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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Danny Rose welcomed back in the fold?

Two points out of a possible twelve.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Let me start by saying that we have had a very good season. We secured automatic qualification for the Champions' League well ahead of the projected curve in third place.

 One season wonder Harry Kane,  won the Golden Boot ahead of Vardy and Aguero in his second season, the first Englishman to win it for nearly 20 years since Kevin Phillips.

That nasty taste and sick feeling in the pit of your stomach is the result of allowing Arsenal to pip us for second with a Giroud hat-trick. A Giroud hat-trick. But that was only after a very good season.

When people say that we started badly remind them that after that stuttering start we had in fact a very good season. Ignore for the moment the last four games. Just one more point and everything would have been fine.

The youngest team with some of our own made great development strides, ran further than every other team and laid to rest the Man.Utd. ghost and almost the Chelsea one too. A very good season indeed.

Ignore the last couple of games, the lads were so deflated by not winning the league that even the glossy holiday and car brochures couldn't shake them out of their despondency. Make no mistake we've  had a very good season.

The fact that it was impossible to tell which was the team on Sunday that had just been relegated is not an argument against us having had a very good season. After all appearances can be very deceptive

 I mean just as we began to make a game of it the referee wrongly awarded them a penalty. They went down to ten men and scored another three. But that doesn't mean that we haven't had a very good season.

Mauricio was irate afterwards with the players but it's not just the players, he needs to have a long hard look at himself too. He oversold the Chelsea match resulting in complete mayhem and the banning of Dembele.

He encouraged the 'naughtiness' of Deli Alli with an indulgent fatherly smile and we lost his services too. But he had a great season too. PFA Young player and goal of the year and only sent off once.

He clearly undersold the importance to the fans of finishing above Arsenal. Not to him and the players obviously, they are not Tottenham fans mere employees. Even with the 'some of our own' policy it seems to make no difference.

He has done a great job as a head Coach apart from tactical rigidity and poor substitutions. In fact we have had a great season despite all that.

My contention was that the extra loyalty, effort and commitment of our own grown players and young players trusted by the manager would go some way to compensate for their possible lack of quality.   

But in the final game only Erik Lamela put in a shift and only Harry Kane looked as if he cared. Eriksen briefly led a revival which the penalty decision put paid to. Two points out of twelve in the last four games is unacceptable.

Davies for Rose* and the substitution of Walker and the consequent formation alterations were a nonsense. The reappearance of Onomah and Tommy Carroll after several weeks out was perplexing.

The immediate re-reinstatement of Vertonghen was ill judged and Wimmer could have come on against Newcastle if we wanted to push Toby further forward.

But despite all these failings of both players and Head Coach we undoubtedly had a very good season. That lingering sour taste is the consequence of the final four games where could only muster 2 points.

I've never been laid out cold with a blow from a wet haddock but I think I know what it feels like.That's twice in 3 games I've been embarrassed and shamed by Tottenham but all that is after a very good season indeed.

All I ever ask is for a performance, if they are consistently good the results will take care of themselves. But we didn't get one against Newcastle or Chelsea. We got confusion, lack of focus and panic and forgot what got us where we are.

Anxiety has replaced confidence for next season, Champions' League and all. Can we resist the calls for another great cull, the knives are already out for many of the current squad

Or for jumping aboard the super star signings bandwagon once again.You don't need me to remind you how well that went last time and for the past couple of decades.

Whether we finish second or third is massively unimportant. Finishing behind Arsenal again doesn't bother me personally but we had it in our hands to rewrite an irritating chapter in the history books
and failed as we did at Stamford Bridge.

There is no excuse for the performances in the second half at Chelsea or the loss to Newcastle and they reflect badly on the Head Coach. But having said all that we've certainly had a great season.

A lot of Good (especially The Manchesters): a drizzle of Bad (Newcastle); and the Ugly (Chelsea). So much negative stuff at the end of the season just mars the celebrations for  the moment. But eventually I will forgive even if I will never forget.

*Danny Rose. 
Gossip suggests he was banished to the bench for excess drinking up in Sunderland and returning late. A harsh punishment having to watch the Newcastle match from such close quarters instead of from behind the sofa like me.

The fact that he was on the bench at all suggests that he will be welcomed back into the fold.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Highlights of the Newcastle or Keith Martins classic recording from 1995 of 'If love (Of Tottenham) is so good why does it hurt so bad' (sometimes). No contest. Take it away Keith.

Just to reaffirm: We've had a really good season.

Up next: season review and awards.


Chris Cumner-Price said...

Spurs have had a great season especially considering we have such a limited squad. Huge over haul needed if we are to push on next season.

Anonymous said...

You are right Poch got it wrong for the last four games.Wimmer should have played having been superb for two months.The drinking bit if true the people concerned should be sold.No excuse for Ali needs to grow up and we should have appealed against the Dembele one.Still a good season but we don't want to hear finishing behind Arsenal doesn't matter because it does big time.We need at least three players because the Masons Carrolls are not good enough even for short term spells.Hope lessons have been learned by every one including the top man

Simon Frampton said...

Qualifying for Champions League is important. Finishing above or below a team two miles away is irrelevant.

JimmyG2 said...

Chris Cumner-Price.
Disagree about huge overhaul. Stability and slow build needs to continue.

Not bothered myself where Arsenal finish.
Agree with Simon F.on this one.
But lessons should be learned. Think Rose has been forgiven.

Cheshuntboy said...

I see that Martin Jol agrees that we missed our best chance of winning the PL in 2015/16, and thinks that top four is probably our best hope for the next few seasons at least - perhaps his own experience at WHL has taught him that you can't plan for success; the implosion of the usual suspects gave the rest a chance which Leicester grasped while we faltered this year, and the legendary lasagne derailed his 2006 team, whatever his 'projected curve' might have said - you have to take your chances, not endlessly plan for next year, the way Spurs seem happy to (while others, even United under the despised LVG, actually WIN things!).

JimmyG2 said...

What kept you? Agree we missed our best chance for years. But not sure it was a result of planning.'Events dear boy'
Wouldn't swap places with Man.Utd.

Cheshuntboy said...

Strangely enough, I was thinking of using 'events, dear boy, events' in support of MY argument that you can't plan for success in football; obviously you try to bring together the most favourable possible circumstances, but the factors outside your control are at least as important as those you can influence, which is why I keep banging on about this season as a missed opportunity - we didn't have major injuries, the key players were generally in good form throughout, in fact everything was in place for our best finish since 1961 rather than 1990, but we blew it, while Leicester took full advantage of the general implosion. Next season may be better than this one, but I can't think of any club since Blackburn in 1995 who've clearly had a plan of building for success over several seasons, and even with Jack Walker's millions, they were a one-season wonder - the big boys came back stronger than ever, and it was United/Arsenal/Chelsea and no one else for the next ten years plus. I don't do predictions, but will only say that I'll be VERY pleasantly surprised if we finish higher next year than this, but I'm willing to be proved wrong - let's see if Pochettino is the real deal when he's got CL football as well as the likely return of the usual suspects to contend with!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a very good season it would have been better if got the extra point.
We need to increase our squad with quality players for next season (maybe 3 players) to be able to compete in CL & challenge for the PL.
Many lessons to be learned by the players & coaches this season.

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