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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Spurs must stand firm on approach.

The future starts now.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Well that's the Europa done with for now. For ever I hope although 'forever' is a long time. Hopefully when we next meet Borussia Dortmund it will be at the next level.

The clamour has started and will build for new and better players in order to cope with our impending elevation. Are we about to start the journey back to the old failed attitudes and procedures that have served us so badly for more than a couple of decades.

Lists of the deadwood are being compiled as we speak . A long-standing Spurs pastime. Well we've just managed to clear up the last lot so it's time to start again I suppose.

Let's not start that player and manager merry go round again, just as we seem to have kicked the habit. I'm proud of where we are and how we got here:  

Academy; State of the Art Training Ground; Manager that believes in youth and building a team; New Stadium; Premiership Title; Champions' League.

Actually we look as if we are ahead of ourselves on this one as few thought that we would be competing for the Premiership, which we are, before the new stadium was up and running.

We came up against an excellent Dortmund side with a squad less than our best for various understandable reasons and for which Mauricio has sort of apologised and lost it in the first leg.

The return leg was more even but they could have stepped up a gear and missed two excellent chances. Son missed one but Borussia charitably gifted him a goal and  it could have been a lot worse than 2-1.

A pretty comprehensive 5-1 overall but not the signal for another major clear out. We are on a slow build which has reaped the promise of greater things to come. Let's not abandon everything now just as it looks as if it is paying off.

Borussia are one of the top teams in Europe and have been several years in the making first under Jurgen Klopp and now under Thomas Turchel. They are where we aim to be in a season or two.

We are not quite' ready to win the Champions League, or even the Premiership for that matter. We should continue the steady development under Mauricio Pochettino and not panic´at the first set-back.

Cover for Dier and Kane which should have been sorted before now are the first essentials for continued development. Mason, Bentaleb and Carroll of the established squad and Onomah, Winks and Pritchard and one or two others all have part to play.

This squad is young and will develop together if we let it. Where are they now that asserted that Harry Kane would not make it at the top level. Or that Lamela was a waste of money and that Rose and Walker were liabilities.

These are the players, especially Mason and Bentaleb last season, that have got us where we are today. So now it's 'thanks lads, but no thanks' is it?

We have got off the Money-Go-Round and are building an alternative attraction, something special with some of our own.

Can they take us to the next level? Next level, next level is what we have heard for years especially over Managers. Could Jol do it? Could Harry, AVB, Sherwood and now Mauricio?  In most case we never got to find out.

Let's keep faith with players, the Head Coach and  Plan A. Don't let's throw the baby out with the sponge, the soap, the little yellow duck and the bathwater.

If we do we will lose the essence of what we have built: an evident team spirit and the pride of both players and supporters.

I sent Mauricio a game plan for Bournemouth, on rice paper in invisible ink with instructions to read and destroy immediately. He followed it to the letter.

Score early; get a second; play with intensity from the off and don't relax. Play Bournemouth, who had won their last three off the park from the whistle. Actually that's my Plan A and I don't have a plan B either.

He overdid the 'score early' bit but if a first minute goal is good enough for them it's good enough for us. Two up in 15 minutes and a possibly tricky tie was done. We left them standing and in truth I have no idea how good they are. We didn't get to see.

Harry ( Roy of the Rovers) Kane. aka the One Season Wonder was superb throughout. Two goals, defensive tackles and headers and now the League's top scorer. He joins illustrious company in the 20 goal consecutive season stakes.

He is only the fifth English player in that particular  club: Cole, Ferdinand, Fowler and Shearer  are the others and Shearer is one of the main cheerleaders for our Harry.

Eriksen is finding form just at the right time and anticipating the possibility of another Boruc spill followed up when all about him others were standing still and scored a deserved goal.

The first half was some of the best football served up this season and another fine team performance. Even Hugo's distribution is improving and his ball out to Walker set up the first goal.

So the wobble was firmly fixed with two of the 'easier' games and 6 points in the bag. But Leicester haven't blinked yet and the gap remains 5 points with seven games to go.

All the chasing pack have a game in hand but the nearest, Arsenal, have 6 points to make up and our impressive goal difference might just come in handy in the end. Man.City in 4th. are 10 points behind. No need to look down boys.

Good luck to all the boys in the Internationals. Play well if called upon. Safe journey and return.

Are we nearly there yet? The Next Level starts here. Enjoy.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Just a reminder: Deli Alli, who else, in his first game for England emulates Harry Kane by scoring. Koscielny, who better, is slow to close him down and he beats Lloris from distance.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope our best eleven can play on without injury for the final seven games. Not sure about Son anymore. Looked a shoe-in when he first arrived, but (a lot like Chadli) his odd goal doesn't mask his limitations. Dortmund proved it once and for all. For one thing, you can see Son doesn't have a football brain.
Sure, his enthusiasm, energy, pace and willingness are right up there with Lewis Holtby's, but, unfortunately as with the much liked Holtby, he basically runs around like a headless chicken ..not thinking what he's going to do with the ball, not making proper runs off the ball, never looking composed on the ball, clumsy in beating his man, or simply taking the ball properly with his first touch, and not creating much space for himself or others. In other words, and again like Chadli, he's out of sync with the 'team'. Chadli has more of a football brain, but lacks pace and drifts in and out of matches if starting. However, he is at least a good impact player, a sub who can change things, while Son isn't even that. Very disappointing, considering how well he did when he first came to Spurs. Still, I guess we should take the case of Dembele. He was a hit when he first arrived, sank into oblivion for a long while, and then re-emerged into the force he is today. Maybe under Poch's guidance there's still hope for the South Korean. As to Bentaleb, what on earth was he even doing playing for the U-21s the night he got injured?! Poch obviously doesn't rate him and, to be fair (despite injury absences), he's never really developed like most of the squad in the past couple of seasons. However, he's surely the best cover we've got for Dier, so why submit a vital squad player to the ridiculous exposure of an under 21 game, when there's important games to come? Our midfield of Carroll, Mason and Eriksen were ripped apart in Germany, and poor Onomah should not have been exposed to that match at all, making it completely impossible for the return leg. Bentaleb should surely have played in Carroll's place ..whether Poch has him in his plans for the future or not ..because he would have at least got into the Germans' faces. Re Carroll, however, despite being too lightweight for the German heavyweights of Dortmund, I firmly believe he's going to be a little gem in our midfield next season. Get him fitter and stronger, and add a little more pace, and he'll make us tick ..especially with the strong players he's got around him. As for Mason, Trippier, Davies, Chadli etc. all are great squad players, but there's no doubt that the team that beat Bournemouth is our best starting eleven at present (with possibly Verts versus Wimmer for the DM spot). It'll be interesting to see how Pritchard, Njye, Winks, Onomah etc. etc. shape up for next season too, if given the chance.

Yossarian said...

I think you are being a bit harsh on Son. He's still getting used to the pace of the Prem. His scoring record against Dortmund when he was at BL was excellent. That tells you the kind of player he can be. We last saw his true quality against West Ham in December. Since then it's been fits and starts for Son. I've noticed that when he comes on as a sub, he is too eager and needs to relax a little. But there's enough to see he's got great class as well as energy. Give him time. Despite our success this season, some Spurs fans still very quick to judge.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Cheers Jimmy,

I, too, have been a little peturbed, and even after all these years, still a little surprised, by the haste, in some quarters, to get rid of presumed "not good enough" players.

Harry Kane justs gets better and better as a footballer let alone goalscorer. "I'm just wild about Harry ..."

A word of praise for one of my old faves, Mark Falco who scored 22 league goals in 84/85 and another 19 in 85/6 to go with many others in cup comps. Never got the love he deserved from the WHL crowd despite being a home-grown product and Spurs fan and brilliant goalscorer. I remember Graham Taylor saying that Falco won't get the headlines or praise given to more famous strikers but he'll outscore them!

I would normally agree that we are not ready to win the league and are ahead of schedule, but Leicester make a mockery of that, so it'll be very hard to take if we don't win it. Mind, we've some very tough games coming up, so I haven't stopped looking down just yet.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks. Think I'm with Yossarian on this one. We do rush to judgement on players, as I said in the piece.
Son has shown some quality but like Lamela will be slow to settle.
Love Carroll plays with his brain like Eriksen.
One of our famous players Tommy Harmer was '8 stone dripping wet' and Ardiles was no Dembele.

JimmyG2 said...

Always well liked at Spurs. Still connected coaching juniors and Match day host.
Better than a 1/3 career goal scoring record. Proper London boy. Always under the radar in many ways.

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