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Friday, 16 September 2016

Pochettino to Roll the Dice and Spin the Wheel.

 Ditch Wembley and play in Dublin
there's no snakes there.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Up the Stoke Ladder and down the Monaco Snake. Well it makes a pleasant change from the Roller Coaster. A hugely disappointing performance and result after all the pre-match hype, expectation and hope against Monaco.

The fans' reaction and Mauricios'  reflects this as Monaco were far better than we supposed although they are top of the French League and recently beat Paris St. Germain.We should have guessed as much.

They have some strong players and some quick players and some strong, quick players. They had done their homework and had a plan. They got lucky with our help admittedly and capitalised on the two chances that they had.

Even then if we had been as deadly with our own opportunities a draw would have been the least of our expectations. Deli almost scored twice, Son missed an early chance and Kane a late one.

Lamela assisted at both ends but several others share the blame. In fact this was a lacklustre performance all over the pitch as the Manager admits; from Eriksen and Kane to Dier, Davies and Vertonghen.

Deli was the pick of our bunch when he was moved forward in the second half after Dembele replaced Son. Toby (Gibraltar) Alderweireld and Walker played well too.

Deli is raw and a bit impetuous but he offers some creativity and effort sadly lacking when Eriksen is not on song. With 20/ 20 hindsight perhaps Moussa should have started.

Sissoko made a decent if brief appearance and might be penciled in against Sunderland on Sunday. Janssen might give Harry a rest, surely one of the reasons we bought him.

Monaco played their cards better than us and Mauricio says he would have folded his hand for a new one if he could. I think that's a bit extreme but I know what he means. Actions though speak louder than words.

Sunderland on Sunday gives us the chance to go again quickly and changes could be made. Harry, Eriksen, Dier and perhaps Vertonghen might find themselves holding a watching brief at the start.

Have another look in our Compendium of Games Mauricio and give the Ludo dice a roll and the Roulette Wheel another spin and see what else you can come up with. Some players are wrong if they think that they are unrestable.

They can't still be feeling the after effects of last seasons collapse surely. I'm sure that Wimmer, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Winks, Onomah, Harrison and Carroll are raring to go if they are.

Youth and our own helped get us where we are today and Champions' League or not deserve to help keep us there. They have the necessary energy, enthusiasm and loyalty if the Seniors can't muster any.

With Bayer Leverkusen and CSKA drawing 2-2 there is still everything to play for in the group and disappointment should not give way to despondency, just yet.

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
We look better in the highlights than we did overall. But you can't say we had fewer chances than them. Welcome to the Champions' League Tottenham Hotspurs! Where do they find 'em

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