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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Who's Sorry now?

 Well what can else I say?
The JimmyG2 Column.
Spurs Musings obviously. Apologies to all of you that took me at my word and went down the pub and missed the exciting last moments of the Transfer Window. 'Nothing's going to happen' indeed.

But this is after all the blog that's not always wrong so we reserve the right to be a little off beam occasionally. And in our defence I would like to point out that we were wrong by mere seconds, well minutes anyway.

With 3 minutes to go we agreed a deal with Newcastle that gave both sides a couple of hours to sort out the details of the transfer of Moussa Sissoko who had stalled on an offer from Everton.

After all you can never have too many Moussas in the side. Pity we didn't get the other Moussa Dembele from Fulham to really confuse David Pleat.

Add Everton's to the growing list of Chairman who don't pick up the phone when Daniel's name pops up. But the Master of Blinkmanship stared them down and this time the fax machine operated smoothly.

Transfer Window:
Janssen and Wanyama signed early to fill long standing gaps in our back-up.
Lopez , NKoudu, Sissoko signed late.
Necessary back-up, pace and strengthening of the squad though none of them at first glance immediate first picks.

Potentially the best of these is Sissoko if Mauricio can release the inner French International and the one that played against us last season. Otherwise he is a bit moody (He plays when he wants to)
Oduwah, another winger, is back from Rangers on expiry of his loan.

Sissoko comes highly recommended by Hugo and N'Koudou is another Frenchman. Remember when we used to mock Monsieur Wenger for being stuck in his native land.

Essentially nobody crucial though sad to see Mason go. He and Bentaleb, on loan at Schalke, were the kingpins only two years ago. Injuries sustained in the line of duty put paid to Ryan's chances

 N'jie (loan) never really proved himself for good or ill. Nkoudou for Chadli might be an upgrade especially for pace.

Pritchard  was a surprise and Ball and Sonupe (winger) have left us too.
More surprisingly Carroll remains and Son too though both strongly rumoured to be going.
So, the Window? How was it for you and Spurs? Of course the old favourites  'settle' and 'gel'  (Pharmacists to Royalty) come to the fore and these are always the known unknowns in any transfer.

Importantly no key players or first choices have left and this leaves us with a more settled squad unlike some of our rivals.

The squad has certainly been improved with plenty of upside on several players. Decks have been cleared of clutter but rivals have paid more and bought established talent.

The heat is off Daniel for the time being for a change but he is becoming almost a parody of himself. This time it worked. No net spend zero  this time.(edit).

Moussa Sissoko.
Strong, quick, gets forward well. Bit head down. Welcome to Tottenham. Two Moussas, Dier and Wanyama in midfield. That's seriously strong stuff. Still no higher creative talent in there to change the game.

Eriksen, Lamela, Harry and Deli now have to  up their game or 0-0 will become our most common score.


Unknown said...

Net spend zero ?

c b waters said...

We did well last term despite the lack of a Modric type (or even Hoddle type) creative midfielder. In fact, Modric has been the greater miss than Bale for us in recent years. Yet we've done well because we've bought into Poch's pressing (narrower) game, because of a mixture of youthful exuberance, talent and experience in most positions, and a fitness regime second to none. The football has been attractive too. But we DO need a deep lying playmaker who can free up the talent even more in this team someone who can create space and time for the final third 'creators', who, in turn, can create better chances for Harry et al. I know that the best can be either too expensive or unavailable, but we should have been targeting this vital position more solidly in the past 24 months. The squad strength as a whole may still give us another top four season (despite the Empire Strikes Back) but I still have that nagging doubt we are only one good central midfielder away from having a title chasing team who won't tire at the end of the campaign.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks there should be a 'no' in there

c b waters.
Yep. We usually wait a couple of years before filling an obvious gap. see Janssen.Going for strength rather than head up skill.

I think so

Unknown said...

A sensible article. Very, very glad to see Chadli go. Still no obvious left-sided player. Eriksen's the problem. Can't expect him to be Modric, and he has vision and touch, but absolutely no authority. Poch's styl isn't headless chickens, but it IS a formula, and some opponents already get how to throw spanners in its works, that's when a team needs a commanding figure, not so much to slow things down but to create new options, and Eriksen isn't that player, neither is Dembele, much as I appreciate him. At its best (Stoke away) the 'first X1' look invincible, but as the implosion showed, if the formula stops working there is no plan B. The signings are squad-strengthening rather than taking the quality up a notch, and wih all the usual suspects now back with big signings managerially and on the pitch, the overall level of the Premiership will rise (at the top end) and THFC will rise with that top end, but will slip back to 6th. The previous reply is spot on, though, so good were displays last season that maybe the team is just that one good central midfielder away - but that guy wasn't bought. I think there are exciting combinations now possible and there may be some spectacular results up ahead, but this team will struggle in the way previous ones have struggled to bang out consistency.

JimmyG2 said...

Eriksen should be that player and I absolutely love him when he plays at the top of his game but not often enough.
Middle four candidates much of a muchness although Dier is more positive.
Sissoko? Just as frustrating as Dembele I fear.May scrape into 4th if others don't settle.Longshot.

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