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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Key to Spurs success. Throw it away now.

Look out Deli. It's a wind up.
The JimmyG2 Column.
So it's all over bar the gnashing of teeth at what might have been and the self congratulations that whatever happened had nothing to do with the alleged fatal flaw in the Spurs DNA that gave birth to to the 'Spursy' label.

The failure to win the League or even come second was not another manifestation of the 'Spurs will always let you down' schtick or the lack of backbone, heart and fight scenarios of recent years.

Apparently it was simple disappointment after Chelsea that we had gifted Leicester the title and the next two losses were just a consequence. Second? Third? Who cares? Champions' League next stop.

We showed our backbone from the start and nothing needed to be proved at Chelsea. Clearly Mauricio demanded a statement of intent  and a clean break with the past. It's just a pity we threw two handy points away in the process.

Now all fans would have settled for automatic CL qualification at the start of the season and it was our young squad themselves who raised higher hopes with their performances over at least 30 games.

The fact that Arsenal bested us again to get second is an inadvertent statistical quirk and is of sentimental rather than real significance. But whisper it quietly or else the fans might hear.

The fact that Chelsea, the Manchesters and Liverpool all imploded in their various ways takes nothing away from our very real challenge for the title, the only team to make a fight of it with Leicester.

Next season, with new Managers installed everywhere but Arsenal, could be different. We are sticking with Mauricio and hopefully the bulk of the current crew signed on for the next leg of the journey and the philosophy that got us where we are today.

New Managers and multiple new players elsewhere who might all take time to settle may give us the chance to get a head start with a more settled team. If only Dembele wasn't banned. Where's that fixture list?.

But let's not dwell on the past and the what might have beens, or indeed the future and the endless possibilities swirling around the Crystal Ball.

We need to retain the bulk of our players and with CL on offer and the promise of a re-vamped wage structure that shouldn't be too difficult. Couple this with minimal incomings to avoid disruption and we are good to go.

JimmyG2 Awards. (And the winners in each Category are: fumbles with envelope)

Player of the Season...........Toby Elderweireld.. ...Class act on and off the ball. Composed and made a  thing of beauty of the long diagonal. (MK.1. Copyright Michael Dawson) Fewest fouls too. Positively Ledleyesque.

Most Improved Player........Moussa Dembele.....Taken me a while to come round to Moussa and taken him a while to make something of his Spurs career. At nearly 29 he has left it late but well done anyway. Sad end to the season and for the beginning of next. We'll cope.

Most hard done by...............Kevin Wimmer......Vertonghen should have been made to wait his chance to return. Not clearly better than Wimmer though perhaps better mates with his fellow Belgian..

Worse Loan ever..................Alex Pritchard........To W.Brom where he barely played under Tony Pulis. A sort of football Boot Camp for the youngster to toughen him up for the New Spurs.

Most Disappointing...............Hugo Lloris.............Still as handsome but not quite as unbeatable.Not sure keepers make good captains. Too far removed from the action.

The future is bright for..........Deli Alli.....................If he can keep it all under control, the most exciting England/Spurs prospect for a generation. He will be targeted for winding up though. Make sure we throw away the key.

Best Moments of the season...So many......................Manchester United game. Kane's first goal to set him back on track. Alli's wonder goal. The moment it was clear we couldn't lose third.

Worst Moments.......................Chelsea second half....We ain't gonna win the Fair Play League like that now are we. Is being winners and playing 'fairly' compatible or is that at the root of the awfulness of modern football.

Where does the buck stop?......Mauricio......................His teams always burn out. This one rather self-ignited. He takes the plaudits for our success and the brickbats for our failures. Former exceed the latter by some margin.

Special award to those that didn't get an award.............Harry Kane for his goals,; Christian Eriksen for his brain and Erik Lamela for his heart. And remember it's a team game

Season goals and assists in all games.
Total (Combined - Name - Goals - Assists)
30 - Harry Kane - 28 - 2
22 - Dele Alli - 10 - 12
22 - Christian Eriksen - 8 - 14
21 - Erik Lamela - 11 - 10
14 - Heung-Min Son - 8 - 6
10 - Nacer Chadli - 7 - 3
6 - Toby Alderweireld - 4 - 2
6 - Eric Dier - 4 - 2
5 - Mousa Dembele - 4 - 1
4 - Tom Carroll - 3 - 1
4 - Kyle Walker - 1 - 3
4 - Danny Rose - 1 - 3
3 - Kieran Trippier - 1 - 2
3 - Ben Davies - 0 - 3
2 - Ryan Mason - 2 - 0
1 - Andros Townsend - 0 - 1
1 - Clinton N'Jie - 0 - 1
1 - Nabil Bentaleb - 0 - 1

 (Courtesy of carpediem991 and Spurs Community)

Jimmy's Video Spot.
All Spurs goals for the season. Enjoy.

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