plan and for 15 minutes made an impact until he got a message from Mauricio.

No professional footballer of Christian's abilities could waste so many corners unless there were an ulterior motive and bigger fish to fry. Not so much a fish as a  whale in the shape of the Premiership title itself.

Neither side wanted a draw and a replay so we cut our losses by not really giving it a go for the last half hour and went long which was ineffective and not really our style. 

Why Mauricio decided to jettison the FA Cup and not the Europa is a mystery at this stage, but let's not make too hasty a judgement until Thursday's return leg against Fiorentina. We may end up dumping both.

In the first leg in Florence we secured an honourable draw and the away goal which might prove decisive. Nothing too obvious there. Although Mason as captain was odd after such a long lay off.

Yet another penalty award put away by Chadli spoilt any plans we may have had of losing it completely and we bossed the first half just to keep up appearances.

Alli was booked on the half hour and despite Mauricio leaving him out there he saw out the match despite constant Italian provocation. You would have thought the boy could have been relied on to get another yellow

Nice try Mr.P. They equalised from a deflection off Mason Ah! I see it all now, and we went a fraction to pieces but more or less recovered and held it more or less, together, more or less.

So plenty for the Kennedy Assassination crew to ponder. 'Bad day at the office' doesn't really go deep enough for me, or the feeble. 'it wasn't our day'.

 I usually tend towards the cock-up theory of the universe but there's something very appealing about the conspiracy view in all this.

It helps relieve the pain of admitting we lost to an inferior team with an obnoxious Manager that we've already beaten twice this year . So the decks are cleared for a two pronged assault on the honours board

However if we go out on Thursday I will conclude that this was all a put up job and Levy has decreed that it's the Premiership title of bust. All our 'oefs' in one 'pannier' as Hugo might put it.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
To be fair to the boy I was glad he wasn't subbed. He's not quite Deli Alli but he has plenty of skills and strength and he is (all together) one of our own. Anyone that Mr. Pochettino likes is good enough for me.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Justice done at Spurs.

Wolf Pack resting after the hunt.
From a Spurs training Video.
The JimmyG2 Column. 
Where to begin? It's all getting more than a little surreal at Tottenham these days. There's the Press adulation which takes a bit of getting used to for a start. No doubt  they will claim most of the credit  if the fairy-tale comes true.

I fully expect 'It was the Press wot won it' headlines come the end of May. In fact they are all scrambling to board a runaway bandwagon that in the past they have preferred to try to derail rather than assist on its way.

But let us not be too hard on them: “I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”  Luke 15:1-7.

If ever a match personified the new Pochettino Spurs it was Sunday's against  Manchester City, a talented expensively assembled all star outfit, Premiership winners in two of the last four season.

Money might not buy you love but it sure pays the wages of some of the Premiership's  most expensive players. With Kompany and Silva back and Aguerro on form it looked like the 'take a draw' option if ever I saw one especially away at the Etihad.

But we didn't let them play for the first hour and led by that penalty. Arguably technically correct but so close to the edge of the area that it would not have surprised anyone for a free kick to be awarded just outside.

Did the referee blow for the handball before he realised or was told by the assistant that it was in the area. We may never know but it's nice to share some of the Top Four largess at last.

In fact the way things were going with two yellow cards offences by Ya Ya Toure ignored early on by Mark Clattenburg it was a surprise that it was ever given. Had it been the other way round we would have been mightily miffed or worse.

Justice delayed but eventually delivered, and all the sweeter for that.

Harry Kane didn't let Joe Hart get into his head with the pre-kick suggestion that he might put it down the middle and he double bluffed him by doing just that. First blood deservedly to Spurs.

City equalised and at 1-1 it looked all over as they stirred themselves having slumbered for the first half.We got ragged and lost our composure. More passes were going astray.

But we dug in and dug deep and the New Spurs mentality kicked in. A posse of players dry-gulched Ya Ya Toure on the half way line and set Lamela, on for barely two minutes, on one of his runs at the heart of the City defence.

With less than ten minutes remaining enter 'Late Goal Eriksen' again,still running in the 82nd. minute who calmly side-footed home Erik's astute pass. And on his 24th birthday too. Second blood and three points to Spurs.

The Good News is that that our  most creative and quietly effective player has been offered a new contract unfortunately not for life but 4yrs will do. He'll be at his peak by then.

Nobody played badly, Walker got himself into scrapes and out again, Rose was one of several potential MOM and Lloris saved the day at the end as he often does with a piked back flip with twist.

Eric and Moussa were strong and purposeful again in midfield and Toby and Kevin quietly effective in the centre of defence. Aguerro was isolated and never really got a look in.

Ya Ya cracked a free kick against the bar but did little else other than avoid bookings. Silva and Kompany looked like just what they were, players returning from injury though Silva was at the heart of the equaliser

The real star was Mauricio for his game plan and effective substitutions and for the spirit and attitude he demands from his squad. Lamela's introduction was a master stroke. His direct running was  a timely change of tactic.

How many hearts dropped when Carroll was sent into the Lions' Den to see the game out with a full 20minutes left. But the Head Coach knows and trusts his squad and Tom's neat, controlled play helped to see us through.

The celebrations at the end were a joy to behold. I cannot express how delighted I was to see another of our own playing his part in this victory especially one so much maligned as 'lightweight' by many fans.

He is perhaps not built like a tank or even Moussa but quick feet and a football brain more than compensate even if he is occasionally pushed off the ball. There is more than one way to skin a rabbit.

Six points taken from potential rivals for a Champions' League place apparently all in a day's work  for our boys whose confidence never faltered for a moment even if mine did flicker from time to time.

North London rule this weekend and thanks to Arsenal for at least pricking Leicester's balloon if not quite squeezing all the air out. 10 points ahead of Man. Utd. in fifth: two behind Leicester: it's ours to lose.

 I am confident that Mauricio will not let up or let them get distracted.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
My favourite player currently (apart from Harry obviously). Not quite worth all the Bale money but quite a chunk certainly. How calm was his winner on Sunday and a turn of speed at the right moment.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Unbelievable goings on at Spurs

That must be Leicester. We've been expecting it.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Second! Would you believe it. Even Mauricio admits that the team are looking up the table now. It's in our own hands, but isn't it always. Belief is beginning to seep into the bloodstream of players and some fans alike.

Another competent victory in the so-called London derby against Watford, a term that should really be applied only to Arsenal, Chelsea and West. Ham. Hugo took the afternoon off.

Can you do without a keeper and play the extra man up front? I will check the regulations when I get a minute. The rush goalie concept is due for a revival, Well it worked just fine at Junior School.

Further faltering by the chasing pack leaves us with a 7 point lead over fifth placed Man. Utd and  a little more breathing space. And shout it softly 'Mind the gap Arsenal'(edit) It's only goal difference but it all helps.

But I know from experience that it doesn't pay to gloat too soon. 'He who gloats last, gloats longest' to coin a phrase.

With the best goal difference in all four leagues, except, would you believe Hull, who are level on +26 and the meanest defence in the Premiership we are performing well in almost all areas. We just need Leicester to blow up now as predicted and the runway is clear for take off.

Do I personally actually believe? Well no, not really. Of course we can do it and probably might but long, long, long suffering old hands like me always look a gift horse in the mouth, count its teeth and call in the vet for a second opinion.

I might get some paint-stripper and a blowtorch too: it  could be a zebra with the stripes painted over.  Just say we've as good a chance as we've had for decades and I'm not going to jinx it now.

Watford came and duly parked the bus but we now have streetwise kids who can jump start all types of vehicle. The full backs were prominent, the middle firmly sown up but it took a moment of quality from the recovered Dizzy Alli to unlock their defence.

Gomes was  terrific in their goal but a single outside of the boot cross by Alli minutes after coming on was enough to set up the marauding Trippier, most people's MOM, for a tap in.

My MOM was Eriksen who was at the heart of everything good as he always is when on song. With Dier protecting the back four the way was clear for the fullbacks to press forward and they promptly did just that.

Dembele was his usual muscular force, Jan is looking anxiously at the centre-half pairing of Toby and Kevin and Spurs fans are praying for the continued good health of our Harry

Davies could have been the first left back in Premiership history to score a hat-trick. Actually make that just 'history' though I haven't checked. Drop 'Musings' a line if you can confirm or deny it.

Lamela and Son bubbled but didn't quite fizz but they offer the threat of the unexpected which is useful in tight situations. Chadli started but failed to catch fire and is probably better as a sub.

But I'm not going to question Mauricio's judgement as he is doing pretty well without my help. He's off to Manchester United according to this weeks star rumour. 'Musing's bullshit rating. 10/10.

So a very satisfying weekend of football all round .Our run in looks a bit formidable so we need points on the board before then starting this weekend against some City or other. Probably take a draw now if offered. Although....

Fouls as a tactic. Can this be true?
Not for the first time we out-fouled the opposition which lends weight to Martin Keown's theory that we use it as a deliberate tactic to break up play before the opposition can get their attacks started.

Well he would say that wouldn't he and he should know about cynicism. Young eager vigorous youths pressing high up the pitch will concede fouls but like Lamela, our worst offender, not necessarily deliberately.

If it were true it would be disturbing as it's not the way I expect Spurs to play and it would take a much more detailed analysis to confirm or reject the theory. In the meantime let's out-football them not kick them off the park. How UnSpursy is that?

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The pictures a bit fuzzy but the football is not. Could have been five but one goal earns the same amount of points. It always tells the story when a keeper is MOM.

Alli has had a hand in 11 goals in his last 14 Premier League games for Spurs (six goals, five assists).

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

More Smart Business at Spurs.

 Plant Suppliers? We mainly try to grow our own.

The JimmyG2 Column.
Bad days at the office? Not so many lately. The arrival of a new ruthless South American Time and Motion Consultant to lead the Head Office team has brushed most of the cobwebs out of the system.

The expensive, aging equipment installed over the past few years has mostly been sent for recycling and new innovative smart technology installed. Some direct from our own production unit set up with an eye to the future.

With the move to a new facility to be built on site shortly and a state of the art fitness and workout centre for staff the future is very bright indeed. Currently we lead all our London rivals. 

A recent short term contract with a major Essex company was dealt with speedily and this week's routine Norfolk business was similarly cleared without undue pressure despite Jan Vertonghen, a key member of the back office staff, being on sick leave.

Shrewd earlier investment has meant that the recent January recruitment sales were completely ignored. Some shareholders expressed concern that we may have left gaps in the Dispatch and back office departments.

However the CEO and the Head Office Manager pronounced themselves satisfied with company's current progress and felt that our young enthusiastic staff could cope with any increase in business as a result of our projected move into the premier European sphere.

Things will be kept under review and when the annual stock-taking occurs in the Summer the situation adjusted to take into account any new business resulting from the efforts of the current workforce.

The race for Employee of the Year is hotting up with newcomer Deli Alli  challenging Harry Kane  who has been with us for some time. Both are increasingly exceeding their targets.

Back Office boy TobyAlderweirel with consistently good support work could feature. Team leader Hugo Lloris  is always on the short list but lacks focus in the Distribution Department.

The workforce  challenge for business much more aggressively out in the field. Credit for this must go to supremo Daniel Levy for his appointment of  Mauricio Pochettino to the Head Office Manager's role.

Security has been placed in the capable hands of Eric Dier (edit) and Moussa Dembele and Tom Carroll  joins Christian Eriksen  in the Creative and Forward Thinking Dept.

Despite the youthfulness of our agents on the ground we are ahead of all our current projections and the relationship with our Belgian Office continues to bear fruit. A quarter of the field officers are drawn from our European neighbours.

With one eye on the Asian market the appointment of a South Korean representative, Son Heung-min, should bring further sales benefits but we continue to put a lot of trust in the local knowledge and experience of many of our own products.

This is not the traditional business model for Spurs which was based on the importing of high value
operatives but who tended to lack experience of local conditions. The new business plan has found favour with the shareholders and is working well.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Josh Onomah .Our latest own grown, hand raised from a seedling. Been in our Nursery for 8yrs. Tenacious, strong, born and raised in Enfield. We hope to see him on display in the Main Office soon.

Here he is from last year (Captain of the U18's against Chelsea)