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Monday, 17 October 2016

Hugo: City Link

Masters of Distribution! I should forget that one Hugo.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Eight games in and still unbeaten. First goal conceded in open play. I'm starting on a positive note because that's the kind of guy I am despite being trapped in this Spurs nightmare for more years than I can remember.

Sometimes you get to feel like a hamster on a treadmill frantically peddling and getting exactly nowhere against the packed defences and negative ambitions of our opponents.

(Watch the imagery Jimmy: hamsters on a treadmill against packed defences with negative ambitions doesn't really work for me! (Editor) Sorry Ed. good point)

Total domination of all the relevant stats, over 70 possession overall and 78% in the first half and yet in grave danger of losing to West.Brom. for the last ten minutes.

 Foster was their clear MOM and Time-Waster in Chief and we were saved by last minute genius from Dele and almost getting what we truly deserved from an Eriksen free kick on the whistle.

So what's new? We've seen this movie so many times. It's like Xmas repeats on the BBC. We deserved to win but almost lost. In days gone by though we might have come away empty handed. But this is the New Spurs.

It's a bit bit like the Old Spurs admittedly, same DNA after all, but with added bite and energy. We were good in the first half but needed to step it up in the second once we realised that Foster was having one of them days.

Instead we seemed to go into sleep mode and forgot where the 'wake up' button was located until they scored. By 'they' I mean Chadli. The curse of the returning player strikes again.

That shock and the arrival of Son, who should have been on earlier, was the alarm call we seemed to have been waiting for. Dele's equaliser was cheeky and classy at the same time and Eriksen nearly snatched it at the death.

One point off top and one point behind Arsenal. Was ever thus. We missed the chance to go top but the last three games between us have been 1-1 draws. Proves again that we need learn to jump start parked charabancs not search fruitlessly for the keys.

Did I mention that we are without Toby Alderweireld for anything from three weeks to a year. Awaiting updates after scans  as they say.. Latest news is that the likelihood is towards the former.

Dier slotted in reasonably seamlessly. Sissoko was again a bit of a letdown and Lamela somewhat randomly ineffective.  One or two of our own were spotted slouching about on the bench but none got any minutes. Again.

Wanyama was consistently strong and arguably our MOM. Lloris is to be replaced by City Link until he learns to lump it up to Janssen who will hold it up until the rest of the boys arrive. Where's Paul Robinson when you need him

Ahhh,the old days. They weren't that bad were they? Well yes most of the time. At least Hugo won't be going to City any time soon. Everyone else was good intermittently except the two mentioned.

The Dembele substitution puzzled me; he could have benefited from a few more days off and Wanyama didn't need him either. He even had time to gett himself another yellow card for simulation.

Perhaps Mauricio was checking whether he could start on Tuesday. Never mind Winks and/or Onomah your time will come.

Still our best start in decades but  worrying 'Spursy' signs if you look closely. Best not to. Enjoy the ride and don't worry too much about the destination at this stage. Tottenham's Perpetual Magical Mystery Tour.

I am the egg man, I am the Walrus and we are all (in this) together. Get well soon Toby.

Jimmy's Video Spot..
Any excuse to feature our rock. Strong brave, stays on his feet, scores goals and only cost 11:5 million. Eriksen (11million) apart Spurs Best Buy for years. Tall and not bad looking either. Another to add to the five famous Belgians. Poirot, Dembele, Verts and er.. Chadli.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Excuse me. Zero goals from open play: Chadli's goal was from a parried Lloris save from a corner kick. Apparently we overtook Liverpool's 1997 Premier record of most minutes without conceding in open plat at half-time.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks and sorry but once the ball was parried by Hugo the ball was in open play. But let's not split hairs. I like your stat.Might pinch it for future use.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Thanks Jimmy,

Writing after the Leverkusen game, we were slow to get going first half and stronger second earlier in the season now seem to be strong first half and taper off second half (admittedly Leverkusen are a good team, and WBA less so). Always keeping us on our toes them Spurs.

JimmyG2 said...

Toes? You still go toes. I'm down to my stumps and devoid of fingers let alone nails.
Breathe jimmy breathe. I should know better.

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