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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tottenham Cockerel Threatened.

I've warned that bloody bird
 about crowing before the sun rises.

I don't often get my forecasts wrong. Well not that often and not so wrong. Mostly I try not to make predictions, especially about the future. But I was off beam this week about both Fiorentina and Swansea.

Probably my natural caution as a long time Spurs supporter. But we are nowhere near as unreliable as we once were. We used to be reliably unreliable, like Jenas. But these days we are becoming almost predictable.

I thought the Europa second leg would be tight and close and that we would concentrate on maintaining our away goal advantage. Nope, out came Mauricio's Marauders led by Deli and Erik and grabbed the game by the throat from the start.

I overestimated Fiorentina who gamely tried to match us with a high press but they couldn't sustain it for more than fifteen minutes in each half and rapidly fell behind. We had more strength, stamina and will.

I predicted that in these circumstance we would see little of our own grown youth from the bench. But Josh Onomah was trusted to see it through for the last 15 minutes, and Harry Winks briefly got to share in the victory.

We went through easily enough with a fine goal by Ryan Mason which I thought he had telegraphed and under-hit and what was he doing right up there anyway. Wrong Jim. Thrice wrong.

They were never really in it with the defence under Toby as sound as a pound, ignoring for the moment  currency fluctuations, and on the hour Lamela made sure with a fine turn and shot with Eriksen poised.

An own goal from a Trippier cross which Deli was well placed for  made it 4-1 on aggregate which wasn't even flattering. Our reward is the highly fancied Borussia Dortmund in the next round. More fancied than us? 

Against Swansea I expected an easier game but they scored on 20 minutes and held on for nearly another hour. Was I concerned? Well perhaps a little on 68 minutes but Chadli finally diverted a fierce sort of cross-shot by Walker past Fabianski.

The keeper who had played brilliantly finally beaten by Pochettino's substitute who had been on for barely six minutes. But remember a quality keeper is for ever not just the occasional Sunday.

Lloris had earned his match fee with a couple of excellent saves and this was another game where a team performance carried the day. Son and the Masked Man Harry Kane were the only ones below par in a crowded box.

Eriksen was by popular consent the MOM and he has played increasingly well over the past few games. I always vote for him on principle and, as someone pointed out, twice in the past, when he was injured and wasn't even playing.

Walker got a shout too. I like the wing back pairing of Walker and Rose in home games where the opponents are likely to park the bus. Rose got the winner  and his attitude sums up the new non Spursy Spurs. He's as 'in their faces'  as Del Alli.

Mason came on for Son for the last 20 minutes and reminded everyone that he along with Bentaleb were our midfield mainstays last season and will be important for the run in and the rest of the Europa.

On 80 minutes Eriksen led a break out of several players and it looked like the finish of the Olympic 100 metres. They had so many options that they inevitably made a mess of it but the game was all under control by then.

An important week after the loss to Crystal Palace in the Cup. Two local derbies to follow where form sometimes goes out of the window but we have the momentum and confidence to win both after six consecutive Premiership wins.

And that's my forecast though I would settle for 4 points as long as we beat West Ham. But can you see us losing to Arsenal at The Lane currently.

The Arsenal forums were apparently a bloodbath after their loss to Man.Utd. with Walcott 's and Wenger's heads first up on pikes above the ramparts.

We almost sympathise because we've been there ourselves. Many times. And it's not nice. But I have warned you before about crowing before dawn. Lets's just enjoy what we have for the moment.

And Claudio Ranieri desperate to take the heat off Leicester tips us for the title. Thanks Claudio You might be right. Throttle that cockerel someone.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Good viewing. Some breaks at speed with Deli Alli always there or thereabouts; some one touch flowing football; well taken goals and Eriksen demonstrates the art of  ducking out of a tackle and letting the ball come to him and we're away.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Good one Jimmy,

A good week, let's hope for another one.

Every man Jack is doing it at the moment. Even if we don't do it this season, I really believe we will be in the hunt in the next two seasons, at least. Let little chelsea and the others buy the biggest and most expensive names, we will match them in other ways.

I'm barely holding it together, at times, luckily Poch and the lads are made of sterner stuff.

JimmyG2 said...

Lash yourself to the mast man with me
and if necessary we will both go down with the ship or sail proudly into harbour.
I think we need to do it this season,
the others can't be as bad next year.

Tomspurs said...

Great comments Jim, always a good read. With the young talent coming through (assuming we can hold onto then) we will have a strong squad for 3/4 years and could really burst through to the new stadium as a top team. COYS.

JimmyG2 said...

Yes and the loss to W.Ham does nothing to change that. Just makes the end of the season more exciting. Keep calm as my doctor has repeatedly advised.

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