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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Spurs Ace, Joker and Wild card played to good effect.

Fresh, young, hand picked, own grown. You know it makes sense.

The JimmyG2 Column.

Were we good? Or were we good? We were good.We didn't just put Stoke to the sword, we chopped them up  and fed them through the mincer. Another must win, won. I'm not used to this level of competence.

But I'm adapting and could get to like it. Probably because of the pressure our most pleasing performance of the season and it transfers the anxiety back to Leicester.

They might well be without Vardy for more than just a single game following a referral for his foul mouthed abuse of the referee after his dismissal for two yellow cards after a blatant dive in their draw against W.Ham

4-0 away from home in an allegedly tricky fixture and it should have been six. Eriksen running on to a clever Alli back heel would normally score but hit the bar. A pity because he was the inspiration for much of our dominance.

And Deli Alli himself hit the post having beaten the defence and the keeper and with the goal wide open. A miss that Eric Dier will not let him forget for some time, for the rest of his life probably. Again a shame because it would have given him a hat-rick.

Two well taken goals had to be enough. A nerveless chip for his first and a controlled volley from a clever cross both assisted by that man Christian. Good performances all over the pitch and Stoke who matched us only for possession were exposed as the ordinary team they truly are.

Kane's fine early opener settled the nerves, well mine anyway, from a rare Dembele assist he curled it home from the corner of the box. But we had to wait nearly an hour for Alli's clincher.

Our third and Harry's second just three minutes later was a tap in. That's the way to do it Mr.Alli! Set up selflessly by Lamela who clearly has a lot of money staked on Harry for league top scorer.

Only Imbula for Stoke, a tall, thin young Belgian in midfield impressed. Charlie Adams, fatter and uglier than I remember him took just three minutes from coming on to remind us how  awful he can be with a wild rugby tackle on Lamela.

Hughes who has worked wonders turning his lot into almost a football team paid tribute to Spurs after the game but to be fair he had little choice after such a performance.

Mauricio was proud and similarly impressed although when Alli missed his open goal was reduced to kneeling on the ground thumping the turf. He apologised later and said he was embarrassed. You can't but love the man. 

The referee, Neil Swarbrick in his attempt to avoid controversy almost became controversial by his steadfast refusal to book blatant fouls especially when Shawcross wrestled Toby to the ground in the area at a corner.

No penalties, no red cards it sounds almost dull but it wasn't. Stoke stirred themselves from time to time but had only two shots on target the whole game.

Alli combines the skill and the toughness symptomatic of the team. Against Stoke he displayed both and the waywardness of youth though he left his teens more than a day ago. He's our wild card, our Joker and our Ace all in one.

Eriksen and Dembele display both sides of the new Spurs. Dembele has strength but limited vision: Eriksen has vision to spare but lacks strength. The combination within the team is essential to our success.

We had some fine passages of play the best of which was the one that led up to the Alli miss. Rose, Kane, Alli, Lamela and Walker ran themselves ragged and once again Hugo had little to do behind a strong defence and midfield.

It's a very good time to be a Spurs fan especially with the promise of much more to come. As my  builder often says: ' It's all coming together nicely' usually as he hands me the bill for the next phase payment and hopefully it's just the start.

Mauricio is the foundation stone backed by Levy who loves growing his own and avoiding those Supermarket prices. And it's fresher and packed with energy and much better for the health of your bank balance.

Four to go, Leicester and Vardy have blinked first and Spurs show no signs of bottling it, quite the opposite in fact.

Interesting fact probably of some significance.
Fouls conceded this season:
Toby Alderweireld: 9: 
Wes Morgan: 27 Robert Huth: 31
Jimmy's Video Spot
I could watch this all day. Eriksen, Lamela, Alli and Kane running riot. They miss out Deli Alli's miss but I expect Eric Dier has it handy for future use. Lovely, proper Tottenham stuff. We may not win the league but we deserve to.


Anonymous said...

Huth uses his hands constantly and did during the last match. Morgan isn't much better. I am surprised that Huth didn't get at least a YC during the last LCFC match.

brian Draycott said...

I am surprised that this subject hadn't been brought up before. They are not the only ones - John Moss was brave to do his job correctly

Anonymous said...

If referees did their job properly, Morgan and Huth would have many more fouls given against them. I used to think that Martin Skyrtl was the worst at holding players in the box, but Huth makes him look like an angel.

JimmyG2 said...

Morning all.
Yes it needs a concerted effort from refs to stamp out holding in the box, as they did with diving.
Verts does it too but Toby is more like The King and is above such crudity.
Some say that 'professional fouls are sign of a mature side. I prefer to think of them as signs of a poor side.

Ashley Collie said...

A hunting we will go! Not over till the lovely Adele sings! And, oh yeah, COYMFS!

Harvey The Hudd said...

Fabulous piece Jimmy G 2, one of your very best. And a shout out to the ubiquitous Ashley Collie-above - COYMFS indeed......
We are gonna do it, on goal difference on the final heard it here first.

Harvey The Hudd said...

What a disgraceful capitulation by Swansea and Williams in particular. And as for that rogue Clattenburg....oh my God!!!
But..I still believe, they were always going to win two of the four games. We will still do it. COYMFS

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