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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Latest: Injuries should mean that Winks starts.

4-1-4-1 this time?
The JimmyG2 Column.
Well it's shaping up to be another good week. Only City between us and hints of Glory. Champions' League back on track at least after a successful trip to Moscow.

Not that a similar journey did Hitler or Napoleon much good but they foolishly tried it in the depths of Winter. Watch and learn Adolf; watch and learn.

CSKA's new Stadium built mainly privately by Evgeni Ginner not with just a corner shop on site but a skyscraper in the shape of a trophy in the corner. Unfortunately he spent so much on the stadium he had little left over for players.

Due to open in 2013 it got delayed until less than a month ago. Russian winters again I expect. At least it was on grass this time not like the Young Boys Swiss debacle I vaguely remember.

A business associate of Roman Abramovitch with alleged Russian Mafiozi links who probably got his working capital from the same oil asset strip. 'Alleged' and 'probably' I said.

A 3000 mile round trip as the crow flies with a depleted team having lost the first match to Monaco at home. But you can't keep a good team down and we are a good team. Son scored the only goal of the game from yet another Lamela assist.

That's 6 assists in all competitions and 2 goals. He leads Son (5 goals and 1 assist) and Eriksen (2goals and 2 assists) in the Tottenham goals/assists chart for the current season.

CSKA Moscow were not as good as we feared but had some good players. Peter Crouch clone Traore, once of Everton, huffed and puffed but  didn't get many loose roubles from Toby and Jan:  increasingly the Dependability Brothers.

They sat back hoping to catch us on the break. Or perhaps our reputation and Premiership position preceded us. We dominated possession once again. Deli hit the bar; a Lamela  shot was deflected just wide. Janssen narrowly missed;

Toby who I rated MOM  perhaps should have scored with a header from a corner. Kevin George N'Koudou  was a revelation when he came on and another 15 minutes of similar quality and he would have been MOM by a country mile, whatever that is.

With under 20 minutes to go Son scored his fifth in five when his shot was parried by Akinfeev but trickled over the line. He had been left untroubled by a series of shots from nearly everyone. Shooting practice next week Mauricio.

Now compared to the vast spaces of the Universe an 8yds by 8ft goal target is quite small but both sides on their kind of wages might have got a lot closer occasionaly. I don't want to mention my Granny again but well, you know.

Winks got another brief appearance and depending on the state of the injuries at the weekend might get a start.  Lamela and Dele are performing patchily but they provide the touch of class that turns matches. See statistics above.

City's 3-3 draw against Celtic may undermine their confidence and generally speaking their defence is nowhere near the standard of their attack. I would settle for a draw now but we have the players to go for a win.

Early goal, shut up shop may be Pochettino's thinking unless my doctor's certificate for a weak heart has been passed on to him. He seems like a sensitive and caring sort of guy. Not a strategy for the faint hearted however

'Equalise before the other team score' as Danny Blanchflower once advised.

Sam (Entrapment has won) Allardyce: Ex England Manager.
Greedy gob-shite. They avoided Harry for exactly the same reasons but fell for Sam's 'charm' in desperation. Old school like Harry and been under suspicion for 'bungs' for years.'The love of money is the root of all evil'.

His record as manager for England can't be bettered though. 3 Points per game.

Good job nobody reads this stuff!

Jimmy's Video Spot.
George-Kevin N'Koudou: Welcome to Spurs.
He'll do. Andros Townsend on speed but with a sense of direction. Startling on Tuesday with much more to come. Bit fuzzy: the picture not K-G N'K. Once an Arsenal target so doubly welcome if he proves a winner.


Ashley Collie said...

Echoes of glory coming closer, Oh When the Spurs...

JimmyG2 said...

Ashley Collie
Yep!. But let's take it one game at a time. Who said that first I wonder?

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