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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Unbelievable goings on at Spurs

That must be Leicester. We've been expecting it.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Second! Would you believe it. Even Mauricio admits that the team are looking up the table now. It's in our own hands, but isn't it always. Belief is beginning to seep into the bloodstream of players and some fans alike.

Another competent victory in the so-called London derby against Watford, a term that should really be applied only to Arsenal, Chelsea and West. Ham. Hugo took the afternoon off.

Can you do without a keeper and play the extra man up front? I will check the regulations when I get a minute. The rush goalie concept is due for a revival, Well it worked just fine at Junior School.

Further faltering by the chasing pack leaves us with a 7 point lead over fifth placed Man. Utd and  a little more breathing space. And shout it softly 'Mind the gap Arsenal'(edit) It's only goal difference but it all helps.

But I know from experience that it doesn't pay to gloat too soon. 'He who gloats last, gloats longest' to coin a phrase.

With the best goal difference in all four leagues, except, would you believe Hull, who are level on +26 and the meanest defence in the Premiership we are performing well in almost all areas. We just need Leicester to blow up now as predicted and the runway is clear for take off.

Do I personally actually believe? Well no, not really. Of course we can do it and probably might but long, long, long suffering old hands like me always look a gift horse in the mouth, count its teeth and call in the vet for a second opinion.

I might get some paint-stripper and a blowtorch too: it  could be a zebra with the stripes painted over.  Just say we've as good a chance as we've had for decades and I'm not going to jinx it now.

Watford came and duly parked the bus but we now have streetwise kids who can jump start all types of vehicle. The full backs were prominent, the middle firmly sown up but it took a moment of quality from the recovered Dizzy Alli to unlock their defence.

Gomes was  terrific in their goal but a single outside of the boot cross by Alli minutes after coming on was enough to set up the marauding Trippier, most people's MOM, for a tap in.

My MOM was Eriksen who was at the heart of everything good as he always is when on song. With Dier protecting the back four the way was clear for the fullbacks to press forward and they promptly did just that.

Dembele was his usual muscular force, Jan is looking anxiously at the centre-half pairing of Toby and Kevin and Spurs fans are praying for the continued good health of our Harry

Davies could have been the first left back in Premiership history to score a hat-trick. Actually make that just 'history' though I haven't checked. Drop 'Musings' a line if you can confirm or deny it.

Lamela and Son bubbled but didn't quite fizz but they offer the threat of the unexpected which is useful in tight situations. Chadli started but failed to catch fire and is probably better as a sub.

But I'm not going to question Mauricio's judgement as he is doing pretty well without my help. He's off to Manchester United according to this weeks star rumour. 'Musing's bullshit rating. 10/10.

So a very satisfying weekend of football all round .Our run in looks a bit formidable so we need points on the board before then starting this weekend against some City or other. Probably take a draw now if offered. Although....

Fouls as a tactic. Can this be true?
Not for the first time we out-fouled the opposition which lends weight to Martin Keown's theory that we use it as a deliberate tactic to break up play before the opposition can get their attacks started.

Well he would say that wouldn't he and he should know about cynicism. Young eager vigorous youths pressing high up the pitch will concede fouls but like Lamela, our worst offender, not necessarily deliberately.

If it were true it would be disturbing as it's not the way I expect Spurs to play and it would take a much more detailed analysis to confirm or reject the theory. In the meantime let's out-football them not kick them off the park. How UnSpursy is that?

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The pictures a bit fuzzy but the football is not. Could have been five but one goal earns the same amount of points. It always tells the story when a keeper is MOM.

Alli has had a hand in 11 goals in his last 14 Premier League games for Spurs (six goals, five assists).


hubba bubba said...

"mind the 2 point gap arsenal" what 2 point gap? You realise you've just put the mockers on things! Yes I'm a Spurs fan too but please don't tempt fate with silly comments like that.

Anonymous said...

> Lamela and Son bubbled but didn't quite fizz but they offer the threat of the unexpected which is useful in tight situations. Chadli started but failed to catch fire and is probably better as a sub.

Lamela and Chafdli continue to be below the standard needed and should not be first team starters.

Unknown said...

It's really great to read an article that thinks like me. Well done keep it up.I still find it hard to think positive when you think what us supporters have put up with over the years.

JimmyG2 said...

hubba bubba.
Sorry, wishful thinking.Duly edited.

Both Lamela and Chadli have a good record of goals and/or assists.

'Hope. you know what that does

Anonymous said...

To Hubba bubba, 'Mind the gap Arsenal'(edit) It's only goal difference but it all helps.
Read the article you bellend!

hubba bubba said...

Anon no wonder you wish to remain anonymous because Jimmy has removed the offending reference to us having a 2 POINT advantage over arse - who's the bell-end now you numpty.

JimmyG2 said...

Children, children!
My bad be nise, we´re second in the league

Cheshuntboy said...

I'd love this year to be different, but I just can't share the general euphoria - we've got games to come against all the traditional top four contenders, and we've only managed one win from seven against the Mancs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester so far this season - are we going to get better when the Europa League and FA Cup resume? I reckon fifth is more likely than first when the dust has finally settled, but please prove me wrong, Mr Pochettino.

Anonymous said...

Re your comment about left back hat tricks... wasn't Bale playing at left back when he scored the 2nd half hat trick v Inter at the San Siro?!

Anonymous said...

Just checked my facts and it was BAE at left back in the San Siro so withdraw that last comment!

JimmyG2 said...

Us miserable old gits like the ´Musings´ itself are not always wrong. telling facts Sir but I´d always take a draw against those above and around us.

Nice try and well corrected but the challenge is still open.

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