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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Spurs Benefit from Doctor's Oders

Tonic to be taken as often as possible 
before, during and after matches.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Just the tonic we needed to get us and Harry Kane up and running; Eriksen back in the groove after signing a new contract; Son seizing his opportunity and taking his chances; Deli buzzing and scoring in the second half and Hugo giving his hamstrings a gentle run out.

A clean sheet and four goals. Eight points from four; new boys bloodied, and glimpses of slicker football ahead of our first Champions' League fixture in midweek against Monaco at Wembley in what threatens to be a record attendance of 80.000.

 Just what the Doctor ordered. Couldn't read your handwriting but the powerful medicine worked wonders. A more thorough examination awaits against Monaco but the preliminary diagnoses is promising.

OK that's the positive prognosis but there are some negative side effects. Stoke  are not a good side and the sight of Charlie Adams chopping down Deli Alli tells you much of what you need to know about them.

At 4-0 up Winks should been given a stroll round the grounds rather than Sissoko and the dream of a team of our own is fading rapidly. Too much pressure to succeed in the CL and qualify again. Is Mauricio abandoning our own?

We almost fell asleep in the waiting room again but our appointment was only delayed by some 15 minutes.We breathed more easily when the negativity of the Dier, Wanyama axis was surgically incised.

Harry Kane should be rejuvenated by scoring and as they say a goal is as good as a rest. Eriksen's assists for Son were the craftsman and his scalpel at their best and Lamela pepped us up when he came on.

Several players jostled for MOM. Son obviously: Kyle Walker and Toby were outstanding in defence and Eriksen supplied the pacemaker for any negative murmurs.

The patient has been recuperating after the exertions and disappointments of last season but appears to have shaken off any psychological or physical after effects and has been passed A1 to return to work.

Let's hope for even more positive thinking on Wednesday and that Monaco can swallow the bitter pill and and take their medicine like men.

Jimmy's Video Spot
Kevin N'Koudou. Obviously can do. Harry Kane will just love this boy. If he's half as good as this you tube outing he might just be the answer to all sorts of problems. Pace, crosses and the left wing vacancy and I'm not talking about a replacement for Jeremy Corbyn.


Cheshuntboy said...

Same results as in the corresponding matches from last season (even down to the goal difference!), and no sign that Pochettino is going to give the youngsters a chance in the games that matter (PL and CL), and still he's praised to the skies for supposedly transforming the club - from what to what exactly? Since 2010 we've finished 4th, 5th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 5th and 3rd, with Pochettino's 2015 being our lowest points total since 2009 - the improvement last season was from his own mini-slump!
His fans credit him with bringing-on young players (though Kane only got a start three months into 2014/15 when Soldado was clearly a lost cause, and Alli was promoted only when Mason and Bentaleb were injured), but that policy - if it really existed - seems to have been abandoned, and we're back to the lucky dip of the transfer market, in which Pochettino's performance to date, here and at Southampton, has been distinctly patchy - Ramirez and Fazio, anyone?
I suppose it boils down to blind faith - people who can sing (and believe) that their team is 'by far the greatest the world has ever seen' (whether it's Spurs or Accrington Stanley) can easily think their manager is God's gift (whether he's Pochettino, AVB or even Redknapp), at least until he's sacked, as 99.9% are, and the next messiah comes along.
If (and when?) Pochettino actually wins something, I might join the fan club, but for now faith just isn't enough.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

Yes, a welcome return to form, after a tough opening. We are starting slowly and improving as the game goes on, so we need to sort that out asap.

JimmyG2 said...

Sticking by youth and our own is key for me.
Wanyama and Sissoko are journeymen at best and lack the loyalty, and extra effort that our own give us.
I'm with you so far of the way but you're much harder to please than me.

Slow start with that recycling of the ball along the back line, especially Verts, drives me mad. Important not to conceed early but more important to give them something to worry about
and unsettle them, even Away.

Cheshuntboy said...

For 'Ramirez' read 'Osvaldo' -one bloody foreigner is much the same as another for an old bigot like me.

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