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Monday, 26 September 2016

Spurs Update.

Arm round shoulder time for another young fledgling.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Mark that down in your diaries; put it on the calendar: another very good week for Spurs. Six points and through to the next round of the EFL Cup with some ease.
We are the top London team; up to second place and Man.City and ourselves are the only undefeated Premiership sides. Next week first play second after the long Midweek March to the Russian Front.Our best start in the League for over half a century so I'm told.

 Saturday's win over Middlesbrough was without several  hitherto considered essential cogs. (Kane, Dembele, Dier, Rose. Now joined by Sissoko but better news on Harry though no time frame yet)

If City win the league, and they are widely tipped, they will have bought a trophy. If we win it we will have earned it and done it in a way to make our fans justifiably proud

Of course we kept the fans on edge at Middlesbrough by letting them back in the game and missing several opportunities to put the game to bed. But I wasn't worried for a minute; it was more like half an hour.

Son was outstanding, not for the first time lately, and scored both goals. Lloris was untroubled, Vertonghen is coming out of his shell and Eriksen orchestrated most of what was good for the first hour.

After the midweek EFL game my cup,bucket,bath and swimming pool were overflowing. Six Academy boys finished the game against Gillingham with Harry, Danny, and others in the wings. I know, I know: it was only Gillingham.

My dream of an all Academy team, some say delusion or even nightmare, is officially back on track. Several Kids against Grown and somewhat ugly Men and the Kids won hands down. Not ugly in the appearance sense but in the footballing one.

Edwards lived up to the hype; Josh Onamah scored; Winks and Carroll were positive as well as tidy; CCV helped by Wimmer was relaxed and unfazed. Two or three of these could certainly be fed in to the match-day squad.

The Seniors turned up and Lamela with a goal and three assists and Eriksen with two goals showed the way. Janssen worked hard and got his reward with a penalty which has eerie echoes of the beginning of the Bobby Soldado saga.

Kevin-George got his start and fitted in well with the general scheme of things. Quick and willing is enough for the moment. Importantly he gives us another option.

This was a nice balance of experienced internationals and some of our own. Mauricio didn't just throw the youngsters to the Gillingham lions. These fixtures can easily go wrong. In the event they didn't get a look in from the start.

I don't think you can underestimate the value on the pitch as well as off it of the camaraderie of several players who have come through the ranks in the Academy. The goal celebration with his classmates on the touchline for Onomah's goal demonstrated this.

Not one player in the squad is in his thirties and with an average age of under 25 like last year we have a young but solid base from which to move forward. Dembele and Vertonghen are the Senior citizens at 29 along with captain Hugo Lloris.

(Correction:Michel Vorm is 32 but as he's back up to Hugo my general point remains. Anyway he's a goalkeeper)

There were some nice moments as the youngsters waited to play their part. Arm round shoulder time for Pochettino and words of encouragement for Edwards, even a joke as Walkes waited.

Of the youngsters only Winks saw minutes against Middlesbrough and could have been on earlier. He might get his next chance in Moscow. Sissoko was the only question mark and even for a Spurs fan it's too early to tell.

So far he's making Lamela look like an all time bargain. But Eric got a couple of seasons to settle  and so will the alternative Moussa.

 Next week will be tougher but take it one game at a time and if we can repeat this week as the jumping cow once said 'I'll be over the moon' .

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Well let's enjoy it while we can. Sorry to rub it in Gillingham.. We might need this sort of composure in Russia and at the weekend. I'd settle for two draws but hope for much more. Performance is all.


c b waters said...

Great to see this young squad in all its determined, focused and driven 'glory'. Poch's 'all for one and one for all' ..without an ego in sight. Glad I'm being proved wrong on Son. I thought he had no football brain (all energy, pace and enthusiasm but no 'look around and pick the best option' type imagination). He's sure 'found himself' this term in what's been our problematic left flank position, and now he's making brilliant 'choices'. A stunning turnaround, and a real bonus for him and our club (especially with Kane out of the scoring frame). In fact, I can't see one player in the whole squad that I would currently criticise or have a negative opinion about ...and I can't ever remember feeling that convinced (going right back to the late 1960s). If Poch does have a problem, is that he's spoilt for choice. Just when you think you know your best team and formation, and even allowing for injuries, young fantastic players with different attributes start banging on the door! Wow!

JimmyG2 said...

c b waters.
Amen to all that cbw.
Its been a good decade to be a Spurs fan and we might just be entering the best bit.
You must be nearly as old as me and can remember some dross.
Give Pochettino the time the other managers never got and we might just firmly establish ourselves again.
We've had some great players but rarely great teams

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

It is all going quite swimmingly at present. I really enjoyed the Gillingham game and was also, gleefully, counting the Academy players getting a game. We seem to have shorn some of the Academy players who helped kick start Poch's reign but were perhaps ultimately short of the level required as we rise to be a serial CL contending side,(an maybe cup winning side one day, as old-fashioned as that seems these days) but there is another wave coming behind, benefiting from the ground breaking of Mason, Bentaleb, Townsend, etc.

I was a bit deflated by the last 30 mins at Boro as we let them back into a game they should have long been dead in and we then couldn't finish them off on the break towards the end. But this just shows how far we have come as, in hindsight, we weren't really troubled after 1-2, despite the noise of the Boro crowd and myy jangling nerves.

I don't mind the purchase of Sissoko, he is fast and powerful and will break those lines we hear so much about, which can be a problem for us. If wee can get someone from the academy to do this in a season or two (Edwards?), Sissoko will have played a worthwhile short gap role. I do think he is very good though and hope he'll be around for a few seasons. N'Koudou also looked promising on his entry and Lamela, bar the odd slip up a la Monaco, really has a lot of game about him. He is our best player at eating up time and managing a game in the closing stages.

Let's hope we can manage battle on two fronts better than Napoleon and his armies as we head to Moscow and then back to play Man City.

JimmyG2 said...

Or Hitler. We open up our Russian Front tonight. Go Mauricio's blue and white army Not losing is the only essential

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