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Sunday, 7 August 2016

One More In?

I certainly am and sure do.
The JimmyG2 Column.
I've said it before but it bears repeating; the last few years have been a very good time to be a Spurs fan, follower, supporter and in my case all three and a blogger. I don't dare stop now in case it jinxes our progress.

The destruction of Inter Milan, again, (can we play you every week?) without the availability of Vertoghen, Wimmer and Wanyama and with several youths including some of our own was very satisfying on many levels.

I'm going to be accused of 'happy clapping' again  which means in this context someone naive or easy to please, (Urban Dictionary) but I don't really care I've lived through many years of dross and disappointment and I mean to enjoy it while I can.

 I'm certainly not a recent convert. I've been with Spurs for more years than I care to, or on occasions, can remember Regular readers of the is blog will know that I am not easy to please. Naive? Well maybe. But there are positive signs of development under Mauricio.

Do we need some more signings? Well you can't have too many good players as Glen Hoddle once observed but they have to fit the squad, the tactics, the Head Coach's approach and at Spurs be cheap and preferably young.

 I wouldn't be too unhappy if we called a day right now with Janssen and Wanyama fitting our immediate needs. If you can think of anyone who ticks all the boxes let Dan Levy know.

Mauricio has hinted that there will be at least another one to come in but someone to put pressure on Christian won't be cheap if experienced and may not have the quality if he's cheap.

In Oslo we failed keep a clean sheet once again; we were very fortunate indeed to be awarded the early penalty; Mason missed a good chance to make it 2-0; the ref was born in Enfield and the weather in Oslo is more like England than Italy.

 Inter who are not the force they used to be showed more petulance than endeavor and weren't really interested in the second half once they went behind. Mancini should never have given up the day job. 'Moon River' what a song that was.

So yes clearly very lucky indeed to win 6-1 with several well fashioned goals from five different players. As Gary Player once nearly said: 'The more I train under Mauricio Pochettino the luckier I seem to get'.

Harry shrugged off his Euro nightmare with a confident penalty after only 4 minutes. He scored a second with a shift and shoot effort later. Lamela scored a beauty confirming again his class and form.

Janssen put himself about  effectively, scored and assisted. Deli Alli got on the score-sheet with a controlled finish and was at his prickly best. But the icing on the cake was Shayon Harrison, barely on for a couple of minutes finishing off a fine team move.

He looks like being our third striker and at 19 will remember his first goal for ever. Winks played well and all the youngsters showed the benefits of playing within a known system and being able to slot in.

Cameron Carter-Vickers (henceforth known as CCV) alongside and under the eagle eye of Toby played 90 minutes for the second game running so perhaps Jan and Kevin  are going to be out for longer than we thought.

Eriksen was disappointing but is clearly not quite up to speed. All four of our full backs showed speed and attacking threat. So what's not to Happy Clap at? Just like them 'I Believe' and intend to enjoy myself at the same time.

Of course the first true test will be next week away to Everton but I bet they are more frightened of us than we are of them and rightly so.

We are playing more positively and key players are finding form including new boy Janssen. Dier is showing for the ball between the centre-backs and playing the ball more positively i.e. roughly in the direction of the opposition goal.

There is less passing along the back four and we saw much more creativity in and around the box with Lamela and Alli  and the front players much more involved. Carroll, Mason and Winks are all mainly forward thinking too.

 Breaking down defences has been a weakness for some time but if Eriksen can find some form and join the rest we will be able to jump start the bus and drive a coach and horses through the car park.

(Editor: That metaphor doesn't really work Jimmy but I'll let it go as it's only pre-season.)

Josh Onomah.
Top of Alan Smith's 10 young players to watch. He's 19 and made 19 appearances last season. Marcus Edwards and Josh go to the same barbers.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 Highlights of us thrashing Inter Milan. 'Tottenham are rampant' He got that right.
What were you expecting, Andy Williams singing 'Moon River'?
Get Clapping, be Happy the real football starts next week.


Ashley Collie said...

Yes, only a friendly, but the way we swamped them was just a continuation of the way we tonked teams last season — Bourn 5-1, Citeh 4-1, WH 4-1, Sund 4-1, Bourn 3-0, ManU 3-0, Stoke 4-0. So here's to it continuing on apace this season!

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie
We have a brief window before new managers and new players all around us settle.Need to grab it with both feet starting at Everton.

Richard Miller said...

Bite your hand off for a point at Goodison, Inter were obviously not up for it. No matter how good we look, I always have this underlying feeling that we will mess up as proven every season (2010/11 excluded). I have a bad feeling about this season!

JimmyG2 said...

Richard Miller
Mancini sacked!.
Third's not a bad mess up but I know what you mean.

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