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Monday, 9 May 2016

Tottenham relying on History to repeat itself.

One measly point will fix it.
The JimmyG2 Column.
One measly point is all that stands between us and a disappointing end to the season. Not a disappointing season you note, just a disappointing end.

 The thought of Andros playing a blinder next week raises its ugly head again. It was just a joke a few weeks ago but it takes on a distinctly ominous appearance now.

One measly point lads surely you can do it whether Newcastle have something or nothing to play for. But they beat us at WHL so let's not get too carried away.

Winning just 3 points out of the final 12 is not a big ask lads. A single point will do.

I'm not sure I quite get this concept of 'having nothing to play for '. You mean apart from their obligations to the fans; to justify their obscene wages; personal and team pride; reputation; morale.

Just when we thought we had buried the concept of Spursyness it clambers from the grave like a Zombie with urgent business to conclude. How other fans especially Arsenal's will mock us if we fail to get second.

How the pundits will sadly shake their heads  and whisper that Spurs will always let you down. But third and automatic qualification for the Champions' League was near the peak of my ambitions at the start of the season.

On the way we slayed a few lingering Dragons and had title hopes ourselves for a while. We started to lose our way against W.Brom where we were unlucky, hitting the woodwork three times.

We completely lost our focus against Chelsea, blowing a two goal lead and went into the Southampton game without going to Specsavers first.

But any Spurs fan who didn't think it would go down to the wire is borderline delusional. Unlike Leicester who didn't blink or falter despite losing Vardy along the way we actually closed our eyes, had a nap and stumbled.

We lost strength in the midfield and some creativity up front with the loss of Dembele and Alli for indiscipline but they have only themselves to blame and the team to regret. Deli Alli is young and will learn.

Moussa is a senior professional and an experienced International and should be showing leadership in a young team. Hopefully when we get the measly point against Newcastle we will look back and smile.

All that proving a point, coming of age and showing our metal is hooey. It was our mettle we needed to show as we have done all season. We had nothing to prove and chose the wrong moment to try to prove it.

Three games in a row we have taken the lead and failed to hold it. Exhaustion, complacency, over confidence, the ref, the weather , the tension; disappointment at not getting the title?  All or none of the above?

Who knows, but we have one more game to highlight our undeniable progress with the promise of more to come. But allowing our bitterest rivals to pip us for second will leave a sour taste and an indelible stain on the history books as did the draw at Chelsea.

So COYS: to stumble is not to fall. Newcastle beat us at WHL last year and lost to us at home, and curiously the season before too.

May history repeat itself and make the champagne taste just that little bit sweeter. Not that it matters a jot in the great scheme of things but it would be nice.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The Head Coach, the players, the crowd and six minutes of mayhem to cheer us up and help focus on the matter in hand. Some of these elements may be missing but we have enough to finish the job. One dragon slain at least.


Cheshuntboy said...

Whether you think Pochettino is the messiah or just another over-hyped fashionable foreign coach, his record of running out of steam at the business end of the season is fact, and I can't help thinking that his comment about not comparing ourselves with Arsenal is a pretty obvious case of preparing his excuses in advance - so what if we end up third in a two-horse race? It'll be an achievement of some sort for his otherwise trophyless CV, won't it?

JimmyG2 said...

Best season for several decades,whether we finish second or third, exciting young team. Think you've gone a bit astray there C.

Cheshuntboy said...

Yes - second or even third will still be our best position for donkey's years, but I'm cursed with memories of times when we seemed to be on the verge of great things, and instead fell away. Pleat's side of 1986/87 was as good as any in the league, but fell away as the FA Cup Final got closer, and ended up with nothing but a first ever FA Cup final defeat. Same in the early '90s before Venables and Sugar fell out - remember how we blew City away in the FA Cup at Maine Road, and the likes of Barmby, Caskey, Anderton and Campbell (!) looked like the future of English football, and it all came to nothing? We didn't take our chances, and this season doesn't really look any different to me - it's 'next season' syndrome, and 'next season' never comes - finishing above Arsenal would certainly help, though!

Anonymous said...

Where to start on C***tboy's smorgasbord of tropes...

Anonymous said...

He just misses having his fellow Jeremy still in charge:

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