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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Spurs in Autobahn collision.

Auf Wiedersehen Europa.
The JimmyG2Column.
 Reports that Spurs were involved in a multiple coach crash in Germany involving a head on collision with the Borussia Dortmand team coach surfaced on Thursday

 The Germans escaped unscathed and were able to continue their European tour.

Tottenham were said to be badly damaged and remain stranded on the slip road to The Europa until next week. We await further updates but the Head Coach driver insists that all proper procedures were followed.

Actually in the context of our season it was more like a minor collision in Sainsbury's car park but that headline doesn't shift multiple copies now does it. Anyway we continue our journey but probably with a shorter itinerary.

Rumours that  the coach driver fell asleep at the wheel were strenuously denied. Most of the blame is being laid at the door of the owners for failing to maintain the vehicle properly by cutting corners on the supply of vital spares.

Our decision to outsource important components  to Africa and the far East rather than keep them in-house as was the previous policy appears to have back-fired.

The part supplied by a Nigerian company has not passed the stringent stress tests required and its value remains unclear presently. Mr. Levy may live to regret supplying his bank account details during the transaction.

A key component from Asia which came highly recommended has since not come up to expectations but is out of guarantee and cannot now be sent back. We may be able to adapt it for use in the longer term.

The vehicle will be tested again next week but is not expected to pass the examination. Mental fatigue is one possibility but the vehicle provided was clearly not fit for purpose on this occasion.

The Club deny categorically that this was part a deliberate insurance scam in order to claim on our Champions' League Policy but suspicions will remain.

The prototype  vehicle of an experimental design and largely built in our own  workshops by apprentices is clearly not yet world class and nor would we expect it to be at this stage in its development.

But the club is confident that the current policies will yield good dividends in the very near future.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
A very good side that would probably have beaten our best eleven if available. We were very narrow but we nearly made it to half time and Eriksen actually had the first shot. Pochettino cut his losses on this one.

They been developing this squad and approach for several years under Klopp and now Tuchel so patience Spurs fans.


Anonymous said...

I can't blame the rotation, or Poch, but the game was a sad expose' of some of our squad members. Our philosophy of team football, despite who plays (ie all combining to fulfil that philosophy of balance, press, push and move), fell apart in Dortmund ..although there were signs against West Ham and even Arsenal (before the 10 men) that the pressure was finally getting to us in sustaining such intense commitment. There was no high pressing on Thursday, just a few half hearted attempts to do so and then ultimately giving up. We resorted early to simply sitting deep, thereby giving BD all the room in the world to dictate play. And did they!. Our midfield of Mason, Carroll and Eriksen (attractive, strong and creative on paper) was non-existent, and our forwards created nothing for themselves. Son, like Dembele before him, started well when he arrived at our club, but now often looks like someone who just 'runs about'. I hope, again as with Dembele, he has a renaissance ..but sooner than later because, on the form he's shown in the last few months, I've no idea how he fits into the team, or what his best position is. Chadli? Too inconsistent, and has been for his whole Spurs sojourn. The full backs, just as in the Wham game, were worryingly poor. I can't criticise the two centre backs because they practically play every game, but the players who are rotated, eg squad members like Mason, Carroll, Chadli, Son etc. should be able to step up, press, combine/create, and show a degree of fitness. They were awful. Onomah was not at fault, but he was the wrong pick for the game. Where was Bentaleb? Surely he, rather than the lightweight Carroll, should have played alongside Mason against this German heavyweight ..with Mason getting further forward into their faces, rather than playing the sitting DM role. One final thing re Kane. Despite his great goal against Arsenal, and the odd penalty, the last few months have not been the best for him. His work rate has never dipped, but his instincts as a striker have become blunted, compared with last season and the middle of this one. He desperately needs support up front and Spurs need another striker to allow Kane to operate as a no.10, working the channels without the burden of having to score as the main striker.

cookiebun said...

Fuck off with those headlines. I suppose you think your very clever. Your not remotely funny.

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
Not sure I can disagree with any of that. Thanks

Hardly misleading as it was two days ago. What's your problem?
Oh well you can't please all of the people.........

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