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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

More Smart Business at Spurs.

 Plant Suppliers? We mainly try to grow our own.

The JimmyG2 Column.
Bad days at the office? Not so many lately. The arrival of a new ruthless South American Time and Motion Consultant to lead the Head Office team has brushed most of the cobwebs out of the system.

The expensive, aging equipment installed over the past few years has mostly been sent for recycling and new innovative smart technology installed. Some direct from our own production unit set up with an eye to the future.

With the move to a new facility to be built on site shortly and a state of the art fitness and workout centre for staff the future is very bright indeed. Currently we lead all our London rivals. 

A recent short term contract with a major Essex company was dealt with speedily and this week's routine Norfolk business was similarly cleared without undue pressure despite Jan Vertonghen, a key member of the back office staff, being on sick leave.

Shrewd earlier investment has meant that the recent January recruitment sales were completely ignored. Some shareholders expressed concern that we may have left gaps in the Dispatch and back office departments.

However the CEO and the Head Office Manager pronounced themselves satisfied with company's current progress and felt that our young enthusiastic staff could cope with any increase in business as a result of our projected move into the premier European sphere.

Things will be kept under review and when the annual stock-taking occurs in the Summer the situation adjusted to take into account any new business resulting from the efforts of the current workforce.

The race for Employee of the Year is hotting up with newcomer Deli Alli  challenging Harry Kane  who has been with us for some time. Both are increasingly exceeding their targets.

Back Office boy TobyAlderweirel with consistently good support work could feature. Team leader Hugo Lloris  is always on the short list but lacks focus in the Distribution Department.

The workforce  challenge for business much more aggressively out in the field. Credit for this must go to supremo Daniel Levy for his appointment of  Mauricio Pochettino to the Head Office Manager's role.

Security has been placed in the capable hands of Eric Dier (edit) and Moussa Dembele and Tom Carroll  joins Christian Eriksen  in the Creative and Forward Thinking Dept.

Despite the youthfulness of our agents on the ground we are ahead of all our current projections and the relationship with our Belgian Office continues to bear fruit. A quarter of the field officers are drawn from our European neighbours.

With one eye on the Asian market the appointment of a South Korean representative, Son Heung-min, should bring further sales benefits but we continue to put a lot of trust in the local knowledge and experience of many of our own products.

This is not the traditional business model for Spurs which was based on the importing of high value
operatives but who tended to lack experience of local conditions. The new business plan has found favour with the shareholders and is working well.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Josh Onomah .Our latest own grown, hand raised from a seedling. Been in our Nursery for 8yrs. Tenacious, strong, born and raised in Enfield. We hope to see him on display in the Main Office soon.

Here he is from last year (Captain of the U18's against Chelsea)


Ashley Collie said...

Grade A report, sir! Although Senor Dier still has an English Eric title not Scandinavian Erik (the Red) title. COYS!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you!

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks both.
I spelled Eriksen with an o this week too. Another cardinal sin.
Write it out 100 times a la Simpsons. Eriksen with an 'e'. Eric with a'c'
and Mousa with one 's'.

Anonymous said...

Top drawer sir...a fine day at The Office

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