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Monday, 4 April 2016

Plans Emerge for Spurs Takeover.

Not really much chance of it blowing up.
The JIMMYG2 Column.
Well that's another week or slightly more closer to wherever. Eight days a Week!. If they keep packing the England team with Spurs players I might even get to like International friendlies let alone full blown  International matches.

My dream/vision/ delusion of an all Academy own grown Spurs now extends to a complete takeover of the England set-up after the Queen makes Mauricio an honorary Englishman and England manager.

It's a long time since we had five players in the squad and/ or four starting. (Answers on a postcard please). Spurs-lite beat world cup winners Germany, in Germany, with another fine goal involving a Cryff turn by the Masked Man.

A smart, even cheeky, finish by Jamie Vardy for his first England goal made it level and the scene was set  for a late headed winner by Eric Dier goal at the near post from a corner. Not for the first time either.

We let Holland beat Spurs Ultra Lite in deference to Johan Cryff, and once again all the  Spurs players acquitted themselves well and all five, Kane Alli, Rose, Walker and Dier, should travel to France for the Euros.

Interesting that the penalty conceded by Danny Rose was almost identical to the one not given yesterday for Southampton against Leicester. Just saying.

Credit Roy for his homage to Mauricio in his selection and in his high press approach but he cut a sad figure on the bench even as the youngsters bailed out his creaking defence.

I loved watching our boys turning out for England but would have been happy to see slightly less of them to be honest. Still if we don't win the league we can blame Roy.

In the real football at the weekend Premiership games we took a decent point off Liverpool at Anfield. We needed more but it was a good game and a draw was a fair result. Both teams had chances and both keepers earned their keep.

Jurgen Clopp had billed this as their Cup Final and they certainly played to their potential and we were a little under par especially Deli Alli and Son who has still yet to settle after injury.

Harry Kane cancelled out Coutinho's neat opener with a fine strike after Eriksen had retrieved the irretrievable. We had more control of the game but they had the better chances.

However with the rest of the top five winning our positioned weakened a little. I said that it was Leicester's title to lose a few games ago and there is no sign that they will do so.

Mainly because they are not a sophisticated piece of machinery. Simple but effective and waiting for them to blow up was a false prospect.

Bikes don't spontaneously explode and frankly there is not much  to go wrong with their game plan. Good luck to them.

 It's just a pity that their fairy-tale story is being published at the same time as our reprint of the epic 'Glory Glory' tale.

I would have settled for less at the start of the season and I'm enjoying it immensely.

Jimmy's Video Spot.

No apologies for featuring Harry Kane again. As sure footed as a two footed mountain goat. Watch the boy's movement and confidence on the ball. Is he a tad greedy?. He's a striker that's what it says on the tin.

Was my hero Jimmy Greaves  greedy? I never saw him look up once, well maybe once. 5 minutes of magic. Thanks Harry.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

It's looking unlikely now, sadly. Though while it's still possible I'm sure the team will give it everything. We have a couple of scores to settle before the end (finally beating Man Utd at our place and winning at frankenstein chelsea) Weird side leicester. I watched the second half vs Southampton and they were time wasting from 40 mins out and didn't even seem to want to score, but had 2-3 very clear chances on the break, almost without trying. The back 4 looks impenetrable! You have to hand it them, I guess. And boy would I like to hand them something! A good performance by Spurs, esp second half, at Anfield, and I felt we could maybe even should have nicked it at the end.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing not to win, and league looks unlikely. But something to build on and as long as we get CL its an improvement. We will be even better next year.

JimmyG2 said...

Yes it's simple but effective stuff.Plenty still to enjoy.

Totally agree with all that.The future is.....and all that.

hubba bubba said...

Yeah knight MoPo and at the same time tie him down to a life contract, say he can't have one without the other - give him some Scottish Island too.
Leicester are massive favourites now, it seems it's written in the stars as now even the match officials are helping them. Think we need to just keep believing and winning each game, even finishing runners up has massive advantages. You never know their fairy godmother might yet desert them...
For next season we need to improve the bench massively as it's inferior quality and we really need to win something to make it all worthwhile. STRIKER back-up desperately required.

JimmyG2 said...

hubba bubba.
I tnink at least one betting company has already paid out on Leicester winning it.
I wouldn't sniff st second (or third)
Better give Mo the Scottish Island before the Scots vote out of UK.

Anonymous said...

Shocking clickbait title. Enjoy your 24 hours riding the Newsnow top-bollox title pony.

JimmyG2 said...

'Newsnow top-bollox title pony'
Like it. Might incorporate that into the blog title.

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