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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Relax. Nothing is going to happen.

Good advice to Spurs fans
 on the last day of the Window.
The JimmyG2 Column.

One, two, three and breathe! This time the International break comes at a convenient time for us and hopefully halts the momentum of the teams that have started well.

Our points tally is better than last year at this stage, though that's nothing to get excited about, but we are unbeaten so far and showing some resilience under pressure at times.

We are not playing fluently though and were lucky not to be further behind in the first half against Liverpool. Coutinho missed a sitter and Vorm was our clear MOM.

We left it late against Palace and are relying on unlikely scorers, Wanyama and Rose, to get the points  as Kane, Deli and Eriksen have yet to find any sort of  form.

The break may allow us to regroup and refocus, allow Hugo to recover, though Vorm has in no way let us down so far, and take stock after the end of the Transfer Window.

Now that the wild rumours about Isco and even Sissoko have been scotched this will undoubtedly be a disappointment on various levels. At the moment its about 2/3 in including a new Deli from Brentford and 7/8 out including Mason to Hull.

So much for Pochettino's dream, and mine, of an all Academy team  in the style of Barcelona. Go back to sleep Mauricio, get comfortable and finish the dream. You woke too early.

Stop selling the Academy boys, give Winks and Onomah some more game time or the dream will become a distant fading memory with just a hint of nightmare.

The two early signings have filled some gaps at last but the first team squad has barely been improved and real quality to augment Eriksen and Lamela is still missing

Only two of the magnificent seven remain with us, none of whom had any Premiership experience. The purchase and likely sale of Son and N'Jie shows that perhaps that particular lesson was not fully learned.

An obvious danger when you have a pocket full of Bale Money and go down the Summer Sales.

I'm on holiday and haven't been able to see live much of the actual football. Yes there are still parts of the known world where wi-fi hasn't yet penetrated so detailed reports are suspended for the time being.

The new England Manager, Mr. Samuel Allardyce has kept faith with the Spurs boys, clearly sticking with class over form and lets hope that all five reward him.

Have a nice evening.You do know nothing is going to happen don't you.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Ryan Mason in his peak season for Spurs when he and Bentaleb were two of our key players. Liked the boy and of course one of our own.

 Good luck at Hull where he will find several friends and who knows we might buy him back for twice what we got for him (12 million) next season if he can stay injury free. That should keep the Academy running for a few more years.


hubba bubba said...

LOL easier said than done, being a Spurs supporter that is!

Anonymous said...

NO new winger then? You forgot that one!

Shane said...

Only nkoudo and another backupkeeper seem likely nothing too exciting hope we dont sell son

Shane said...

What about trippier by the way why he didnt even was on the bench when walker was sick last match..think mp dont count on him

JimmyG2 said...

hubba bubba.
Thats my advice to you not what I will be doing.

Been on the go so long I forgot all about him and the Spanish keeper.

Looks as if Son will be staying.
Exciting! I think not. Relax.
Trippier? No idea to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Moussa Sissoko?

JimmyG2 said...

Signed for Everton, Probably a bullet avoided

JimmyG2 said...

Sissoko to Spurs for the asking price of 30 millio at the last minute.
Well nothing almost happened.
Two hour extension to conclude deal.
Only at Spurs.

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