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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

It's a knockout at White Hart Lane.

 Look out, there's another couple of them to come.
First blow for Muhammed? No Deli.

We shadow boxed them for an hour and then three quick head shots put them out of their misery. They hardly landed a blow and the referee should have stopped it before the end.

Well it's been a long time coming and it's hard not to celebrate or even gloat just a little. And beating them when it matters makes it even more enjoyable. At last a 'must win' game that we actually won.

It goes some way to heal the years of pain. 3-0 up and lose it 5-3. The goal disallowed when it was so far over the line you could see it from the top of the Chinese Wall. Even the own goal loss at the start the season.

A once glamour tie that was never going to live up to its billing. It turned out to be a miss-match which is currently just how we like it but we were up for the fight anyway despite a slow start.

OK. let's admit it; they won the first couple of rounds but once we had adjusted our gum shields and had a good spit in the bucket we relentlessly followed them round the ring as they back-peddled and penned them in the corner.

Six minutes of mayhem started on 69 minutes with Deli Alli seizing on Eriksen's first time pass following good work in midfield by Lamela and Kane; Toby headed in from a Lamela corner, and Lamela himself finished confidently from a Danny Rose cross.

Eriksen, Lamela, Rose and Alderweireld were all prominent but Deli Alli stole the headlines in most press reports as the main man. Once again we know better but he took the turning point goal well.

Crazy Louis gamely claimed after the defeat that he was glad he had gone to the bigger club and turned down Spurs. Well Mr. Van Gaal so are we, so are we.

His team changes and substitutions seemed more designed to get him the sack than win the game but surely Man.Utd can't sack another manager so soon.That's our old schtick.

They may be bigger, but better? Not just at the moment. As Jimmy Cliff sang in one of my favourite films of the same name: 'The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall, One and All'.

On the same sound-track is the song, ' You can get it if you really want it' which is my theme song for Spurs until the end of this wonderful season. In this case 'it' is second place.

Leicester KO'd Sunderland but we stand toe to toe with them and will slug it out for the final five rounds. They will deservedly steal the spotlight and the fanfares but we have longer term hopes and plans under Mauricio.

That's if they survive the current financial scandal in which they are involved.
Corner mens' water bottles laced with vodka apparently or some such.

Hopefully next season we will have moved from the European Lightweights, where Man.Utd will languish,  into the European Heavyweight Division and our youngsters will begin another chapter in their steep learning curve.

A note of praise for Kevin Wimmer who has been doing sterling work as a sparring partner for Toby. But Jan Vertonghen slipped under the ropes and into the ring as if he has never been away. But thanks Kevin your application remains on file.

So while we're punching well above our weight and Chelsea Liverpool and Man.Utd seem ring rusty and not a little punch-drunk let's make sure we deliver the knock-out blow to Arsenal too this season.

Happy thoughts and time to for me throw in the towel. Don't worry about it Utd. it was only Tottenham

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 Bring 'em on.One and all.


Anonymous said...

F...... BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

Once they hadn't scored (nor looked remotely liked doing so)in the first 20mins and we started to wrestle control away I was sure we would beat them.Be bigger Louis, I'll settle for being better. Up the Spurs

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks but the brown envelope will never reach you if you don't put your name at the end.

May I call you IKnow?
'Wrestle'wrong metaphor here.

Sam-I-Am said...


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Three bees to be precise. I did a wee Ali Shuffle when the third one went in!

JimmyG2 said...

Love it, thanks.

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